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      L'Oreal Curl Expression Drying Accelerator Leave-in - 150ml

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      L'Oreal Curl Expression Drying Accelerator Leave-in - 150ml

      Product description

      L'Oréal Série Expert Curl Expression Drying Acceleratoris designed to help curls dry faster. This delicious Drying Accelerator is enriched with caring ingredients for intensely hydrated, strengthened curls and frizzy hair. The Accelerator not only strengthens your curls, but also speeds up the drying speed by 37%. This while it provides intense care and a beautiful shine!


      What are the features of L'Oreal Curls Drying Accelerator?

      Here's what you need to know about the Curl Expression Drying Accelerator:

      • Hair dries 37% faster
      • Lint-free
      • Soft and protects against the heat
      • Moisturizing andfirming
      • 48 hours protection against frizzy hair


      How do I use the L'Oréal Curls Drying Accelerator?

      Spray the Drying Accelerator at the end of your hair routine. Use the spray last, before you let your hair air dry or dry it with a diffuser or hair dryer. The L'Oréal Curls Drying Accelerator has an accelerated drying process of 37%. With a lint-free, soft and shiny result.

      Pro tip!Determine your look by spraying the diffuser or hair dryer 20 centimeters away from the hair.


      What key ingredients are in the L'Oréal Curls Drying Accelerator?

      Here's what you need to know about L'Oréal Curls Drying Accelerator:

      • Glycerinis a Vegetable, moisturizing ingredient. Also known for its efficient moisturizing power, because it holds water. With the high concentration of up to 3%, the driest hair fibers moisturize for a long time.
      • Urea Hhas an emollient that is naturally present in the skin. It has the dual effect of locking in hydration and strengthening the hydrolipidic barrier.
      • Hibiscus seedis deeply ingrained in African beauty rituals. This ingredient is a super-rich, natural source of amino acids and high-quality vitamins. The hibiscus seed has been extracted from the heart of the hibiscus flower for centuries. Because of its fantastic benefits in terms of: hydration, strength, shine, softness and definition of the curls. These three ingredients make L'Oréal Curls Drying Accelerator perfect!


      What is the result of L'Oreal Curls Drying Accelerator?

      The hair dries 37% faster with the Drying Accelerator. This fantastic product makes your hair frizz-free, soft, shiny and protected against heat. Because the formula is alcohol-free and has a ring atomizer, it ensures an even distribution of extremely fine drops. The L'Oréal Curls Drying Accelerator ensures that your hair is strengthened and feels nice again!

      L'Oréal Curls Drying Accelerator is available in 300 ml.

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