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    Invisibobble Sprunchie True Black

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    Invisibobble Sprunchie True Black

    Product description

    Invisibobble Sprunchie Velvet True Black is an absolute must have for your (hair) wardrobe. This deep black scrunchie made of beautiful velvet is always a good idea. It is basic, it fits with all your outfits, whether it is chic black dress night or casual Friday. The scrunchie from Invisibobble contains the original Invisibobble elastic, so an absolute must have it!


    What are the main features of the InvisiBobble hair trowel?

    Looking for the ideal basic hair mess that matches everything, but also one that does not give you a headache or other annoying side effects that a normal elastic has? Read on and discover the benefits of the black hair mess and decide if this is going to be em!

    • Bubbles in your hair are a thing of the past
    • Never again damaged hair
    • Headaches are also a thing of the past thanks to a scrunchie
    • Beautiful velvet scrunchie in deep black
    • No more ugly kinks in your hair or curl
    • Never re-apply your hair elastic 234 times
    • No more iron in your hair trimmings
    • Divides your hair unevenly instead of compressing your hair
    • No more pulling scalp
    • The perfect basic scrunchie!


    Is the Black Scrunchie also suitable for short hair?

    Frizzes, hair trimmings or scrunchies are all suitable for short hair. The scrunchie has been around for years, the name keeps changing but the basic idea of a scrunchie is not. Also with the original Invisibobble elastic, the Black Froezel can go into your short hair.


    Can I also use the Velvet Black Haarwokkel in my curls?

    If you have curls then you are extra careful with your hair. Hair breakage is, as it were, lurking in your curls, a good hair elastic is therefore extremely important. Not only do you want to prevent damage to your curls, you also want to make sure that you don't get a headache from the frills and of course that eternally annoying kink in your curls. The Invisibobble Sprunchie True Black is the perfect solution for curls! This also thanks to the original Invisibobble. Do you have curls? Then this is an absolute must have! Is black not quite your color? We also have Sprunchie in soft pink and leopard print !


    Will the Invisibobble fabric hair elastic damage my hair?

    An ordinary hair tie can snap very easily, which is of course not beneficial for your hair. Not only that, a normal hair tie pinches your hair together, as it were, with all the consequences that entails. Hair breakage, or at least the beginning of it, is triggered. If you have your hair in a tight elastic a lot, you know that at some point you will end up with such a job with cut hairs. It's a shame, as hair generally doesn't grow back quickly. The question whether the Invisibobble damages your hair is therefore right, also because it is slightly more expensive than a scrunchie with a normal elastic on the inside. The Invisibobble does not damage your hair with normal use thanks to the spiral elastic. Your hair is distributed unevenly in a ponytail or bun, the pressure on certain points in your ponytail is now gone. No more kinks or bumps in your hair and most importantly it will not damage your hair! :)


    What exactly is the Velvet Black Scrunchie made of?

    The Invisibobble Sprunchie is made of a wonderfully soft velvet black fabric that not only radiates luxury, but also feels luxurious on your wrist:) How do we say that it feels luxurious on your wrist, because this beautiful Deep Black Sprunchie will be worn a lot on your wrist be like a real bracelet! This beautiful stylish scrunchie is different on the inside, which makes the Sprunchie stand out from all other scrunchies. The Sprunchie contains an Original Invisibobble instead of a normal hair elastic!


    What's the difference between a regular hair elastic and the Invisibobble black velvet scrunchie?

    Hair elastics, who doesn't know them. Hair elastics are fantastic and an absolute must-have, but there are also disadvantages. We have all learned to live with them, but if we are still naming them.

    You use a regular hair elastic after you have thought about it, why? You don't want to walk with a bobble or kink in your hair all day, that's a big annoyance for many ladies! How is this kink caused? That's because a regular rubber band squeezes your hair into one big bundle, so there are a number of places where a lot of pressure is exerted, which causes a final kink.

