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      Tanned skin makes a lot of people very happy. However, not all of us have the time or inclination to spend hours in the sun. Also, not everyone is a fan of a tanning bed or the sun because the UV rays can be harmful to the body. But how can you get a wonderfully sun-tanned skin without spending hours in the sun? Self-tanner is the answer!   What Show more


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      Tanned skin makes a lot of people very happy. However, not all of us have the time or inclination to spend hours in the sun. Also, not everyone is a fan of a tanning bed or the sun because the UV rays can be harmful to the body. But how can you get a wonderfully sun-tanned skin without spending hours in the sun? Self-tanner is the answer!


      What is Self Tanner?

      With a self-tanner, your skin gets a wonderful brown tint without coming into contact with the sun. The perfect option if you don't like to sunbathe or have a party and you want to quickly appear a little tanned. With a self-tanner you will have that wonderful brown glow in a short time, and it is also harmless to the skin!


      How do I tan without the sun?

      Although the sun is an absolute must for our health, baking for hours with sunburn is not recommended. It makes you stay in the sun too long, with a cream that blocks your skin's natural warning mechanism. Getting a tan without sun or tanning beds is something many people prefer to avoid. Yet a nice tan is wanted, it gives you a natural, healthy glow! A good self-tanner is therefore a must-have for many ladies! You get a wonderful summer touch without baking in the sun for hours!


      How do I choose the right shade of self-tanner?

      You all have different types of self tanners - you have a mousse , cream or spray . The type of self-tanner you use does not matter, choose one that you find most comfortable to use and that suits your skin type. However, the color you choose does matter. Everyone has a different skin color, so it is important to find out which color suits you. Between self-tanners you often have three different color choices, namely: light , medium and dark . To choose the right color, it is important to look at your natural skin color, and not how dark you want the tan.


      In any case, make sure that your self-tanner is never too dark, because you can always build it up, but you can't reduce it. This way you always have a good result!


      What is a really good self-tanner?

      There are many self-tanners available in the world of tanning, what is a good self-tanner? This is of course different for everyone, because everyone likes different properties in a self-tanner. Let's say first of all that a good self-tanner gives a natural sun-tanned tint, without smudging and is easy to apply. You don't want to look orangey or oompa springpa after applying a self-tanner. A good self-tanner doesn't have to be expensive at all. There are plenty of budget brands that have super fine tanning products in their range. For an even end result, we recommend using a Tanning Mitt . This is a glove with which you distribute the self-tanner evenly over the skin so that you prevent stains. In addition, it is important to always wash your hands well after using a self-tanner. This way you prevent self-tanning from remaining in the folds of your hands, which leads to a color difference. Of course we want a natural result!


      Which budget proof self tanner do you recommend?

      There are several self-tanners that are extremely popular, but they are sometimes very expensive. It's nice to get it as a gift, but when the bottle is empty you don't buy a new one. Still, you really want a nice sunny touch, so what is actually a super nice self tanner that is ALSO affordable? We have these self tanners! These are the self-tanning products from Sunkissed . This brand is very popular for a reason. It is very affordable and gives just such a wonderful touch! And not only that, it consists of 95% natural ingredients. Not harmful, but a tan!


      What types of tanning are there on the market?

      Tanning comes in all shapes and sizes, you have mousse self-tanners, lotion tanners and spray variants. Which one do you use and does it matter what you use? Is there a preference of variant for a particular body part? We're going to tell you now!


      Mousse is ideal for you if you are just starting to use a self-tanner. Why? Mousse is extremely easy to apply to your skin and distribute evenly. However, even experienced tanners continue to use this because of its convenience. Mousse is ideal for arms, legs and your back.


      Lotion is ideal for men or women who have light or sensitive skin. Why? A tanning that comes in the form of a lotion also contains caring ingredients, so you care for the skin and give it a tan. So 2 in 1, ideal for after showering and if you like to regularly apply a body lotion. A body lotion with a tan!


      Tanspray is ideal for your face and décolleté. A spray is easy to distribute on your body, provided you keep moving the spray. If you keep spraying in one place for too long, you will get stains. That is why it is best to distribute the spray on your body in circular movements. You cannot use a spray if you hold it upside down to do your legs or your back, for example.


