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    Attitude Blooming Belly Natural Cream for Tired Legs - 150ml

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    Attitude Blooming Belly Natural Cream for Tired Legs - 150ml

    Product description

    Attitude Blooming Belly Natural Cream for Tired Legs is a natural cream for swollen legs. Swollen legs and feet is a common ailment during pregnancy, but that doesn't mean you have to undergo it. Relieve your legs and feet with the Tired Legs Cream that is quickly absorbed into your skin, is non-greasy and ensures that your legs are stimulated thanks to the mint scent. Thanks to argan oil, the moisture content in your skin is maintained, and you also get a smooth skin that also supports elasticity.


    What are the main features of ATTITUDE's Tired Legs Cream?

    In your search for natural cream for tired legs, you came across the Tired Legs from Attitude. We have listed the most important characteristics for you, so that you quickly discover whether this cream for your legs and feet really meets the requirements and wishes that you have drawn up that it must meet.

    • Free from harmful substances
    • A lightweight cream, this is non-greasy and has a silk-like texture
    • Contains only vegetable and mineral ingredients
    • Also contains argan oil
    • A wonderful natural, fresh mint scent
    • Mint provides a cooling effect
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Cruelty free and VEGAN
    • EWG and Ecologo certified
    • Packaging made from recycled HDPE # 2 plastic. Easy to recycle after use without releasing harmful substances
    • Free from PEGs, an emulsifier contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals (1,4-dioxane and ethylene oxide)
    • Free from potentially harmful preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, parabens, formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasers, benzyl alcohol, and MIT.


    What are the main ingredients of the Blooming Belly Tired Legs?

    This completely safe Tired Legs Cremè contains argan oil, menthol and empetrum nigrum juice. What exactly do these ingredients do for your skin? Read on and discover!

    Argan oil ensures that your skin retains its elasticity and firmness. Which is of course great if you have swollen legs and feet.

    Menthol not only provides that wonderful, fresh scent. It certainly does something for your legs and feet, too. Menthol provides a cooling effect, and if you have swollen legs then that cooling is exactly what you need.

    Empetrum nigrum juice stimulates your blood circulation, which reduces the feeling of tired legs. In addition, it ensures that your skin tone is improved, again a wonderful glow on your legs!


    Does the natural Blooming Belly Tired Legs also contain sulfates, parabens or other suspicious ingredients?

    No, and we can be very resolute about that. The ATTITUDE team is committed to making all of their products safe for the whole family. They started as a household brand. Why? Cleaning products always contain chemical ingredients and if a baby scurries around and touches everything, you want to prevent that! They have now become a complete brand for the whole family with only safe ingredients! They also avoid natural ingredients that can be harmful, so you are absolutely safe with the body lotion from ATTITUDE.


    Does Pregnancy Tired Legs Lotion also contain perfume?

    We are all becoming more and more aware of what we actually use and put on our bodies. The question whether the Tired Legs Cream also contains perfume is therefore only positive. Although the Tired Legs Cream has a wonderful mint scent, it does not contain perfume. Thanks to the active ingredient menthol, there is automatically a wonderful fresh mint scent. This ingredient is natural and is in no way (possibly) harmful to you or your baby. Attitude also tests natural ingredients to see if they can be harmful. The ATTITUDE team really does everything it can to bring safe care to the market for the whole family!


    Is Attitude's Tired Legs Cream also VEGAN and cruelty free?

    Perhaps you think it is important that this Lotion is cruelty free, or you would like a VEGAN care product. The Tired Legs Cream is completely cruelty free, which means that it has not been tested on animals. Not with the product itself or its ingredients. It is also completely VEGAN, which means that it contains no animal ingredients such as wool grease. In fact, Attitude is officially PETA certified!


    Where can I ask my question about the Blooming Belly Tired Legs for pregnant ladies?

    Tired and swollen legs and feet is no fun during pregnancy. You want to do something about it, and it all sounds very good what you read today. However, you still have an urgent question that you would like to answer before you actually order. And that is only good, it is better to make a purchase well-informed than just order something and regret it. You can contact our lovely team free of charge. Call our team during office hours or send an email to [email protected] We will do everything we can to bring you one step closer to the right choice for you :)

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