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      KeraCare is committed to offering the very best products for your curly and frizzy hair. They make products that take good care of your hair, but also that you can create stylish looks with. KeraCare is the most famous brand of Avlon Industries USA, where the latest technologies are researched and the products are designed for healthy hair and a he Show more


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      Oil Moisturizer
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      KeraCare is committed to offering the very best products for your curly and frizzy hair. They make products that take good care of your hair, but also that you can create stylish looks with. KeraCare is the most famous brand of Avlon Industries USA, where the latest technologies are researched and the products are designed for healthy hair and a healthy scalp, while at the same time creating beautiful looks! ♡


      What products does KeraCare have?

      KeraCare offers you the most fantastic products for wave and curly hair! Most products do not contain sulfates, parabens, mineral oils or other chemical agents. Have you already wondered which products we have in our range of KeraCare? Here is a list of the products we offer:  


      What hair care products does KeraCare have?

      In addition to its shampoos, conditioners and masks, KeraCare has set up two separate lines: Natural Textures and Dry & Itchy Scalp. To make it easy, we have listed them for you:

      Natural Textures
      KeraCare has composed a unique blend of ingredients with the Natural Textures line to intensely nourish and care for your hair. These ingredients include: Shea Butter, Amla & Shikakai Botanicals, Argan Oil or Castor Oil, for example.  

      Dry & Itchy Scalp
      This line is super effective against dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and seborrhea. This Dry & Itchy line is also good for the normal scalp in dry periods, such as in the winter months.

      Shampoo, Conditioner & Masque
      We have a total of 9 hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners and masks in our range:


      What styling products does KeraCare have?

      It's hardly noticeable: the difference between a styling product and a hair care product from KeraCare. After all, they also have almost the same look! That is why we have listed the differences. See all styling products in our KeraCare webshop here:


      What do the numbers on KeraCare packaging mean?

      They are almost impossible to miss: the numbers on the packaging of KeraCare. This means the order in which you can best use the products. So it goes in the following way:

      1: Shampoos
      2: Conditioners
      3: Styling and extra care products

      The KeraCare Dry & Itchy Scalp is the perfect example: The hair is cleaned with the Moisturizing Shampoo (1), then treated with the Moisturizing Conditioner (2) and finally you could use the Scalp Glossifier (3) as an extra care for the scalp.  


      Is KeraCare Curly Girl Method approved?

      Curly Girl Method-proof is a hair care method for naturally curly hair. With this method you take care of your curls so that you get shiny and defined curls. It is mainly about avoiding certain ingredients, such as silicone, sulfates, mineral oils, wax, etc. KeraCare also has many products that are CG-proof! For convenience, we have listed them here:

      Do you hear that?   Curly Girl Method for the first time? Or have you heard of it but don't know the intricacies yet? Don't worry, we have explained everything for you! So do you want to know more about the Curly Girl Method? Then we would like to refer you to our article: The Curly Girl Method: from A to Z.  


      Is KeraCare Cruelty Free?

      KeraCare believes that animals should not suffer to test hair care ingredients, and we firmly agree! All KeraCare products are therefore cruelty free. KeraCare has the official Cruelty-Free License, which is of course very nice :)


      Where can I find experiences about KeraCare?

      How useful is it to read or see the experiences or tips / tricks of others. This will give you more information about how the product works, but it is also fun to see how others use the product! Don't have time to read product information? Then a movie is also super time-saving! That is why we have searched the internet for a number of useful videos to find out more about KeraCare. Check them here:

      How do I define my curls with KeraCare?
      Watch the video here ! In the video they used these products:

      1.   KeraCare Cleansing Cream
      2.   KeraCare Hair Milk
      3.   KeraCare Defining Custard
      4.   KeraCare Silken Seal Liquid Sheen

      How do I get the perfect twist-outs?
      Watch the video about the perfect twist-outs here! They used these products in this video:

      1. KeraCare Cleansing Cream
      2. KeraCare Leave-in Conditioner
      3. KeraCare Twist & Define Cream
      4. KeraCare Defining Custard
      5. KeraCare Silken Seal
      6. KeraCare Edge Tamer

      How do I get beautiful curls with my thermally styled hair?
      You can watch the video for thermally styled hair here! These products have been used:

      1. KeraCare Hydrating & Detangling Shampoo
      2. KeraCare Humectro Cream Conditioner
      3. KeraCare Leave-in Conditioner
      4. KeraCare Foam Set-wrap Lotion
      5. KeraCare Silken Seal


      Where can I find reviews about KeraCare?

      We are curious about your experiences with KeraCare. With this you can help others in their search for the right products. If you are still looking for the right products, reviews from other people are also ideal. That way you can see what the product does to their hair and how they like it. For example, we get the following review:

      Natural Texture Honey Shea Co-Wash - (5/5 stars):"Nice conditioner, smells really good, makes my hair soft."

      Do you also want to write a review? Then go to the relevant product page and see the button on the right: '' Write your own review ''.  


      Is KeraCare free from harmful ingredients?