      Each variant has advantages, in the end it is up to you which one you like best. There are plenty of ladies who use a tanning mousse for the entire body and face. See what you like best, and what fits best in your daily rituals is of course the most important thing. Ultimately, that is the variant that suits you best!


      We also always recommend reading the descriptions on the packaging, they may have good tips.


      How do these self-tanning body lotions work?

      Body lotions, everyone has at least one in the bathroom cabinet, nowadays there are body lotions with a color in between. You may have used it yourself a number of times, but how does it actually work? And what is the difference with a 'regular' self-tanner? A self-tanning body lotion gives your skin a beautiful, subtle sunny tint and cares at the same time! You have two products in one and that is ideal and time-saving! It is often the case that a body lotion with a tint is often less strong than a pure self-tanner. You can naturally build this up by using the lotion every day. A body lotion with a tan is also used as a daily maintenance for a self-tanner that is used approximately once a week.


      The tanning substance that is added to the body lotion is called DHA or dihydroxyacetone. This ingredient is an artificial sugar that discolors your skin. As soon as you apply it, the ingredient DHA is active for six hours, which means that it takes about six hours before you see a tan on your body.


      How do you remove tanning from your hands?

      Brown hands, especially the inside of your hands and between your fingers... The sign that you use self-tanner, and of course we prefer not to have that. It doesn't look real. If you use self-tanner you normally wash your hands, but it can happen that you forget this once. Not so handy! Can happen once, but getting it off is a priority anyway. Walking around with orange hands is not very popular. Below are tips on what you can do to get clean hands again!


      Tip 1:You naturally scrub before applying self-tanner, but you can also clean your hands afterwards! Just rub some extra with cream and you're done!

      Tip 2: Baking soda is a widely used remedy in many households. This product is also ideal for removing the self-tanner from your hands. You actually make it a kind of scrub. Mix some baking soda (baking powder) and water and your palms will become crystal clearagain!

      Tip 3: Lemon juice is an ideal way to get your palms back to normal. If you don't have lemons lying around, you can also use lemon juice from the well-known yellow bottle. Let the lemon juice soak in for about 3 minutes and then rinse it off with just water, et voilà! Be careful if you have wounds, the lemon juice bites!

      Tip 4:Baby oilis an ideal and cheap way to remove self-tanner cream from your hands. Take a little baby oil and mix it with water and then rub it into your hands. Let the mixture soak in your hands for a few minutes and rinse with water. Wonderfully soft AND clean hands!

      Tip 5: Nail polish remover is often used as a last resort. Logical, of course, because it is an aggressive agent and it dries your skin out enormously. We're not even talking about the smell that comes from it. That is why it is recommended that WHEN you use it, you only apply it to the spots that are still left on your hands and once you are done, rub your hands with a nourishing hand cream .

      Tip 6: Taking a warm bath is not only wonderful, it is also effective to soak off your tan. Use an exfoliating mitt to remove the orange stains and then scrub it dry with a rough towel in circular motions. The stain is immediately a lot less or in the worst case your orange color has almost disappeared ;) After about 15 minutes you add a dash of bath oil or olive oil, this ensures that the self-tanner does not penetrate your skin but on your skin stays down.

      Tip 7: Self-tan remover is of course also an ideal means to use. Logical, it has been specially developed for it. It costs more than the above tips, but it is certainly effective.

      Tip 8: As we indicated above as a tip to use olive oil or bath oil in the bath, or baby coconut oil is also possible, you can also rub yourself with it. Then you lie down in a warm bath. The combination of hot water and oil ensures that the fake tan on your skin is broken down. In other words, you lose your orange color or your brown color!


      How can I apply self tanner?

      Of course you want to prevent stains when you apply your self tanner, but in which steps can you best apply your self tan? We have explained this exactly for you below:


      • Face: Before applying the self-tanner, it is important to first gently scrub your face. Once you have done that, apply the self-tanner over your face in circular movements. Don't forget your neck, décolleté and behind your ears. To ensure that the self tan does not get into your eyebrows, you can put Vaseline on it. You can apply the self-tan with, for example, a brush , for an even result.


