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      Hair serum

      Hair serum: the secret behind the hair salon look! Show more


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      Silk Therapy Original
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      Curly Twist Serum Spray
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      Keratin Silk Infusion
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      Absolute Repair Serum
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      Argan Oil
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      Nutri Care Crystal Serum
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      Magic Night Serum
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      Hair serum: the secret behind the hair salon look! 

      Hair serums are the secret behind the shiny locks. To create the beautiful hairdresser look, a serum can be a great means to achieve this goal. It is always nice when you can create your dream look. A serum ensures that your hair gets an extra boost and it helps with hydration. With a few drops, your hair is completely cared for. 


      Why do you use a hair serum? 

      With a hair serum you get just that little bit more extra result. It ensures that your hair gets a natural boost, hydrates better and improves the condition of your hair. So it only has positive effects on your hair. It also ensures that the oil is well absorbed. This results in silky soft locks that also shine. What is also very nice about this product is that it protects against the sun, prevents dehydration (for example, due to dry air or the use of pigment-rich shampoos), and it can be applied to any kind of hair type. 


      How can you use the miracle cure Hair Serum? 

      It is important that you use a serum on dry hair. This is because of the oil in it. It is possible that your hair does not dry properly and that it takes a lot longer, because the oil mixes with the remaining water. Your hair will then feel a bit dull. So: use it on dry hair. 

      Second, focus on the length and tips of the hair. It is already quite greasy at the start, due to the sebaceous glands that release sebum here. If you still apply oil there, you will get extremely greasy hair. So focus on the length and especially the points. 

      Third, if you've styled or curled your hair, it's always slightly damaged. It is therefore important to bring the hair back into a healthy condition. A finishing serum is perfect for this. For example, use Biosilk Silk Therapy Original, which is ideal as aftercare for your hair. Just grease the ends with it and your hair will shine as before. 


      What is the difference between a hair serum and hair oil?

      The biggest difference between a serum and an oil is that a serum does not weigh down the hair. It gives a shiny, softening and light effect. Oil is also a lot greasier and it ensures that your hair recovers completely. So oil focuses more on deeply restoring your hair and it really absorbs.  A serum focuses more on caring for and especially protecting your hair by putting a protective layer around it. 


      Is hair serum suitable for every hair type? 

      Secure! A serum is not bound to hair type. For any hair type, you should not use too much serum. Otherwise you will turn her into a fat bath. Nobody wants this, because you know what they say: as long as your hair is right. 


      What is the Best Hair Serum?

      There are many good hair serums on the market today. However, the best-selling serums are the Biosilk Silk Therapy Original and the CHI Silk Infusion. Then you really have the cream of the crop. These products seem expensive, but you buy top quality serum that you can't get rid of after using it once.


      Which Hair Serum is suitable for my hair?

      A hair serum is suitable for every type of hair. You may have a preference for a brand, and you are inclined to see if they have a hair serum. Or whether you like a certain scent or not. In any case, it does not matter which hair serum you use, because everything is suitable for your hair. It is more the details that make the difference, and what you think is important that a serum contains or does not contain.


      Which Hair Serum is free of parabens?

      It is very understandable that nowadays you pay more attention to the ingredients in care products. It is therefore a legitimate question to ask which hair serum is free of parabens.TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Serum is free of parabens, SLS and sulfates.


      Which Hair Serum is cruelty free?

      At the moment we cannot guarantee 100% that there is a hair serum that is 100% cruelty free. We suspect that all TIGI & CHI products are cruelty-free, but we cannot say this for sure.


      I can't quite figure it out, where can I ask my question about Hair Serum?

      We understand that it can be difficult to find a good hair serum that fits your needs. If you have any doubts, you can always contact our team without any obligation, we are happy to help you! Send your question to [email protected]. Have a quick question? Calling is faster, so give our team a call during office hours.


      What is the top 5 best-selling hair serum?

      1.Biosilk Silk Therapy Original

      2.CHI Silk Infusion

      3. CHI Keratin Silk Infusion

      4.TIGI Control Freak Serum

      5. Schwarzkopf Peptide RepairRescue Nutri-Shield Serum

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