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      Korean Skincare

      When we talk about skin care, we talk about Korean Skincare . You may have heard the terms K-beauty or Korean Beauty before. K-beauty stands for all care products that come from South Korea. Korea uses the latest innovations and developments in the field of skin care and is really a forerunner in this respect compared to Western beauty products. Th Show more


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      When we talk about skin care, we talk aboutKorean Skincare. You may have heard the terms K-beauty or Korean Beauty before. K-beauty stands for all care products that come from South Korea. Korea uses the latest innovations and developments in the field of skin care and is really a forerunner in this respect compared to Western beauty products. The secret to a radiant, smooth, glowy skin can be found in Korean Skincare.


      What is K-Beauty?

      Are the terms Korean Skincare, K-Beauty and Korean Beauty completely new to you? Don't worry, we are happy to explain more about these products. As mentioned earlier, K-Beauty simply stands for all skincare products that come from Korea. In Korea they work with the latest technologies, which ensures that facial care products are created of the highest quality. In addition, many of these products are also completely clean. Clean Beauty means that the skin care products do not contain synthetic and chemical ingredients. A lot of attention is also paid to vegan products that have been developed in an animal-friendly way (cruelty free).


      If you're used to a simple skincare routine, Korean beauty rituals can take some getting used to at first. Where you may be used to washing your face and then applying a moisturizing cream, the K-beauty products are slightly different. The Korean beauty rituals consist of a lot more steps. So you have to do something for the perfect skin, but it's all worth it!


      Centuries old beauty rituals

      Korean skincare is much more than a new trend. K Beauty has been around for years. Over the past period, K Beauty has really become a hype and is taking over the beauty world. This works out positively for you, because it means that you can easily order your Korean Skincare at Haarspullen.nl. That saves another long journey!


      How do you apply K-Beauty to your skincare routine?

      Your skincare routine will certainly be a lot more extensive with the Korean Beauty products. Try to see it as a nice me-time moment and we are of course here to help you through it!


      Are you ready to really make your skin glow? Say goodbye to that highlighter and ultra-covering foundation because you no longer need them after using these skincare products.

      The general rule at K Beauty is that after cleansing your skin you start with the thinnest beauty product such as an essence and end with the thickest product. By smearing and dabbing layer after layer you get a beautiful, glowy skin! For this it is important that you try to keep the skin moist at all times and you should absolutely not use a towel.


      We have drawn up a general step-by-step plan so that you know exactly what your new Korean Skincare routine will look like. To make it a little easier for you, we have already added a number of example products, but you are of course completely free to choose your own cleansers, exfoliants, toners and creams!


      Step 1: Remove eye makeup

      Step 2: Double clean, first an oil-based cleaner and then one water-based. For an oil-based cleanser, we recommend theIUNIK Calendula Cleansing Oil.For a water-based cleanser, you can use theIUNIK Centella Cleansing Foam.

      Step 3: Exfoliate the skin, for this we recommend anAHAor aBHAexfoliant. You can read which exfoliant is best suited for your skin type in our blog:Allabout exfoliating.

      Step 4: Tone the skin. For toning the skin, for example, you canuse the Purito Centella Toner.

      Step 5: Then you apply an essence. ThePurito Galactio Niacin Power Essenceis a fine light nourishing essence.

      Step 6: Eye Cream, thePurito Centella Eye Cream is a mild eye creamand soothes the skin.

      Step 7: Applying aSerumorAmpoule .

      Step 8:Facial oilor mask (you can skip this step if you don't have time for it in the morning). If you have time for it in the evening, theCOSRX Overnight Spa Mask is recommended!

      Step 9: Moisturizer, it is important to hydrate your skin well. TheCOSRX Moisturizer Creamprovides long-lasting hydration of the skin!

      Step 10: SPF (morning only). A good SPF is important to maintain young and supple skin. ThePurito Daily SPF50+ Sunscreenoffers the perfect protection for your skin.


      Which K-Beauty brands can be found in the Haarspullen.nl range?

      We at the office are fans of the Korean Skincare products! That is why we have put together a wide range of K Beauty products for you. You will find the following brands in our range:


      The service of Haarspullen.nl

      We hope that we have been able to help you a bit with putting together a Korean Skincare routine and that you have at least learned a little more about these great skincare products. Whether you go for a whole Korean Skincare routine or just buy a nice Korean day cream, if you need advice we are here for you! Send an extensive email with your question to[email protected]and you will receive personal advice within 24 hours. Would you rather contact us by phone? Then call 038-4582584.


      Have you become super excited and do you have your shopping cart completely full? From35 euros you benefit from free shipping! If you place the order before 23:30, you can start your new skincare routine tomorrow. ♡