      • Body: When applying self-tanner over your body, it is also important to shave your legs in addition to exfoliating. You start by applying the self-tanner at your feet and then slowly work your way up. Finally, do your arms and hands. Make sure you apply the self tan in circular movements with a tanning mit to prevent smearing and staining.


      How long should self-tanner work for the best result?

      The processing time of a tanning cream depends on which product you use. With one self-tanner you will see results after an hour, while another self-tanner will color beautifully and evenly after about six to eight hours. Sometimes a self-tanner may not work, but this is very rare. This is because a specific amino acid is absent in your skin. Ten to fifteen percent of people suffer from this. The next question elaborates on why a self-tanner might not work.


      We always recommend that you first read the label of the self-tanner you have at home. We provide a lot of information here, so that you can make an informed choice with the right information. However, we do not know everything, and it is always good to take a look and do research yourself.

      In any case, it is recommended that you apply a self-tanner in the evening and let it work well. Do you want the tan spray to be absorbed into your skin faster? Then it is advisable to use a hair dryer and set it to a lukewarm position. As a result, the self-tanner absorbs into your skin faster. This shortens the processing time. Always check whether the self-tanner has absorbed properly before you put on your clothes. If it is still a little damp, you will get streaks or stains when you put on your clothes too early.


      Self-tanner does not work well, how is this possible?

      Sometimes it may be that the self-tanner you used does not give the beautiful beautiful complexion as promised. The result is not as it should be. How is this possible exactly? There can be several reasons for this, we have listed them for you.


      • Before you used the self-tanner you forgot to depilate your legs. As a result, the tanning cannot penetrate your skin properly.
      • Before you got into the tan, you forgot to scrub or exfoliate your body. As a result, all dead skin cells that are loose on your skin have not been properly removed, so the tanning body lotion has not adhered to your skin.
      • You have depilated and scrubbed your skin, but you have not done this at least 24 hours in advance. As a result, product residues have been left unknowingly, which now influences the color.
      • Before using the tan you did not shake the bottle well. The contents of the bottle have now separated, i.e. the ingredients are not mixed properly, which can affect the complexion.
      • Before you have applied the self-tanner to your skin, you have first been fanatical with a body lotion or a shower cream or a body butter. Now your skin is too oily and won't take the self tanner.
      • After you have rubbed yourself with the tan mousse, you did not wait long enough before you took a shower. As a result, part has been washed away.
      • Before you took a nice dip in the pool or the sea, the self-tanner has not yet fully worked into your skin.
      • Before the self-tanner has completely absorbed into your skin, you have already started exercising actively. This made you sweat and also because of this part of the mousse has disappeared.
      • It is possible that your skin does not react to a self-tanner, which we already discussed in the previous question.


      Do I need to prepare my body before using self-tanner?

      If you want to avoid spots or a bad result, it is absolutely important that you prepare your body properly. Below you will find the most important tips before you get started with your favorite tan mousse, body lotion or spray.


      1. Before you get started with a self-tanner, it is extremely important that you first exfoliate your skin. Preferably at least 24 hours in advance. By scrubbing you remove dead skin cells, so that the self-tan is better absorbed by your skin. At your joints it is advisable to scrub extra thoroughly, because there is more calluses here.
      2. Before you start applying a self-tanner, it is important that your skin is clean. It is then advisable to use a glove that has been specially developed for this purpose. A Tanning Mitt ensures that you distribute the product evenly over your skin, preventing stripes, spots and other oddities. Not only that, you also prevent stained hands with this. When you use the glove you make circular movements over your body. Then let the self-tanner penetrate your skin before you put on your clothes, otherwise you will still get streaks. Let that be just what you want to avoid.


      Do you want more tips so that you can apply your self-tanner carefree to your skin with the most beautiful result? Then we recommend that you read our article "14 valuable tips to make self-tanning a success the first time!".


      Can I mix a self-tanner with a body lotion?

      A frequently asked question, whether you can apply a self-tanner with a body lotion. This may be because you want to create a subtle tan or because you want your skin to be extra cared for. The reasons may be different, but we all want to know the same thing. Is this possible? The answer to that is YES! You can easily mix a self-tanner with a body lotion, you actually just dilute your self-tanner with it. This makes the tan less intense and you get a beautiful subtle color on your skin. You add a few drops of your self-tanner to a moisturizing lotion and then mix them well together. Of course you want an even result! Then apply the combination as a regular care cream.


