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      Schwarzkopf Professional

      Schwarzkopf Professional has been around for a while, as the company was founded in 1898 by Hans Schwarzkopf as a family business based in Berlin. Today, Schwarzkopf Professional is all over the world with a common bond: passion for hair. The team insists they are one, bound together by the love they have for locks. Because the entire team strives Show more


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      Igora Royal Color
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      Igora Vibrance Color
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      Blonde Me Toning
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      Premium Developer
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      Super Hold Spray
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      Scalp & Hair Mist
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      Chroma ID Color Mask
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      Igora Zero Amm
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      Igora Royal Developer
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      Blond Me Cool Shampoo
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      Goodbye Orange Shampoo
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      Beach Wave Spray
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      Travelsize Set
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      Strait Styling Glatt
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      Moisture Kick Shampoo
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      Schwarzkopf Professional has been around for a while, as the company was founded in 1898 by Hans Schwarzkopf as a family business based in Berlin. Today, Schwarzkopf Professional is all over the world with a common bond: passion for hair. The team insists they are one, bound together by the love they have for locks. Because the entire team strives for perfection, the office is buzzing with energy. And that is reflected in the products. They keep creating, refining and recreating it. Nothing is to crazy! They really bring the product to life. What vibrancy has lost she revitalized it. They rethink, rework and renew. "They are always...reinventing hair" as they say nicely.


      The history of Schwarzkopf Professional

      If you really want to get inspired, we recommend the video that beautifully shows the history of Schwarzkopf Professional. Our team is in awe! The video is just brilliant! In the video you will discover how Schwarzkopf has evaluated vision over the past 120 years, step by step. They therefore also stand behind their products, you know that you are getting quality with the Schwarzkopf Professional products.


      Which hair care and styling lines does Schwarzkopf Professional have?

      Many beautiful lines have been added in the past 120 years, below you will find the current range of Schwarzkopf. There are lines that contain multiple product lines, sorted by hair type and/or wishes. That way you know there is always something in between. The design of the hair products are also real gems. Whether Schwarzkopf Professional is suitable for your hair? Definitely yes! If you are not quite sure what suits your locks best, ask our team for help via [email protected].

      We have listed all the Schwarzkopf lines that we have in our range:

      [3D] Men
      This line is especially for men and has 3 care effects:
      1. Activates the hair roots
      2. Refreshes the scalp
      3. Strengthens hair


      BC Bonacure
      Bonacure has hair care products for every hair need and is divided into all kinds of product groups, based on all kinds of hair types. Whether you have gray hair, curls, blonde hair, dark hair, dry hair, or dandruff, Schwarzkopf Professional has something for everyone:
      - Hyaluronic Moisture Kick
      - Peptide Repair Rescue
      - pH 4.5 Color Freeze
      - Collagen Volume Boost
      - Q10+ Time Restore
      - Fiber Force
      - Sun Protect
      - Scalp Genesis
      - Frizz Away


      Bonacure Miracle Oil
      Bonacure Miracle Oil belongs to the BC Bonacure line, but we will explain this separately. This line contains oils that give your locks a beautiful, intense shine. Not only that, it also makes your locks silky smooth. Everyone has been thought of, the Miracle Oil has been developed to meet the hair type's need for nutrition and shine.


      Mad About Curls
      Everything you need for the curly hair among us! The Mad about Curls products combine gentle cleansing recipes with the revolutionary Aquarine complex. The formulas intensively moisturize and strengthen the hair, nourish it and create a touchably defined shape and protection against hair breakage and heat. This emphasizes and embellishes the original structure of the hair.


      Mad About Lengths
      Schwarzkopf Mad About Lengths is a holistic hair care routine that intensely hydrates your hair from the roots with lightweight formulas. Long hair that feels heavy will be a thing of the past. It is now time for brilliant long hair that falls smoothly, and radiates enormous health. This means you don't have to calculate a big haircut as often, and that's what you want! Let your long hair grow even longer through proper care and naturally satisfy the needs of your hair.


      This is the complete color and care brand that really focuses on beautiful blonde locks. Blondes stand for their beautiful locks and therefore expect a unique result, or blonde perfection. The BLONDME was created by Schwarzkopf Professional because the difference in hair base and delicate hair structures don't always make it easier to create that blonde perfection. If you have dark locks, it is not so easy to achieve a beautiful cool blond color. Now it doesn't have to be complicated anymore. With the BLONDME line you have everything you need. Bleaching & coloring has never been easier than now. And the eye also wants something, and there is attention there too.



