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      Highlighting & Contouring

      Highlighting & contouring may be the biggest beauty trend ever. The technique has been around for a long time but only became popular by the Kardashians, among others. Highlighting & contouring is the perfect solution for shaping a sharp jawline, narrower nose, smaller forehead and striking cheekbones. The bronzers and highlighters have bec Show more


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      Highlighting & contouring may be the biggest beauty trend ever. The technique has been around for a long time but only became popular by the Kardashians, among others. Highlighting & contouring is the perfect solution for shaping a sharp jawline, narrower nose, smaller forehead and striking cheekbones. The bronzers and highlighters have become an indispensable part of our make-up stash!

      What is highlighting & contouring?

      Highlighting & contouring are very different make-up techniques. The make-up techniques are diametrically opposed, but have one thing in common: they shape your face. Have you always dreamed of a narrower nose, striking cheekbones, smaller forehead, or a sharp jawline? Contouring & highlighting is the key! It takes a little practice, but once you get it, it's easy to add to your daily makeup routine. How does contouring and highlighting work? The contouring works by playing with shadow and light. With highlighter you make the 'highlights' striking, with contour you create depth to bring out the highlights more. It may sound complicated, but in the end it is not so bad!

      What's the difference between contouring, highlighting & strobing?

      Contouring is completely separate from the terms highlighting & strobing. Contouring, for example, is about creating depths in your face. By working with shadow points and therefore a darker color than your own skin color, you can apply shadow to your face. As a result, you can make your nose narrower, your cheekbones pop out, sharpen your jawline or make your forehead appear smaller, for example. This sounds like contouring your entire face. But you can do this in a very natural way, without it looking fake.

      Highlighting and strobing are the opposite of contouring. These make-up techniques ensure that parts of your face stand out. Strobing is highlighting, both aim to make the highlights, the points that catch light, stand out by means of light-colored highlight products.

      Now highlighting is just a broader concept. For example, adding glow to your nose / cheekbones at the end of your makeup routine can be called highlighting. Strobing, on the other hand, is often more extensive. With strobing you usually use a liquid highlighter or stick. This does not necessarily have to contain a strong glow, you can apply that afterwards. With strobing you really illuminate all highlights that catch light, for a real structure in your face.


      Which contouring make-up can I find on Haarspullen?

      You can divide contouring make-up into three categories: powder, cream or stick. All three options have their own advantages & disadvantages. And a different result of course.

      Powder contour :This isthe easiest to apply. A good powder contour cannot be missed in your make-up stash. The easiest way to create a natural shade is with a powder contour and you can apply it anywhere.

      Cream contour : This is perfect if you have dry skin. If you have dry skin, cream contour gives your skin the best effect. It matches well. With cream contour you can contour slightly tighter than with powder.

      Contour stick: A contour stick is perfect for the strobing technique. It is important to blend well with a blending brush. A contour stick gives you the opportunity to contour very tightly.

      Bronzer : You are probably familiar with the term 'bronzer'. Bronze has the same effect as contouring, but bronzer also aims to give your face a nice touch. A sunkissed face!

      What types of highlighters can I find on Haarspullen?

      Highlighter can be divided into three categories: powder, cream and liquid. Which highlight make-up is right for you depends on what effect you want to create. It also depends on your skin type. You can also highlight with a light concealer. With concealer you do not achieve the real 'glow effect', but you do lay a foundation for highlighting the highlights of your face.

      Liquid highlighter: Liquid highlighter is a bit more difficult to apply than a powder highlighter. And you cannot apply liquid highlighter all over the place, for example the corners of the eyes. Liquid highlighter, on the other hand, does have the perfect natural glow effect. If you suffer from dry skin, it is better to choose a liquid highlighter instead of a powder highlighter!

      Powder highlighter: Powder highlighter is easy to apply everywhere. With powder highlighter you can create the most striking glow.

      Cream highlighter :A cream highlighter is also suitable for drier or normal skin. A cream highlighter also has a different effect. Slightly more natural. The result lies between the powder and liquid highlighter.

      For strobing:Maybelline Master Strobing Stick Shimmering Highlighter


      Where do I apply contour and highlighter?

      Once you know which contour and highlight products you want to use, the next step comes. Where and how do you apply highlighter / contour? Remember: make-up does not have any rules, so do what suits your face and what you like!

      Where do you apply highlighter?

      • All the highlights, places that catch light
      • Cupid's bow
      • Nose bridge
      • Highest point of your cheekbones
      • The middle point of your forehead
      • Eyebrow bone
      • The middle point of your chin
      • Above your lips
      • In the corner of your eye
      • Clavicles

      Where do you apply contour?

      • The hairline, this is how you can narrow your forehead
      • The jawline
      • Under your cheekbones
      • The sides of your nose
      • In the cupid's bow under your nose
      • Between your chin and lower lip

      Which brushes can I use for contouring?

      You need the right brushes to apply bronzer and highlighter. It is also important that you blend your make-up well with a blending brush, this way you avoid strange streaks and an unnatural look.

      Blending brush: KASHŌKI Flat Top Kabuki Brush.
      This brush is ideal for blending liquid make-up and powder make-up. Blending ensures that you do not have make-up spots / streaks.

      Contour brush: ilu Angled Blush Kabuki Brush-301.
      With this brush you can easily apply your contour / bronzer.

      (Powder) highlighter brush: KASHŌKI Tapered Powder Brush - 300.

      Why is fixing spray a must?

      Adding fixing spray to your look is optional. But if you want the optimal effect for your contouring & highlighting, fixing spray is definitely recommended! The fixing spray gives your make-up look a natural finish and your bronzer & highlighter stays in place better.


      Which color suits me?

      Choosing a color is simple (provided you know what color foundation you have). You can still choose between a warm undertone or a cool undertone for both. This depends on your own preference and what suits your face!

      With highlighter: 2 shades lighter than your own color tone (with powder highlighter for the cheekbones you can actually apply any shade).

      Contouring: 2 shades darker than your own color shade.


      Where can I ask my question about highlighting & contouring?

      Do you have questions about the right highlighter, contour or bronzer? Don't hesitate to contact us! Our team is ready for you during working days, by telephone or by email:[email protected]. Do you live near Zwolle? You can always come and take a look at our pick-up point!