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      Face powder is an absolute must for your make-up look! A good powder that suits your skin type can make all the difference to your daily makeup look. Especially in combination with the foundation & concealer. Just like the advantages, the range of powders is very large and there are many differences. It is important that you use a powder that m Show more


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      Face powder is an absolute must for your make-up look! A good powder that suits your skin type can make all the difference to your daily makeup look. Especially in combination with the foundation & concealer. Just like the advantages, the range of powders is very large and there are many differences. It is important that you use a powder that matches your skin type, foundation and skin color.


      Why should I use face powder?

      It is a must to use face powder in your daily makeup routine. Powder is absorbent. Excess fat (which mainly occurs when using foundation) is neutralized by a good face powder. The powder mattifies the skin, making your skin look smooth and natural. Radiant skin is beautiful, but you naturally want to prevent shiny, oily skin.

      In addition, powder works as a kind of primer for your face make-up. By applying a powder, the make-up stays in place (longer). With foundation and concealer you often notice that the liquid accumulates in the fine skin folds (under your eye, or at wrinkles), powder prevents this. Your make-up look is, as it were, fixed. Face powder also gives the coverage of your basic make-up a finishing touch.


      Which powder make-up can I get at Haarspullen.nl?

      There are many different types of facial powders for different skin types. The main difference is the difference between compact powder (pressed together powder) and loose powder. The difference between the two is the substance, but also the effect. In addition, you naturally have differences in color, texture, finish and coverage. What suits you completely depends on your wishes, skin type and type of foundation.

      Below a number of bestsellers:

      Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder- A compact (covering) powder that mattifies the skin, but gives it a little shine. Suitable for every skin type and perfect for over your day cream or foundation.

      Maybelline Affinitone Compact Pressed Powder- A compact powder with a very natural effect. The powder works well as a primer to keep facial makeup in place.

      L'Oreal Paris True Match Blendable Powder- A creamy powder that makes the powder blend easily into the skin. Making your skin look soft and smooth.


      What is the difference between a compact powder and a loose powder?

      Ultimately, both powders serve the same purpose, but are quite different from each other. We have listed all the differences:

      • For example, a loose powder in your handbag is not that useful. A compact powder is more convenient for touch-ups in between.
      • A loose powder contains less oils than a compact powder. Loose powder is therefore super suitable for oily skin. A compact powder is suitable for dry skin.
      • Loose powder has the best effect on photos. reverberation.
      • With loose powder you can beacon, with compact powder not really (do you want to know what beacon is? Read along!)
      • Compact powder often gives more coverage than loose powder and can really help cover up blemishes.


      Is powder makeup bad for your skin?

      Using face powder has no negative consequences for your skin. For example, powder is a lot lighter and lighter than, for example, a foundation. You can, however, pay attention to what make-up brand you buy. But at Haarspullen we have already done this work for you and you can safely search for a powder that suits you. But for any make-up product the following applies: give your skin a rest day once in a while and always remove your make-up before going to sleep;)


      What color face powder matches my foundation?

      It is important that the color of the powder matches the color of the foundation you are wearing, otherwise stains are very easy to see. Make sure that the color does not differ from the foundation color, or 1 shade lighter.

      Offf ... you go for a transparent powder :)


      Which face powder is right for me?

      Powder is available in all kinds of different colors and sizes. Which powder suits you depends on your make-up look and skin type. If you have 'normal', problem-free skin, you can wear almost all types of powder. You can still look at which effect you prefer: compact, loose, matte, shiny, opaque or transparent.

      Dry skin? If you have dry skin, it is best to go for a compact powder. A compact powder generally contains more oils than a loose powder. It is important to also choose a powder with acreamy substance. That will make your skin look nourished and smoother.

      Fat skin? If you suffer from oily skin, you better go for a loose powder. In contrast to a compact powder, a loose powder contains less oil. A loose powder is very absorbent and absorbs the fat, as it were.

      Lots of impurities? If you have a lot of impurities, you can go for an opaque powder that hides your impurities. And to prevent your skin from glowing (which makes your impurities even more visible), it is better to use a loose powder with less oils.


      How do I apply face powder?

      # 1 If you have intensely shiny skin (almost sweaty), it is helpful to pat your face a little dry before applying the powder.

      # 2 Make sure the skin is clean and provided with a day cream, primer and / or foundation.

      # 3 Apply powder to your face little by little, making sure to distribute the powder well. Don't put too much on your brush, just build it up. Use a specialpowder brush to apply powder .This is how you get the best effect.

      Important: It is important that you apply powder as lightly as possible. Do you have dry areas on your face? Try to apply as little powder as possible here, only a necessary amount.


      What is Baking?

      Baking is a technique for applying powder make-up. The baking technique is very popular among make-up artists and make-up artists. Baking creates a matte look that lasts longer and provides clearer contours.

      You bake with a loose (transparent) powder. You then apply a thick layer of powder to the areas on your face that you want to “highlight”, for example under your eyes, your chin, cheekbones and nose bridge. Let this sit for a few minutes, then remove the remaining powder with a brush. Baking sets foundation and concealer in place even better and longer.


      Where can I ask my question about face powder?

      Our team is happy to assist you! Do you have more questions about face powders or are you not sure which powder matches your face? You can simply contact us, by telephone or via[email protected]. Then together we choose a suitable powder that suits you!