      Welcome to the world of color! When you say IGORA ROYAL, you say intense, true color in high definition with uncompromising coverage and unsurpassed color retention. In other words, beautiful, colored locks with a color so intense that it makes you intensely happy.

      IGORA guarantees 100% perfect coverage of white strands and on thick and resistant hair. No matter how difficult the conditions are, with IGORA you will get maximum intensity and very clear and sharp color directions. In other words, real color. Due to the High Definition Technology you will have radiant hair after a coloring, whether this is complete or another creation such as balayage.


      Everything you need to create a creative hairdo. With this line you create texture to your hair and divide it into all kinds of aspects so that you can find out exactly which product suits your hair needs:
      - Control from light to very strong
      - From straight hair to curls
      - Texture for short hair to long hair
      - From gloss to matte
      - From natural to textured
      - From shine to fixation


      Schwarzkopf Professional Fibreplex is the first Bond Enforcing System from Schwarzkopf Professional. The Bond Enforcing System ensures that your hair is protected during bleaching, lightening or coloring.



      Schwarzkopf Silhouette is a line suitable for daily styling and a natural, subtle look. The products give your hair a beautiful, natural look without weighing it down unnecessarily.


      Chroma ID
      Chroma ID consists of Color Masks and Bonding Masks in all kinds of different colors. They take care of your hair and at the same time give your hair a color refresher or a temporary color, for when you want something different! Your hair becomes stronger, silky soft and stays nice and smooth!


      This is the first permanent, ammonia-free oil coloring with Phytolipid Technology. It gives the most natural color results that respect the different tones in your hair. The colorings are 100% gray covering, free of ammonia and odorless.


      Natural Styling
      Regardless of your hair style, moisture is extremely important if you use products to create curls or waves and give your hair structure. Natural Styling Hydrowave is the new transformation system with Aloe Vera, which maintains the natural moisture balance of the hair with 15% extra moisture.


      Which Blond Me products suit my blond hair color?

      Blonde locks, it's been the look of style icons for years. The Blond Me range has everything for (natural) blondes. From bleaching your locks to care and styling, with Blond Me you have found a friend for life. The design of the Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me is therefore exceptionally beautiful. Completely contemporary, beautiful and sleek at the same time. The Schwarzkopf Professional Blond Me has divided its products into 3 'types' of blondes, which can be mixed and matched, because no two blondes are the same!


      Which Mad About line is suitable for my hair?

      Mad About has a total of three lines, we will explain all three:

      Mad About Curls
      Beautifully curly locks that dance with joy, all thanks to the Mad About Curls line. This brilliant line has been specially developed for women with beautiful, natural curls. This line is of course also suitable for men with beautiful curls. Schwarzkopf Professional believes that natural locks have every right to shine without unnecessary additives. That's why they launched the Mad About Curls & Waves. You can completely adjust the hair care products from Mad About Curls to your beautiful curly locks. If you want to know everything about this line, we would like to refer you to the Schwarzkopf Professional Mad About Curls page. Here you will find all the information!

      Mad About Lengths
      Beautiful long locks, you should cherish them! This line meets the needs of long hair, a great line with great hair products! Mad About Lengths is a holistic hair care routine that intensely hydrates your hair from roots to ends with lightweight formulas. Your hair will fall smoothly and shine with health! For more information, we would like to refer you to the Schwarzkopf Professional Mad About Lenghts page on our website, where you can find more information about this line.


      Is Schwarzkopf Igora sustainable?

      And how! From March 2021, Igora has received a new, modernized packaging. The packaging is made of recycled material, which saves a lot of plastic. This saves a lot every year, namely:

      • 80 tons of plastic
      • 350 tons of aluminum
      • 340 tons of paper


      Does Schwarzkopf Professional also have a silver shampoo?

      Silver shampoo is really the item for all blondes at the moment, whether you are naturally blonde or dyed, it doesn't matter. Of course, the clever minds of Schwarzkopf Professional do not want to be left behind and they have also launched a very good silver shampoo. Namely the Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow .

