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    Make-Up for Face

    A smile is the best make-up you can wear - true ... but what a big smile we get from make-up! A great way to express yourself, sometimes just get rid of those impurities and go out the door super confident. Why not? But what a choice there is, between all those products and brands. And which color foundation suits you Show more


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    A smile is the best make-up you can wear - true ... but what a big smile we get from make-up! A great way to express yourself, sometimes just get rid of those impurities and go out the door super confident. Why not? But what a choice there is, between all those products and brands. And which color foundation suits your skin perfectly?We have answered a number of questions about facial makeup, so that you can hopefully make your choice easier.


    What types of makeup is there for the face?

    In our range you can find make-up from the primer to the lipstick. These are all products specifically for the face, such as foundation or blush:

    • Primer - The perfect base, which ensures that your make-up stays in place all day long!
    • Foundation - Take a look at all foundations, in all shapes, sizes, colors, coverings - and pick your fave!
    • Concealer - Get rid of those impurities! Concealers are the way to go. And ideal for already highlighting your face.
    • Highlighter -
    • Contour - Emphasizes certain facial areas, such as your cheekbones or jawline.
    • Blush - A nice tan on the cheeks does not hurt, for a healthy look.
    • Powder - Don't forget to powder your face to prevent shine and oily skin. The make-up also stays better.
    • Make-up spray - Last, but not least: a make-up spray. Apply this last to your make-up routine for a long-lasting look that lasts all day long.


    What types of foundations are there?

    Choosing a good foundation in the right color with the right coverage is difficult enough, and then there is also so much choice that it certainly does not make it any easier. So you have foundation in these variants:

    • Liquid foundation
    • Cream foundation
    • Foundation sticks
    • Foundation mousse
    • Powder foundation
    • Compact powder foundation

    Are you curious which one suits your skin type? Then check the next question!


    Which foundation suits my skin?

    Foundation is the basis of your make-up look. It evens out the skin and makes it look healthy and radiant. There are many different foundations in all kinds of sizes, substances, colors and coverings. There are a number of things to consider when finding the right foundation for your skin: the color tone, your skin condition (greasy or dry) and coverage.

    Skin condition - First you determine your skin type. Is it greasy, or is it dry? With this you determine which type of foundation suits your skin. We have listed a number of factors and two examples of foundations:

    Color tone - One of the most important factors in finding the right foundation is color. Of course you don't want your neck or jawline to be a different color from your face. First, there are 3 types of shades:

    • Warm - your skin then has a pink undertone
    • Cool - your skin will have a yellow undertone
    • Neutral - then you are just in the middle

    With neutral skin you do not have to pay close attention to undertone, you can have both undertones. A tip in between: if you are testing a foundation, it is best to do this on your neck or on your jawline, not on your hand. If you know what your undertone is, you can start looking at how light / dark your skin is, pay close attention to the difference between your neck and the foundation. Is your perfect color not listed? You can also mix different colors of foundation together!

    Many foundations already indicate by name which color you can expect. L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation has an ideal system, they have put letters in the foundation name: Warm (D / W), Cool (R / C) and Neutral (N). In addition, the colors go from light (1) to dark (10). Then N1 is, for example, a neutral, light color. Useful!

    Coverage - There is also a difference in the coverage of the foundation. Do you really suffer from impurities? Then it is best to use a full coverage foundation. Do you have a fairly even skin of yourself? Then you can go for a transparent or semi-covering foundation for a natural effect.


    Which blush suits my skin tone?

    A blush ensures that you get a beautiful, healthy flush and that your cheekbones are emphasized. This color best suits your skin tone:

    Blush for light skin - For light skin, it is best to choose a light blush with a light pigmentation, so that the blush is not too strong and intense.

    • Cool undertone - It is best to use a light pink color
    • Warm undertone - It is best to use a peach color

    Blush for medium-toned skin - Do you have medium-toned skin? Then you can actually have all colors, lucky girl! The best colors to choose from are peach or coral blush. These colors will accentuate your cheekbones beautifully.

    Blush for dark skin - With a dark skin tone, it is best to opt for a dark blush with a reasonably good pigmentation. A red blush or fuchsia pink are the perfect colors for your skin. A blush with a warm undertone looks amazing!


    What types of primers are there?

    You apply a primer before you start on your make-up, it is a good basis. You take a little bit of your hand and then spread it all over your face. Thanks to the primer, your make-up stays in place all day long so that it does not fade halfway through the day, ideal! A primer can also provide a matte effect or with a nice glow. You can find these primers in our range:


    What is the difference between a tonic and a lotion?

    Both a tonic and lotion are meant to remove the last traces of your make-up, but what's the difference between them? A tonic often contains alcohol and is therefore less suitable for dry and / or sensitive skin. A lotion almost never contains alcohol and that is why a lotion is suitable for every skin, including sensitive skin.


    What is the order of face make-up?

    For the best results, it is important that you apply your makeup in the right order. We have described it step by step:

    1. Day cream - for good hydration all day long!
    2. Primer - this keeps your make-up on all day long
    3. Concealer - spot the blemishes on the face and leave it on for a moment. Then blend it into the skin.
    4. Foundation - time to even out your skin!
    5. Contour - After the foundation you can get started with your contouring. You can use a lighter color (often a concealer) to 'highlight' and a dark powder or stick to accentuate your cheekbones and jawline. Blend everything well into the skin.
    6. Blush - Blushes the face with a healthy blush
    7. Powder your face with a light or transparent powder. This prevents greasy skin and keeps the make-up in place. You can choose to use the blush or highlighter under or above the powder.
    8. Highlighter - or bronzer - with this you can give your face just a little extra 'glow' for a nice, summery effect!
    9. Make-up spray - not a must, but useful if you have to go out all day! This keeps your make-up in place.
    10. Enjoy your awesome look ♡

    Is makeup bad for your skin?

    This depends on how you care for your skin, it stands or falls with good skincare. Always clean your face thoroughly, especially before going to sleep and before putting on your makeup. After cleansing your face, use a moisturizing face cream to keep your skin in good condition. In short: make-up can do no harm if you clean your face before applying and use a day cream, and always remove the make-up well (always before going to sleep!) And finish with a night cream. You could use these products for that:


    What brands are sold for full face makeup?

    You can find these brands for the face in our range:

    • Bourjois
    • L'Oreal Paris
    • Max Factor
    • Maybelline
    • Clarins


    Where can I ask my questions about face?

    Do you have a question about the face category? Or about one of the products themselves? You can always email us at [email protected] , here our team is ready to answer your question as soon as possible. You can also reach us by phone, here we can be reached within office hours.