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    Fudge Treatment Time Machine Seal and Armour - 500ml

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    Fudge Treatment Time Machine Seal and Armour - 500ml

    Product description

    FudgeTreatment Time Machine is a 'Damage Reversing 3-step system for all hair types. It repairs damaged hair of all hair types in a 3-step system with Keraguard.
    Keraguard repairs, softens and maintains the hair. Split ends close in 1 treatment and keep the color salon-fresh for 10 weeks from roots to ends. And the hair becomes 8x softer. It replaces the hair's natural protective shield and builds internal cell renewal.
    Which offers more flexibility and resilience.

    It repairs the internal bond system leaving 75% less brittle hair. Fudge Treatment Time Machine Seal & Armor (Step 2) works together Fudge Treatment Time Machine Rewind Fuel (Step 1).

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    5 from 5
    In short: works.

    2d of 3 products in the line. Rewind fuel (1) and Seal and armor (2) together are meant for a single-time salon procedure, Top lock (3) is a take-home conditioner that is supposed to make the effect last longer. I bought 1-2 for home use and ignored 3. Easy to apply (some article recommended a brush, I used a comb). Visible effect for 2 weeks so far: more smooth, shiny and dense hair. Slowly fades out - as expected. It's the first so-called filler / bio-lamination product I try, would love to read a comparison.
    Posted by: Anastasia on 17 March 2021


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