    The Invisibobble Scrunchie is a spiral hair elastic, which means that the hair is distributed over the elastic, but it is not evenly distributed. This gives you a beautiful ponytail, just to name it;) It also ensures that there is no kink in your hair or an ugly bobble. Not even after wearing all day. Because the spiral elastic divides your hair, your hair is not pulled, so you will not suffer from headaches at the end of a day!

    With a normal hair elastic you often have this, precisely because your hair is pulled by squeezing your hair into one large bundle.

    Another additional advantage is that your hair breaks much less quickly. You may know the well-known fret hairs in the place where you always wear your hair tie, that is also a thing of the past with the Invisibobble!


    What is the best way to wash the Invisibobble Velvet Black Hair Trowel?

    Scrunchies, some can't get the pleasure of it. However, we always have one absolute favorite, and let it just be that that is the one that is worn the most and ultimately becomes a dirty little freak the fastest. But do not be sad! You can of course buy a new one, as long as it is still available ... fashion, it comes and it goes. However, why would you buy a new one if the one you have is still in excellent condition. Therefore, wash your scrunchie in a simple way so that your scrunchie is not damaged during washing. That would of course be a real shame. Run your scrunchie under a hot tap and use your fingers to rub the grime off. Squeeze the scrunchie well and put it somewhere to dry. When your scrunchie is dry it looks a bit strange, but this is due to the velvet. The roughness of the fabric simply disappears when you rub it with your fingers or hand. Voila! A new scrunchie, your favorite one!


    What makes the Invisibobble Black Sprunchie so different from other scrunchies?

    Scrunchies, they have been completely hot again for a while and an absolute must have. The question is of course what makes the Invisibobble True Black Sprunchie different from other deep black scrunchies. Perhaps not much at first sight, of course you can see the logo of the Invisibobble on it. Other than that, the black scrunchies are pretty much the same on the outside, but the big secret is on the inside! Yes! All other scrunchies contain a regular elastic, and the Invisibobble Scrunchie does not!

    This contains the original Invisibobble Spiral Elastic! That makes the difference between the black velvet scrunchies.


    Are there more fun scrunchies with an original Invisibobble in it?

    Once you own a Sprunchie, you don't really want anything else! We also want something different, so a different print is always welcome! At Invisibobble they eat that like no other, of course, which is why they have released several variants of the Sprunchie on the market. In addition to the absolute must have True Black, they also have the Prima Ballerina and the Velvet Purrfection . A beautiful soft pink variant and a lovely leopard print!



    Why does the True Black Sprunchie have a slightly higher price than other scrunchies such as the Kruidvat and Etos?

    A legitimate question, because there are so many great scrunchies on the market these days. Why not get a scrunchie at Kruidvat or Etos? However, there is indeed a difference in the scrunchies, which also results in a price difference of 1 to 2 euros. This is not so much on the outside of the hair mess, but on the inside. An ordinary fruit contains a normal hair elastic and the Sprunchie contains the original Invisibobble spiral shaped elastic. So it is definitely better for the hair and your head :)


    Can I also pick up the Scrunchies so that I have no shipping costs?

    Maybe you are just looking for a new black sprunchie, you can! Then you are left with shipping costs, which are almost as much as one scrunchie. You can of course order several, but you can also simply pick up the Black Velvet Scrunchie from us at our location in Zwolle at Ossenkamp 2N. That saves a lot of shipping costs, and you have your scrunchies right at hand! Do you not live near Zwolle but you do not need further hair care at the moment? We offer the most famous mascaras from L'Oreal and Maybeline, among others, for the best price :) You can stock up right away.


    Where can I ask my question about Invisi Bobble's Velvet True Black Sprunchie?

    After reading the above, are you still not sure if the jet black Sprunchie from Invisibobble is right for you, or do you have another question? Enlist the help of our team! Whether it's the shape, the elastic or the color, everything is possible! Ask your question by email or call our team during office hours. You can of course always drop by to get more information :)

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    Heel fijn in gebruik! Ziet er mooi uit!
    Posted by: denisementing on 15 March 2021
    5 from 5
    Shampoo is heel fijn en goede kwaliteit. Haarbandje zit prima.
    Posted by: rianverschuren on 15 March 2021
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