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      CHI 44 Iron Guard

      A unique line that increases the strength of the hair to build a resistance level that can withstand heat and damage from styling tools. Show more


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      44 Iron Guard Spray
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      44 Iron Guard Firm Hold Spray
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      CHI 44 Iron Guard is a unique line that increases the strength of the hair to build a resistance level that can withstand heat and damage from styling tools. Are you an avid user of hot styling tools? Then protect your locks with the Chi 44 Iron Guard product line! The 44 Iron Guard line is based on Protein, Vitamin A and Vitamin C and Jojoba oil. Unlike other essential oils, jojoba oil does not penetrate the hair shaft. Instead, the oil seals the hair follicles and helps to preserve the moisture in your locks. This prevents your locks from drying out and sebum blocking the hair roots. Vitamin A helps to create a healthy layer of fat on the scalp. This prevents the hair from drying out and therefore extends the life of your locks. Vitamin E ensures good blood circulation and stimulates blood flow in the scalp. This allows the hair follicles to receive the right building materials for optimal hair growth.


      CHI 44 Iron Guard products

      The 44 Iron Guard Line consists of 4 products from CHI.

      The CHI 44 Iron Guard Shampoo is suitable for every hair type. This shampoo contains added proteins and Vitamins A and Vitamin E. This protects your locks against the heat of styling tools and your locks are hydrated and intensively nourished. In addition to proteins, Vitamin A and E, the CHI 44 Iron Guard Conditioner also contains Jojoba oil. The CHI Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray protects your locks from the heat of styling tools, such as blow dryers or straighteners. The 44 Iron Guard Protection Spray creates different structures in the hair and contains style memory. This means that your locks always spring back into shape perfectly. The CHI 44 Iron Guard Style & Stay Firm Hold Spray is a hairspray that gives a strong hold to your locks and it also gives a beautiful, natural shine. Of course, the hairspray ensures that your locks are protected against the heat of styling tools. With this complete line of products you protect your locks to the maximum!


      Background information about CHI

      CHI, short for Cationic Hydration Interlink, part of Farouk Systems USA is one of the fastest growing brands in the professional hair salon. CHI is an animal-friendly brand because all hair products are not tested on animals. CHI has a wide range of hair products, such as shampoos, conditioners, treatments and many more hair products. In addition, CHI also has a diverse range of hair tools, such as the CHI hair straightener, CHI hair dryer and CHI curling iron. In addition, top model and TV presenter Daphne Deckers is an ambassador for the brand.


      Is CHI 44 Iron Guard Right For You?

      Is the CHI 44 Iron Guard line not suitable for your locks, or are you not sure. Then we would like to refer you to the main page of CHI , where you will find all product lines of CHI. It also indicates for whom and what type of hair the products are suitable. Do you still have questions? Please feel free to contact our team via [email protected].


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