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    Professional iQ Perfetto Hair Dryer

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    Professional iQ Perfetto Hair Dryer

    Product description

    Professional iQ Perfetto Hair Dryer is an ultra-light hair dryer that you have always wanted. The hair dryer is compact, minimalist and has very high performance. The hair dryer is equipped with an intelligent, brushless motor with digital control technology, allowing the hair dryer to perform optimally. The hair dryer is nice and light and feels good in the hand, so you can use the hair dryer for a long time without bothering your muscles. In addition, the oxy-active technology has an anti-bacterial effect and ensures that your cuticles close for longer color fastness. And if it is not enough, the hair dryer keeps itself clean so you can use it even longer. We are far from finished naming the benefits of this hair dryer, know more? Then check out the following question with important features to get a complete overview of this great hair dryer!  


    What are the unique features of the iQ Perfetto Hair Dryer?

    To avoid long texts (as above .. ;-)), we will describe all the unique features about this hair dryer here so that you get a good picture!

    • Ultra-light hair dryer, only 294 grams!
    • Compact and minimalistic
    • Intelligent brushless motor
    • Digital control technology
    • Oxy-Active technology is anti-bacterial and seals cuticles for longer color fastness
    • Microfilter prevents dirt particles from entering the engine
    • Auto-Clean technology rotates the engine turbine in the opposite direction, as a self cleaning system
    • Memory function to remember your speed and temperature
    • Selected configurations can be locked
    • Three-meter cable facilitates the work of professional styling
    • Only 78 dB
    • Error detection function
    • Suitable for professional use


    How do I use the iQ Perfetto Hair Dryer?

    First determine whether you want to use an attachment and if so, which one. The iQ Perfetto Hair Dryer has three professional accessories:  

    • Attachment 68 mm
    • Attachment 96 mm
    • Diffuser

    Mount the accessory of your choice on the hair dryer. You can choose the desired temperature (the thermometer symbol) and speed (fan symbol), both have 3 settings. Suppose you want to set the temperature and speed to the first setting for a quiet blow-dry. Then make sure that one lamp lights up at the temperature and at the speed. Then seal this position, this button can be found at the on and off button. Now that you have set your desired position, you can get started! Because it is nice and light, punctured in the hand and has a cord of 3 meters, this product is great in (professional) use.  

    Can't change the position? Then it is possible that you have locked the position in the lock. Slide the knob back to the '' I '' so that you can change the temperature and speed settings again. You can always use the Cold Shot! :)


    What are the specifications of the Perfetto Hair Dryer?

    A handy overview with some technical specifications about the iQ Perfetto Hair Dryer, you will find it here!

    Power (W): 2000 Watt
    Voltage (V): 220-240V
    Weight (KG): 294 grams
    Product dimensions (CM): 21 x 19.5 x 4.5 cm
    Cord length (M): 3 m
    Technology: Oxy-Active
    Accessories: 2 professional attachments (68mm and 96mm) + 1 diffuser
    Speed: 3 positions
    Temperatures: 3 positions
    Cool shot function: Yes
    Removable filter: Yes
    Motor: Brushless
    Color: Silver


    What does the Oxy-Active technology mean?

    External influences, such as UV rays or bulking styling products, can cause your hair to become dull and your hair to lose its shine. The Oxy-Active technology guarantees active oxygen thanks to the emission, which has two advantages in the care of your hair: it protects against external influences and your scalp can be cleaned more easily.


    Which Heat Protectant is best to use with the iQ Perfetto Hairdryer?

    We recommend that you always use a good heat protector to protect your hair from the heat. Too much or too much heat use can damage your hair and dyed hair can lose its vibrant color. A heat protector protects your hair from drying out and damage. View all heat protectors that we offer from Hair Stuff here. Do you just want a good and strong heat protector that protects your hair well? Then we absolutely recommend the Chi 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray . It is also free from SLS and parabens and has a wonderful fragrance!


    How do I mount the extra attachments on the Perfetto Hair Dryer?

    You don't have to use a lot of force when mounting the attachments. You can click the attachments onto the hair dryer. A thin space remains between the metal ring (on the front) of the hairdryer and the accessory itself.  


    Does the Perfetto Hairdryer remember the temperature and speed that I often use?

    The Perfetto iQ Hair Dryer has a memory function. The hairdryer remembers the temperature and speed during the previous drying process. When you turn on the hairdryer, hi therefore immediately offers a combination of the settings you used last time!  


    How do I activate the self-cleaning function of the Perfetto Hair Dryer?

    With the blow dryer off, carefully remove the filter from the back of the blow dryer by turning the metal ring counterclockwise. The hair dryer must be off and in free mode and must not be on the lock. Now turn on the hair dryer (without accessories) and leave it on for a few seconds so that there are no hairs or other residues in the hair dryer. Then turn off the hair dryer and hold down the button for speed adjustment for 7 seconds (upwards). After 7 is found, the motor will run in the opposite direction for 15 seconds, blowing dirt and debris out of the filter. Then turn the filter back into place after the auto-cleaning session is over. Use the auto-cleaning daily if you use the hair dryer professionally, otherwise weekly. This ensures that the life of the hair dryer is extended even longer!

    We have found a super handy video in which it is shown: You can watch the video here.


    How can I best clean the Perfetto Hair Dryer?

    You can clean the body of the hair dryer with a damp (well wrung out) cloth. Make sure the hair dryer is completely dry before you use it again!  


    What should I do if the hair dryer suddenly switches off?

    The Perfetto iQ is equipped with an error detection function. Once a problem is diagnosed, the hair dryer will indicate in an LED sign what the problem is. For this you can consult the manual to solve the problem.


    Is it possible that smoke comes out of the iQ Hairdryer?

    First, don't worry! A little smoke may come out of the hair dryer during the first use. This is due to the oily, protective coating around the heating coils in the hairdryer. This does not endanger the user and is not a malfunction of the device. The smoke disappears automatically, because the small amount of oil has evaporated.  


    Where can I ask my question about the Professional iQ Perfetto Hair Dryer?

    Do you have a question about the Professional iQ Perfetto Hair Dryer? Or do you doubt between two types of hair dryers? Feel free to contact us, because we are happy to help you! Call us during office hours or email your question to [email protected] Near Zwolle? Then come take a look at our pick-up location. Then you can take a closer look at the hair dryer, see how it feels in the hand! We wish you a lot of fun shopping at Haarspullen.

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    Jaren lange ervaring en zeer goed product
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    Niet de goedkoopste, maar je krijgt zeker waar voor je geld! Hij is krachtig, precies in te stellen op je persoonlijke behoefte en haartype.
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