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    Schwarzkopf Osis + Keep It Light Heat Protection Hairspray

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    Schwarzkopf Osis + Keep It Light Heat Protection Hairspray

    Product description

    Schwarzkopf OSIS + Keep It Lightis a lightweight hair spray with a light, workable hold with heat protection up to 230 ° C. The spray helps create natural looking, flexible looks for long-lasting curls or smooth styles with heat tools.Your freshly curled or straightened hair will stay in place perfectly and will be protected by the heat protector. The Osis + ensures that your hair look stays in shape throughout the day. Curly, straight, long or short hair everyone can use this protected and light feeling hair spray.


    What are the features of Schwarzkopf OSiS + Keep it light?

    Below you will find various features of the Osis + Keep it light. With these features you can easily see if this hairspray is right for you:

    • Light and dry hairspray
    • Heat protection up to 230° C
    • Natural result
    • Provides long-lasting curls or straight hair
    • Suitable for every hairstyle
    • Easy to brush out


    How do I use the Schwarzkopf OSiS + Keep it light?

    How to use a hairspray goes without saying for most people, yet it is important to apply your hairspray correctly. You do this for a good and lasting result. Apply the Osis + hairspray at a distance of 30 cm. Make sure to keep the aerosol moving so that the hairspray is applied all over the hair. The light Osis + hairspray provides you with a refreshing, protective and light-feeling hair look throughout the day!


    What is the result of the Schwarzkopf OSiS + keep it light?

    Due to the light function of the hairspray, your hair feels natural. This means you do not suffer from weighted hair. And you don't have a hard and sticky feeling in your hair. Your perfectly curled or straightened hair will last throughout the day. A hairspray that is also protective against heat up to 230 ° C is a real must-have for your hair routine.


    Is Schwarzkopf OSiS + concerned with the environment?

    They are certainly working on that! They stand for “More product, Less packaging”. Schwarzkopf has a sustainable vision and tries to be increasingly concerned with the environment. The packaging has been adapted with a special valve, which reduces the spraying speed to create a good distribution over the hairstyle. You can therefore use the hairspray almost twice as long. This reduces your waste and transports. So this has certainly been well thought out :)


    Is Schwarzkopf OSiS + keep it light suitable for my hair?

    The hairspray is suitable for every hair type. Even if you have short or long hair, the OSIS + spray keeps every hairstyle in shape! Everyone is bothered by the sticky and heavy feeling of hairspray in your hair, because of the light-acting spray no hair type is bothered by it anymore.


    Are there more products from the Schwarzkopf OSIS + line?

    Are you looking for a little more grip or hold? OSIS + has something for every hair type / wish! In addition to this hairspray, Osis has 4 other sprays in the OSIS + Hairspray series. The addition of the Keep It Light provides a comprehensive range of hair sprays with a complete range of hold levels. We have listed them, we start with a light hold to a firm grip:

    1. Schwarzkopf OSiS + KEEP IT LIGHT - Light, workable hold with heat protection up to 230 degrees Celsius.
    2. Schwarzkopf OSiS + ELASTIC - The Elastic provides a flexible hold to create a subtle texture, separation and movement.
    3. Schwarzkopf OSiS + FREEZE - The Freeze provides strength fixation for a reliable, long-lasting volume or tousled texture.
    4. Schwarzkopf OSiS + FREEZE PUM P - The Freeze Pump is a powerful spray that defines and bundles styled hairs such as curls or waves to create smooth, wet looks.
    5. Schwarzkopf OSiS + SESSION - Extreme hold, ideal for keeping short hairstyles and updos in place.


    Where can I ask my question about Schwarzkopf OSiS + Keep it light?

    Are you not entirely sure whether the Schwarzkopf OSiS + Keep it light suits your needs or whether it meets the needs of your hair? Then you can always contact our customer service. We are happy to help you on your way so that you can make a choice that will make you happy and enjoy it for years to come. There are of course many different hair sprays that it is difficult to make a choice. Send your question to [email protected] or call our top team during office hours!

    The Schwarzkopf Osis + Keep It Light Hairspray is available in a 100ml package.

    The Schwarzkopf Osis + Keep It Light Hairspray is available in a 300ml package. 

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