      Most KeraCare products are free from 'harmful' ingredients. KeraCare is completely free from parabens, mineral oils and phthaletes, so that is of course super fine! In addition, most products do not contain silicones, sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates or petrolatum. However, there are a few products that contain ingredients such as sulfates, silicones, paraffin, beeswax, petrolatum or castor oil. Whether these ingredients are really harmful to your hair wishes, that can be refuted. Just look at your personal 'purpose' here. We explain two ingredients:

      Speaking of your 'personal goal': do you want to protect your hair against a heat tool? Then silicone is ideal to protect your hair. Do you want to nourish your hair deeply with ingredients? Then try to avoid silicone. Silicones provide a protective layer around your hair, which protects your hair from heat tools. The disadvantage of this is that your hair is less able to absorb ingredients. Tip: Your hair will stay well fed if you first use a product without silicone and then with silicone. Silicones are included in the Moisturizing Conditioner and the Oil Moisturizer.  

      Castor oil
      Before we talk about castor oil, we need to briefly dive into the theory of oils. There are two types of oil:  

      • Moisturizing oils: These are oils with smaller molecules that can penetrate your hair well. This allows these oils to moisturize your hair and scalp. Examples are coconut oil, palm kernel oil, sunflower oil or mono oil.  
      • Sealing oils: These oils have larger molecules that cannot pass through your hair. So it stays on your hair as an extra barrier. These oils do not actually moisturize your hair, but remain as a kind of barrier around your hair. So if your hair is already well hydrated, they ensure that your hair remains well hydrated. Examples include argan oil, olive oil or almond oil. Pure sealers are jojoba oil and castor oil.  

      As you have just read, castor oil is a sealing oil. We therefore recommend that you first hydrate your hair well with, for example, a leave-in conditioner. If you use castor oil on dry, non-hydrated hair, the castor oil will only remain on your hair, resulting in oily hair. Your hair will then only get dryer because there is no food. To go back to the personal goal: a castor oil is ideal if you want to keep your hair hydrated longer, but make sure that you have properly fed your hair with, for example, a leave-in conditioner.  


      Which KeraCare products are suitable for my hair?

      KeraCare products are suitable for curl type 3A to 4C or thermally styled hair. KeraCare products are the perfect curly extinguisher for thirsty, dry curls that are in need of nutrition and hydration. KeraCare products maintain beautiful, stylish looks without damaging the strength and health of your hair or curls.


      What are frequently asked questions about KeraCare?

      We have listed a number of frequently asked questions about KeraCare for you. Maybe it will help you!

      Is KeraCare Intensive Restorative Masque a protein treatment?
      The Intensive Restorative Masque is not necessarily a protein treatment, but it does contain protein: Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein PG-Propyl Silanetriol . For some, protein is good for the hair, especially for damaged hair, for example. However, there are also people with normal or protein-sensitive hair who are less able to tolerate it and get fluffy or dry hair. This can be a sign that your hair is getting too much protein. The mask is made to repair damaged hair.  

      Is KeraCare 1st Lather Shampoo a clarifying shampoo?
      A clarifying shampoo is a shampoo that cleans your hair intensively. It strips your hair and scalp of unwanted residues that have accumulated. Other words for a clarifying shampoo are also: detoxing shampoo, detoxifying shampoo, deep cleansing shampoo, purifying shampoo or clarify shampoo. The difference between a clarifying shampoo and a normal shampoo is that a normal shampoo usually takes better care of your hair, while a clarifying shampoo is more focused on cleaning. You usually use a clarifying shampoo before you dye your hair or if your hair is lifeless or greasy.  

      The 1st Lather Shampoo from KeraCare is a deep cleanser, or clarifying shampoo. We recommend that you use a KeraCare Conditioner after the 1st Lather Shampoo, to take good care of your hair after cleaning.

      What are the benefits of the KeraCare Oil Sheen?
      We have listed it for you:

      • Gives your hair a natural looking shine
      • Contains a light conditioning mix of ingredients
      • Your hair doesn't look greasy and it doesn't feel that way
      • Don't weigh your hair down
      • Anti-lint
      • Protection on damp days
      • Concentrated spray - use sparingly

      Can you use KeraCare with frizzy hair?
      You certainly can!  

      Can I use KeraCare if my hair is low porosity?
      If you have a low porosity, it is best to use water-based products. Then aqua / water is high in the ingredients list. The water hydrates your hair but does not weigh it down. You can also use a light oil. You can use KeraCare products if your hair is low porosity!  

      Can I use KeraCare with straight hair (relaxed hair)?
      Yes you can! We have found a very handy video that explains how you can take care of your hair with relaxed hair. You can watch the video here.


      Where can I ask my question about KeraCare?

      Do you have a question about one of the KeraCare products, or are you unsure between the two? Feel free to contact us, we can help you in your search for the right products for your hair! Call us during office hours on 038-4582584 or email your question to [email protected]. Did you order before 11:30 PM? Then we will send your package to you the same day! In addition, you have free shipping from € 35, - and you can pay with us afterwards. We wish you a lot of fun shopping for KeraCare on Haarspullen.nl.