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      Booby Tape

      You probably know the struggle. You found a super nice outfit, but you don't have a matching bra. You don't want to see those annoying bra straps, because it will detract from your beautiful outfit. Then Booby Tape is the perfect solution for you! Booby Tape promises you the perfect breast lift to complete your outfit. No more irritated skin, alway Show more



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      Breast Tape - Nude
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      Booby Cover Set
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      Nipple Covers
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      Silicone Nipple Covers
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      Double Sided Tape
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      You probably know the struggle. You found a super nice outfit, but you don't have a matching bra. You don't want to see those annoying bra straps, because it will detract from your beautiful outfit. Then Booby Tape is the perfect solution for you! Booby Tape promises you the perfect breast lift to complete your outfit. No more irritated skin, always a suitable color for under your clothes and perfect for every figure.


      What products does Booby Tape have?

      Booby Tape has more handy products in addition to the different colors of tape! For example, at Haarspullen.nl you will also findBooby Tape NippleCoversto make the use and removal of the tape even more comfortable.

      Another great item from Booby Tape is theDouble Sided Tape. This is an updated and better version of fashion tape to keep your clothes in the right place. Booby Tape's double-sided tape is stickier and thicker, making it hold much better than other brands. Together with the Booby Tape a perfect combination for a perfect outfit!

      With the Booby Tape Remover you can remove the Booby Tape in no time at the end of the day. The vegan formula ensures that no remains of the Booby Tape remain on the skin and makes removing the Booby Tape completely painless.


      Which tape is right for me?

      The Booby Tape is available in different colours. You can always find a color that best suits your skin or outfit. The tape is always supplied on a 5 meter roll, so you can cut your own length to minimize waste. So you can easily determine how much you need!


      How do I best apply the tape?

      If you are going to use the tape for the first time, it is advised to do a test first. This way you can be sure that using the tape will not lead to irritation. Before the test, apply a small piece of the Booby Tape to your chest. Leave it on for about 24 hours and then slowly peel it off. Does your skin turn red or become irritated? Then stop using the tape.

      To apply the tape, it is important that you do this on dry and clean skin. So do not use creams and oils prior to application. For extra comfort, we recommendusing the Booby Tape Nipple Covers . By applying it before using the tape, you protect the sensitive areas. In addition, it also ensures that removing the Booby Tape feels more pleasant.

      For best results, you can cut the tape round at the ends. This keeps the tape in place better and makes it less likely to stick to your clothes. If the tape starts to come off because it sticks to clothing, the rest of the tape may come off as well. Of course you don't want that!

      When applying the tape, it is important that you do not stretch it too much. Place your chest in the desired position and then apply the Booby Tape to keep your chest in the correct position. You should only have a little stretch in your tape so that you get the best look instead of a flat chest. It is also important to keep the ends of the strips about an inch free from tension. So do not stretch the ends to avoid tension! This ensures that the tape lasts longer and that you prevent any skin irritation. Do you want to know for sure how best to apply the tape? Check outthesetips and you are ready to go!

      Booby Tape recommends that you do not use the breast tape for more than 6 hours. The longer you wear the tape, the greater the chance of irritation. Also, the adhesive becomes stickier and stronger, which can make removal uncomfortable.


      In what ways can I use the tape?

      You can wear the Booby Tape in different ways. So you know that there is always a way that best suits your figure and outfit. In the image below you will find a number of options that you can apply. But hey, who knows, you might discover a new way that is completely perfect! Will you please let us know?



      What is the best way to remove the tape?

      You can easily remove the Booby Tape. Please note that you always do this carefully and follow the following steps carefully. This minimizes the chance of irritated skin and sore spots.

      Start by gently loosening the ends and pulling the skin taut underneath. This way you have the least resistance and you can remove the tape as comfortably as possible. Avoid the ''pick your bandage'' method, where you often pull the bandage off in one quick and strong motion. This can have unpleasant consequences for your skin. To make removing the tape as easy as possible, it is best to use the Booby Tape Remover , don't you have it at hand? Then you can also use baby oil. You apply a generous amount of the Booby Tape Remover to the tape and let it work for 5 minutes. You can then carefully remove the Booby Tape from your skin. When you use baby oil to remove the Booby Tape, you don't have to be careful with the use of oil, because the wetter the tape, the better the tape comes off. Let the oil work for about 15 minutes and removing the tape is super easy! Is the tape still not coming off as easily as you had hoped? Then don't be shy and use some extra baby oil. Pros: It smells great too!


      What should I know about Booby Tape?

      Booby Tape is the product to give you the support with every outfit you need.

      • Suitable for all breast sizes
      • Latex free and hypoallergenic
      • The 5 meter roll is suitable for multiple uses
      • Cut your own tape length so that it always fits your figure.
      • The color Nude is perfect under colored clothing
      • You can now wear any outfit, because from now on you can do it without a bra!


      How long can a roll of Booby Tape last?

      A roll of Booby Tape is no less than 5 meters long! How long you can do with a roll depends on your figure. If you have larger breasts, you need more tape for the right support. For a smaller size you will find that you need less tape. In general, you can use the Booby Tape between 5 and 15 times, depending on your figure.


      Why is Booby Tape different from other breast lift products?

      Booby Tape is the original breast lift tape. Many celebrities have been using masking tape or duct tape for years to cover their breasts for the best looks. But that is no longer necessary! Booby Tape is super strong and not painful to remove.

      The secret of Booby Tape is its painless removal, skin friendliness and super strong adhesive. The tape is designed for all types of breasts, so you can be sure that you always have the right support!


      Where can I ask my question about Booby Tape?

      Do you have a question about one of our products or our service? You can expect us to answer all your questions super fast via email[email protected]. You can also reach us by phone. Do you want more information? Then take a look at our frequently asked questions.