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    Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Intense Shine Oil Mist - 118ml

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    Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Intense Shine Oil Mist - 118ml

    Product description

    Design Essentials Natural Coconut & Monoi Intense Shine Oil Mist is a handy finish spray with an intense shine formula that instantly soothes dry, brittle hair and conditions every strand. This spray strengthens your hair with a mix of caring ingredients such as Monoi, coconut oil, sunflower oil and vitamin E. These ingredients help strengthen dry hair, strengthen split ends and also leave a beautiful shine. Perfect to use on your styled haircut, so your hair stays hydrated all day!  


    What are the most important characteristics of the Coconut & Monoi Intense Shine Oil Mist?

    To keep it nice and simple we have made an overview for you with the most important characteristics of the Intense Shine Oil Mist:

    • Finishing Oil Mist Spray
    • Your curls get a nice shine
    • Soothes dry, brittle hair immediately
    • Every curl is nourished and conditioned
    • Protects against harmful external influences
    • Nourishes the hair throughout the day
    • Repairs split ends


    How do I use the Coconut & Monoi Shine Oil Mist?

    The product is fairly simple to use: keep the bottle 15-20 cm away from your curls and spray evenly on damp or dry hair. You can then style your hair as desired.  


    Is the Design Essentials Intense Shine Oil Mist suitable for my hair?

    Are your curls dry, brittle and do you suffer from split ends? Then this Oil Mist is perfect for your hair. The intense shine formula soothes your dry and brittle hair. Moreover, the Shine Oil ensures that every strand is fed and conditioned. Because this oil is packed with protective equipment, your split ends are repaired and strengthened.  

    Note: We do not recommend this Shine Oil Mist if you have a fine hair texture.


    Is the Design Essentials Oil Mist free from unnecessary ingredients?

      Unnecessary ingredients that are not best for your hair and scalp - we would rather avoid that. Fortunately, the Shine Oil Mist contains no parabens, paraffins, petrolatum, mineral oil, gluten and phthalates. These ingredients can dry out your hair and scalp or hide your hair follicles. You will not be bothered by this!


    Which ingredients are in the Intense Shine Oil Mist?

    We mentioned earlier a mix of caring ingredients which ensured that every curl is taken care of and conditioned. We are happy to explain what these ingredients are and what they do for your curls:


    Monoi - Monoi is a deeply hydrating oil. This oil repairs very damaged hair. Research has even shown that this oil causes less hair breakage. Monoi oil ensures less frizz, strengthens your hair and restores split ends. It also calms the scalp and prevents the oil from drying out the scalp. A versatile oil!

    Coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera Oil) - Coconut oil cleanses and protects your hair. The oil adds moisture to the hair and skin. In addition, you also get a beautiful shine in your curls. Coconut oil contains a lot of lauric acid. Lauric acid ensures that your curls do not lose their proteins.  

    Sunflower oil (Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil) - Sunflower oil protects against moisture loss. The oil is extracted by compressing the seeds from the sunflower. Sunflower oil contains Omega 9 acid which stimulates natural hair growth and prevents dry, brittle hair. In addition, the oil protects against UV rays, making your hair less likely to be damaged by the sun.  

    Vitamin E - Jup, vitamin E! This vitamin is therefore not only good for your health and skin, but also for your hair! The vitamin has a major influence on the condition of your hair and helps to improve this condition. A shortage of vitamin E can cause your hair to fall out or you will get dandruff. Vitamin E stimulates hair growth, gives a nice shine and restores split ends.  


    Questions about the Design Essentials Natural Intense Shine Oil Mist?

    Not sure if the Intense Shine Oil Mist is the product you are looking for? Don't worry, we are here to help you further. Call us during office hours between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM or send your question via email to [email protected] You are also very welcome to take a look at our location, then you can see the product up close. And which is also very handy: you can also purchase! Will we see you soon?

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