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      Fanola Vitamins is a unique care line full of vitamins that stimulate the health of both your hair and scalp. There are many factors that can affect the health of your hair and scalp. Think of; stress, diet or the weather. Thanks to the vitamins in the hair care products, hair and scalp are cared for from the inside out. A healthy scalp is essentia Show more


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      Fanola Vitaminsis a unique care line full of vitamins that stimulate the health of both your hair and scalp. There are many factors that can affect the health of your hair and scalp. Think of; stress, diet or the weather. Thanks to the vitamins in the hair care products, hair and scalp are cared for from the inside out. A healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair, and that is exactly what this collection fromFanolastands for.


      Fanola's BE Complex

      The hair care products from the Fanola Vitamins line are formulated one by one with the Be Complex. The hair experts atFanolahave looked at which vitamins are most effective for hair and scalp health. What turned out? Vitamin B is good to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Hair growth is stimulated because the natural keratin in the hair is supported. Vitamin E is essential when it comes to protecting hair. This vitamin has an antioxidant effect and protects blood vessels, cells, organs and tissue. This is important for the blood circulation of the scalp. The two vitamins B and E come together in Fanola's effective BE-Complex and immediately give the scalp an energy boost!


      What is the importance of a healthy scalp?

      A healthy, full head of hair that's what we all dream of. But how do you get this done? It is important to understand that a healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair. We pay a lot of attention to the care of our hair every day, but often forget to take care of the scalp, while this is so important!Fanolamakes it easier for you with the Vitamins care line. The products from this line ensure that your scalp and hair are cared for so that you can enjoy healthy hair.healthy hair? Yes, we care!


      How do hair and scalp problems such as hair loss and dandruff arise?

      One was born with a full bunch of hair and doesn't have to do anything for this. The other has fine and thin hair and does everything to make it look thicker, but without success. Another had always had a beautiful bunch of hair, but unfortunately there is nothing left of it. Your hair and skin type depends on several factors. It is partly genetically determined, so unfortunately you don't have much influence on this, but stress is also an important factor. When you experience stress or sleep deprivation, this can have consequences for the condition of your hair and scalp. Complaints such as hair loss or dandruff are aggravated by hair stress. Fortunately, Fanolaoffersyou the solution with the Vitamins line. This line consists of various hair care products to solve health problems of your hair and scalp. Whether you suffer from dandruff, hair loss, a sensitive or oily scalp, Fanola is here for you! ♡


      What products does the Fanola Vitamins hair care line consist of?

      Could your scalp use some extra care?Fanolagot your back! Below we have listed the different products per hair problem for you.


      The sensitive scalp: Sensi

      • Fanola Vitamins Sensitive Shampoo: The Sensitive Shampoo is specially designed for sensitive scalp. Thanks to the mild formula, the hair is gently cleaned. Of course, the shampoo has been tested by dermatologists and contains only gentle and nourishing ingredients such as the BE Complex. The formula is free from SLS, SLES to prevent scalp irritation. Available in a pack of 350 and 1000 ml.


      Dandruff and excess sebum: Pure Balance

      • Fanola Vitamins Pure Balance Shampoo: Is your scalp sensitive to dandruff or do you suffer from an oily scalp? The Pure Balance Shampoo purifies the scalp and brings it back into balance. Thanks to the BE Complex, hair and scalp are nourished and the hair looks healthy again. The mild cleansing means that the shampoo is also suitable for sensitive scalps. The shampoo is available in a 350 ml package.


      Hair loss, fine and lifeless hair: Energy

      The Energy line takes care of your scalp in three steps. Complaints such as hair loss, fine or thin hair are tackled at the core and visibly reduced. This collection is different from the Pure Balance and the Sensi because it consists of several steps, but the result is certainly there. From the test results we can conclude that hair loss decreased by 41% within 6 weeks. 100% of the test persons saw a visible improvement in hair loss.


      Step 1:Fanola Vitamins Energy Detoxifying Scalp Scrub

      Use the Scalp Scrub as a pre-shampoo to remove impurities from your scalp. You apply the scrub to your scalp and massage it carefully with lukewarm water. Then let it act for a while and rinse thoroughly.


      Step 2:Fanola Vitamins Energy Energizing Shampoo

      Apply a normal amount of the Shampoo to damp hair and massage it. Let the product foam and rinse well. Repeat if necessary.


      Step 3:Fanola Vitamins Energy Energizing Lotion

      Apply the Lotion evenly on the washed scalp. You don't have to wash out the serum, so your scalp is intensely nourished all day long. You can also choose topurchase the Energizing Lotion in Ampoules . In this case, use one ampoule at a time.


      Are the hair care products from the Fanola Vitamins line vegan and cruelty-free?

      Fanolais not only kind to your hair and scalp, but also to the animals. All products from the Vitamins care line are 100% vegan and are not tested on animals. So you can safely use these hair products without having to worry about animal welfare.


      What is Fanola doing about sustainability?

      We already have enough on our minds and as we mentioned before, stress can have a very negative impact on your hair condition.Fanolauses sustainable packaging. For example, the packaging of the Fanola Vitamins products consists of 50% recycled plastic and is 85% biodegradable. In addition, the products also consist of 85% natural ingredients. In this way , Fanolaalsoreduces the stress surrounding the environment.


      Shop Fanola at Haarspullen.nl

      You can shop Fanolacheaply, safely and easily on our website. We do our best to provide you with all the information so that you can make an informed choice and be happy with your purchase. If you still have questions about the products on our website or would you like advice from a professional without obligation? Then we can be reached by telephone during office hours on 038-4582584. You can also email your question to[email protected]and receive personal advice from us as soon as possible. ♡

      In addition, we offer you the service of paying afterwards and we do our best to get your product to your home as soon as possible. Place your order before 23:00 and it will be shipped the same day.Happy Shopping! :)