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      TheIlu Bamboom brushesare made of high-quality bamboo, a sustainable material that grows quickly and requires little water. They are perfect for caring for your hair, especially if you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative. The bristles of bamboo brushes are often made of natural materials such as wood fibers or plant fibers, making them gentle on your hair and scalp. In addition, they also reduce the risk of tangles and hair breakage. The brushes also ensure a smooth and healthy result. The light weight of the Bamboom brushes makes them easy to use, making them ideal for everyday use. If you are looking for a brush that is good for your hair and the environment, the bamboom brushes are definitely worth considering!


      Which Ilu hairbrushes are available on Haarspullen.nl?

      Ilu has developed different types of brushes and combs. The brushes, combs and round brushes are available in cheerful and matching colors. That will of course look great on your vanity table! Below is a small overview:






      Styling brushes

      What is the best-selling product of the Ilu Bamboom brushes?

      Bamboom Detangler Pink Flamingo Hairbrush - Large is a great choice if you're looking for a brush specifically designed to detangle tangles and knots in your hair. This brush has a fairly large size, making it ideal for people with thick or long hair. The pink flamingo color also adds a fun playful touch to your hair care routine.


      Are Ilu Bamboom products sustainable?

      Ilu bamboom products are good for your hair and the environment. The brushes are designed for efficient and gentle hair care. They use high-quality materials and smart designs to care for and detangle your hair without damaging it. One of the most important features of bamboo brushes is the choice of bristles. They are made of soft and flexible materials, such as wood fibers or vegetable fibers. These bristles are designed to glide effortlessly through your hair and detangle tangles and knots without damaging or breaking your hair. This is especially important when caring for mature hair, as it can often be more fragile and brittle.


      Are the Bamboom products vegan?

      The Ilu bamboom brushes are known for their vegan and sustainable designs. They are made from natural bamboo and the bristles are often made from plant fibers. This makes the brushes an environmentally friendly choice for hair care.


      What materials are the Bamboom hair products made of?

      The Bamboom brushes are made from natural materials such as bamboo for the handles and vegetable fibers for the bristles. The materials are of course environmentally friendly and sustainable. The exact composition of the bristles may vary, but soft and flexible materials are usually used, such as vegetable fibers or wood fibers. These ensure that the brush glides effortlessly through your hair to remove knots and tangles without damaging the hair. Moreover, these materials make your hair look shiny and healthy. The bamboo handles are comfortable and sturdy to use. Long story short, the ilu bamboom brushes contain natural ingredients that provide gentle and efficient hair care.


      Where can I ask my question about Ilu Bamboom hair brushes?

      Do you have more questions? Please feel free to contact our customer service. Email[email protected]or call038 458 2584, our top people will be happy to help you find an answer to your question!