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    Invisibobble Sprunchie Velvet Purrfection

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    Invisibobble Sprunchie Velvet Purrfection

    Product description

    Invisibobble Sprunchie Purfection , that most famous scrunchie that not only looks great in your hair, it is also a real jewel for your wrist. This fantastic scrunchie contains the Invisibobble®, this protects your hair, you no longer get a headache, you no longer have any kinks or bumps in your hair and most importantly it divides your hair instead of compressing your hair. A beautiful bouncy tail with a simple move!


    What are the main features of the InvisiBobble hair cut?

    Looking for a scrunchie that is not only beautiful but is also an actual improvement on your old hair cut?

    • The annoying bumps in your hair are a thing of the past
    • Your hair is no longer damaged
    • The scrunchie prevents headaches
    • Is velvet with a brilliant tiger print
    • Don't leave a kink
    • Stays well in your hair
    • No more iron in your rubber bands
    • Divide the hair instead of compressing it
    • No pulling on the scalp
    • Timeless print


    Is the Leopard Scrunchie also suitable for short hair?

    Is it possible to create a frizel for short hair? Doesn't the scrunchie pop out like that? Absolutely not! Perhaps you just can't get a tail, then you can always go for the Beckham bun. Just as golden old as the scrunchies! You still have loose hair, but also a small bun with a beautiful scrunchie that complete your entire look. The nice thing about it is that you don't have hair in your eyes! Loose tufts can be particularly annoying, especially if you are busy with everything. A scrunchie is an absolute must have that you simply cannot get away with. It is not only hair elastic, it is also a piece of jewelry that you can wear around your arm as a piece of jewelry. A bracelet and hair elastic in one for only 5.50! You won't get a better deal :)


    Can I also use the Leopard Hair Curl in curls?

    Do you have beautiful curls but do you want to lock your curls every now and then? Or do you just want something different, but without damaging your beautiful curls? Then the Invisibobble scrunchie is ideal for your hair! Because it contains an original invisibobble, your hair is well distributed and not completely compressed. This keeps your curl in it, as it were, you have no damaged curls and you can wear your curls other than loose! The Sprunchie Purrfection is really suitable for everyone!


    Does the Invisibobble fabric hair elastic damage my hair?

    As most ladies and nowadays also gentlemen know, hair bows damage your hair quite quickly. We have of course already switched from rubber bands with an iron to a rubber band without an iron. Although this reduces damage to your hair, it can be done even better! And that's exactly where Invisibobble comes into play, this is their specialty! Something simple, but actually so ideal! We all want our hair to be in top condition, and every little bit helps. Especially if you do a tail or bun in and out of your hair quite often. Now that is not necessary with the Invisibobble, as it stays in place. there are even ladies whose scrunchie were still great after exercise! Wow!


    What exactly is the Velvet Purrfection Scrunchie made of?

    The scrunchie with velvet animal print is, as the name says, made of velvet on the outside. There is no ordinary elastic on the inside of the scrunchie, as we have been used to all these years. Because unfortunately that also damages your beautiful hair. In the Scrunchie Purrfection, an Invisbobble is hidden, which


    What is the difference between a regular hair elastic and the Invisibobble velvet scrunchie?

    An elastic band, it is something we all cannot do without. You just need a hair elastic and actually always at hand, if it is not in your hair then it is on your wrist. But what exactly is the difference between a regular hair elastic and the Invisibobble scrunchie? The difference lies in the rubber band ansich. In the scrunchie there is no ordinary hair elastic but an invisibobble. A hair elastic that really compresses your hair into a ponytail, while an Invisibobble scrunchie divides your hair so that your hair is not damaged. If you put the scrunchie in your hair, it does not rub / chafe your hair, but divides it by the shape. That is already a huge change, no more broken hair where you normally had a hair tie.

    In addition, the Scrunchie with Invisibobble ensures that it does not pull on your scalp because it is distributed correctly and not compressed. A hair elastic compresses your hair and you often have those hairs that pull which will then only hurt more.

    Also an obvious difference, which is always a nice bonus is that the scrunchie becomes a true jewel on your wrist. A hair elastic is just tight on your wrist and that's it. The scrunchie will style your outfit anyway, regardless of whether you have your scrunchie in your hair or on your wrist!


    How can I best wash the Invisibobble Hair Elastic?