      It is also important to prepare your skin well for this method of application. In other words, first your body must be well depilated and scrubbed. Although you want to create a subtle tan, you want to get it done the right way. You want a beautiful, even result! Didn't it all go well? No problem, we also give you tips above on how to solve this!


      Are you still looking for a 100% safe body lotion that does not contain carcinogenic ingredients, endocrine disruptors or other harmful ingredients? Then you end up with the body creams fromAttitude. Check the page for in-depth information about this special and effective Body Cream.


      Do I need gloves to apply self-tanner?

      Although many seasoned ladies and gentlemen do not use gloves, this can still bring benefits. Especially since the glove makes it easier to apply to create an even look. This makes it especially recommended for beginners to do this. Another advantage of using gloves is that your hands do not discolour. However, it is always advisable to wash your hands after using a self-tanner, even if you use a glove. Small effort, great convenience. If you use self-tanning wipes, it is also advisable to clean your hands thoroughly. However, if you use a self-tanning spray, it goes without saying that you don't use gloves. You apply the spray to your skin with circular movements.


      Do self-tanners also protect against the sun's rays?

      Self-tanners do not contain ingredients that protect your skin against overexposure during beach days, for example. If you wish, it is advisable to use a separate sunscreen . Even once you have that beautiful tan, it does not mean that you are suddenly protected against the sun. We sell safe and affordable sun creams, which you can find on theSunscreen page . Here you will find in-depth information about sunscreen creams.


      Is there a self tanner that doesn't smell bad?

      Self-tanners and a familiar scent, they really seem to belong together. Is there a possibility to prevent that familiar and especially foul smell? That can't just be 123, why not? It is the chemical part of DHA with the amino acids that you smell and recognize out of thousands! Let that be exactly what you need to get a tan, removing this process is the same as taking a fat-soluble vitamin without eating fats. In any case, there is much to be done about it. Of course, they are looking at how they can disguise this process and especially the smell that arises by adding perfume. Unfortunately, this does not always work, and you should want it. You can of course also go under the tanning bed or in the sun, those are actually the only two options that do not cause this smell.


      Perhaps put your focus on something else and mainly resign yourself to the fact that this is the way it is. Of course you can always look for a variant that you don't mind. However, if this remains then a self-tanner may not be for you.


      How do you get tanned?

      Getting tanned, it sometimes seems like a competition. Who has become the brownest in the past summer? Tanning can of course be done in different ways. Most people tan from the sun, logically of course. The sun is fantastic for our health, we also get tanned by the sun. This is our body's natural warning to remind us that we've been out in the sun for too long. However, we want to get really brown and we will lubricate and stay longer. You ignore your body's warnings. The combination of sunbathing for too long and applying all kinds of ointments can be harmful to your skin.


      Then of course we have the self-tanner that you use at home. Although in the past this was always just not the case; read spots, orange and other scenes, this is no longer the case today. The self-tanners have been developed in such a way that it looks like you have been lying in the sun, but then it comes from a tube / bottle.


      Which self-tanner suits me best?

      Which self-tanner suits you is something that only you can decide for yourself. What is your daily routine, what do you like and how often do you want to use self-tanner? As a beginner it is advisable to start with a mousse. This is easy to spread and distribute, the risk of creating stains is very small.


      When should I start using a self-tanner?

      When should you start with a self-tanner? Straight away! No, we understand your question. Suppose you have a party on the weekend, do you have to start a few days in advance? Or do you not have to think about it at all and can you do it on the same day? This depends entirely on what kind of self-tanner you use or want to use. If you want to use an instant self-tanner, you can even apply it the same day, the night before is more advisable. The possible smell that is attached to it is a lot less the next day and you can of course still shower in the morning. If you have a self-tanner that is better known as 'gradual bronzers', you need a few days. These self-tanners let you tan gradually and you need time for this. It is also wise to check how long the self-tanner in question will stay on your skin.


      Where can I ask my question about self-tanners?

      After reading the above information about tanning, are you still not quite sure which variant is the right choice? Which can! Ask your burning question to our team via [email protected] or call our customer service during office hours. We are happy to help you so that you are guided in the right direction :)