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    Het Krullenboek

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    Het Krullenboek

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    The Curls Book - Your curls will thank you

    Het Krullenboek is the Dutch book full of tips and advice about the care and styling of waves and curls. Curls among us know - curls just need (and that's putting it mildly) a bit more attention. Are you endlessly searching for products to tame your fluff, or to get a little definition in that curl? Then 'Het Krullenboek' is the solution for you! A must-have for anyone with a minimal blow in the hair, a good bunch of small curls and everything in between.

    The Curly Book takes you step by step into the world of healthy curls - also known as the Curly Girl Method. You will get to know your own hair well, which products are suitable for you (and why) and you will learn different ways to style your curls so that they dry frizz-free in their natural form. But most importantly: you learn what your hair needs to become (again) healthy, so that it naturally shines again. This book is the answer to all your questions ... and more!


    The contents of Het Krullenboek:

    Chapter 1 - The CG Method
    In this chapter you will get an explanation about the method, you can find out which hair type you have and what your hair needs.

    Chapter 2 - Grooming
    Here you will find an explanation about the care of your curls and about weekly routines.

    Chapter 3 - Styling
    Here you will find countless techniques to style (and keep) your curls.

    Chapter 4 - Other
    Here you will find topics such as DIY recipes, tips & tricks for problems you may encounter.

    Chapter 5 - Glossary & Ingredients
    Here you will find a glossary and an overview of ingredients that you should avoid.

    Chapter 6 - Diary & Notes
    Here you can write down which products you have tried and what the result was.

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    5 from 5
    Super goed boek als start punt voor de CG-methode. Je moet ergens beginnen, maar ook ergens op terugvallen. Super blij met dit boek vol waardevolle tips, duidelijke uitleg en goede recepten.
    Posted by: Elisabeth on 2 April 2021
    5 from 5
    Koper heeft geen omschrijving achtergelaten.
    Posted by: Shauni on 20 March 2021
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