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      5 Products

      Varens Beauté offers high-quality organic and natural formulas of skin care products. Varens skin care products have fine textures, subtle scents and are easy to use. The ingredients are 99% or 100% of natural origin, vegan and made in France. In addition, the products are certified Cosmos Organic. Ferns Beauté consists of 5 different products, all of which have their own effect.


      What products does Varens Beaute consist of?

      This line consists of 5 skin care products:

      • Ferns Beaute Acide Hyaluronic & Aloe Vera Facial Care - Moisturizes the face and neck, very nice for dry skin. The cream restores the moisture balance in the skin. The ingredients Aloe Vera pul and vitamins A, B, C and E make your skin feel softer. It looks smoother and your skin glows again!

      • Varens Beaute Vitamin C & E Facial Care - Do you want a well-groomed and radiant skin without imperfections? This cream has been specially developed for that. After daily use, your face will get more color and your skin will shine again!

      • Ferns Beaute Trace Elements & Avocado Oil Facial Care - Is suitable for dry to very dry skin. With this oil your face is cared for and irritated, tired skin comes to rest. The special ingredients avocado oil, shea butter and trace elements ensure that your skin feels nice and nourished.

      • Ferns Beaute Caffeine & Green Tea Eye Care Cream - The ingredients caffeine and green tea prevent dark circles and aging under the eyes. A real multi-tasker! After using it you will immediately notice that your skin looks fresher, rested and younger.


      What are the main features of the Ferns Beaute?

      Curious about this caring line? Below we have listed the most important features of this line especially for you:

      • Skincare for all skin types 
      • Organic and natural formulas
      • Consists of 99% to 100% natural ingredients
      • vegan
      • Fine textures
      • subtle scents
      • Easy to use
      • Made in France
      • Certified Cosmos Organic


      Who is the Ferns Beaute suitable for?

      The products are especially suitable for taking care of the face. This line is for anyone who suffers from skin aging, imperfections, dry, very dry or tired skin.


      Are the products from the Varens Beaute vegan?

      Yes, it is! The products of this line are all vegan. This cream also consists of 99% to 100% natural products. With this line you are doing something good for your skin and for the world! Who would not want that?