    Ooh, no! Your favorite scrunchie has gotten dirty, now what! Put in the washing machine or not? We do not recommend putting the Invisibobble Scrunchie in the washing machine, the chance that the color has faded is present. Have you worn your fabulous scrunchie as a bracelet because it completely finished your outfit, and accidentally ran over coffee? (or something else;)) Don't worry! Clean your scrunchie under the tap with lukewarm water and scrub / polish your scrunchie with your fingers. Once everything is finished it is best to put your scrunchie down to dry. The Sprunchie Pufffection is made of velvet so when it dries it can look a little weird. Once it is dry just rub it with your fingers and it is as good as new again! This way you save some nice money which you can spend on another color scrunchie;)



    What makes the Invisibobble Sprunchie so different from other scrunchies?

    Scrunchies, they are completely back. The origin of a scrunchie goes back to the 1980s. Well-known stars all wore a scrunchie and well, the rest is hystory. Now they are back and better than ever, a scrunchie 2.0 :) The 2.0 variant, and what immediately distinguishes between the Invisibobble Sprunchie and a regular Scruncie is the inside. A regular scrunchie contains a regular hair tie where the Sprunchie contains an original Invisibobble. Thanks to its shape, it divides your hair in an odd way, so it does not leave an imprint or causes a headache :)


    Are there any more fun scrunchies with an original Invisibobble in it?

    We just don't have enough with one scrunchie, we all know that. But now that you know what the benefits are we and of course several scrunchies with an invisibobble in it! And we understand that, because we want that too :) Invisibobble currently has 3 beautiful sprunchies in the collection. In addition to the velvet tiger print, they also have a beautiful soft pink velvet scrunchie and a deep black, velvet scrunchie. So for every outfit there is a sprunchie that completely finishes your outfit :)


    What can I combine the Leopard Velvet Scrunchie with?

    Do you currently have no inspiration with which you can combine this beautiful scrunchie? The Purrfection Sprunchie has a print, which is why it is always smart to choose basic colors for your outfit. Not only basic colors, but also plain clothing is a good basis. Why? To avoid too busy over the top combinations, it rather becomes 1 big scream party instead of a beautiful look that enhances each other. Are you looking for a scrunchie with a basic color that fits better with the clothes with prints that hang in your closet? Then go for Prima Ballerina Pink Scrunchie or the Intense Black Velvet Scrunchie.


    Why does the Purrfection Sprunchie have a slightly higher price than other scrunchies such as the fedex and Etos?

    In the search for the most beautiful scrunchies you will discover that one scrunchie is more expensive than the other. Although it is not about tens of euros, but about 1 to 3 euros, it is still useful to know whether there is actually a difference in the scrunchies. And there is a real difference between the cheaper scrunchies that you find at the Etos and Kruidvat than with us in the webshop. You don't see it on the outside because it is on the inside. A cheaper scrunchie may not be as beautiful as that Sprunchie, but there is a big difference with the inside. The Sprunchie has an original Invisibobble so that your hair breaks less, your tail or bun stays in place better, less headaches will occur because the hair is unevenly distributed and the stretch stays in the sprunchie.

    A cheap sprunchie has an ordinary hair elastic on the inside that can eventually cause headaches and damaged hair. Of course we can prevent better than cure anyway :)


    Which basic collection of scrunchies is recommended so that I always have one that matches my outfit?

    Are you looking for a basic collection of scrunchie that goes with everything? Especially because you are looking for one scrunchie or because you want to try out the Invisibobble? Then we recommend a basic black scrunchie or the pretty pink velvet scrunchie, depending on your outfits :) Then your first scrunchie is an item that fits all your outfits :) If you like the Invisibobble, you can always go for a hair curl with print. The chance is small, but suppose you don't like it, you don't have multiple scrunchies that you do nothing with. That's a waste of money :)


    Can I also collect the Scrunchies so that I have no shipping costs?

    Are you looking for a scrunchie or multiple scruncies, but you don't need anything else at the moment? To reduce shipping costs you can of course visit our store / collection point in Zwolle at the Ossenkamp 2N. That saves almost a whole scrunchie, and that is of course always included;)


    Where can I ask my question about Invisi Bobble's Leopard Sprunchie?

    If you still have a question about Invisibobble or Sprunchies, email or call our team with your question! You can call our team during office hours, or of course you can drop by. Then we can give extensive personal advice where necessary and you can view the scrunchies up close :) What will it be? A shiny velvet tiger print scrunchie or a basic kfoezel for your hair?

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