      But the Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow is not the only silver shampoo from Schwarzkopf in our range. The Schwarzkopf Bonacure pH 4.5 Color Freeze Silver Shampoo is also a silver shampoo with pigments for cool hair tones. The Color Freeze Silver Shampoo has subtle blue-violet dyes to refresh your hair and add a cool tone, while conditioning ingredients improve hair condition.

      It is of course inevitable that the Blond Me line also has a silver shampoo. This is theSchwarzkopf Blond MeCool Blondes Shampoo .This shampoo gently cleanses and cares for the most delicate light and colored hair. The shampoo helps to neutralize yellow undertones without changing the hair color, for enhanced blonde brightness. Where many silver shampoos make your hair drier, this one will make your hair feel silky soft. The Bond Creation System with Velvet Flower Protein Complex restores the inner structures of the hair and makes the hair feel wonderfully smooth and soft.


      Is Schwarzkopf Professional free of harmful ingredients?

      Nowadays we are becoming more and more aware of which ingredients are in a product and how the product is produced. The labels are read more often than before, a bit of awareness! Of course we understand that you want the best care for your hair and want to protect your hair against unnecessary ingredients. It is also increasingly being called these days: ''avoid parabens, sulphates, silicones, mineral oils, alcohol and...''! Now we partly agree with this, but it is also important to look at your personal hair goal and hair needs. Do you often use a heat tool? Then it is wise to protect your hair with a heat protector, but it usually contains silicone that puts a protective layer around your hair. And there are types of alcohol that you do not have to avoid according to the Curly Girl Method, for example, because there are many types of alcohol. So pay particular attention to your personal hair wishes and goal to achieve the best result! Schwarzkopf Professional has hair products with, for example, sulphates and parabens in its range as hair products that are free of sulphates and parabens. For the individual product it is indicated whether the product in question is free of sulphates and/or parabens. Is nothing indicated? Then the product may contain sulphates and/or parabens.


      Does Schwarzkopf Professional also have dry shampoos?

      We've all experienced it: overslept, a terrible rush, but you feel like you really have to wash your hair... At that moment you can enjoy even more that the dry shampoo was ever invented, because what an invention it is ! The lifesaver when you are short of time, but of course also if you deliberately want to postpone your wash for a while. Schwarzkopf Professional also has a number of dry shampoos that you can choose from, take a look at these:

      Schwarzkopf Osis+ Texture Refresh Dust
      This dry shampoo gives your hair a real refresher between washes. The substance is a powder form that can be sprayed directly on the roots. Greasy hair is a thing of the past and it also gives more volume and texture!

      Schwarzkopf Osis + Fresh Texture Dry Shampoo Foam
      This dry shampoo is a weightless foam formula that refreshes your hair without having to use another shampoo, so that it stays nice and fresh between washes. In addition, it also immediately gives your hair volume from the roots without leaving any product residue. Excess fat is absorbed and lifeless hair regains texture.


      Is Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Color Ammonia Free?

      Schwarzkopf has a special line of permanent, ammonia-free oil coloring with Phytolipid Technology: Schwarzkopf Essensity . This is the first permanent oil color from Schwarzkopf Professional without ammonia that creates the most natural color results and respects the different tones in your hair. In addition, these colorings are 100% gray covering and odorless.


      Is Schwarzkopf Professional Curly Girl Method Proof?

      Are you already familiar with the Curly Girl Method? If you're a curly hair, you've probably heard this term before. The Curly Girl Method has been specially developed to provide the very best care for your curls so that you can love your curls again! The basic principles of the Curly Girl Method is actually avoiding 'harmful' ingredients and using many natural ingredients. Became curious? Read from our blog: Curly Girl Method: From A to Z.

      Schwarzkopf Professional also has a CG-approved product for your curls:Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Bouncy Curls. This is a curl strengthening for fine to medium hair. Your curls get a beautiful definition and bounce with more volume. It is also suitable for fine hair and does not feel sticky.


      Where can I share my experience with Schwarzkopf Professional products?

      In addition to the tutorials we mentioned in the previous question, you can also learn a lot from the experiences of others. How did they like the product, the texture, substance or perhaps the smell? You can leave reviews on our product pages. Of course every head of hair is different and everyone reacts differently to a product, but it's always nice to read through those reactions! An example:

      Schwarzkopf Osis+ Bouncy Curls (4.7/5 stars):

      ''Smells good, curls are beautifully wavy, not frizzy, easy to distribute in the hair and not sticky. I have thin hair with moderate curls."


      ''Fine gel and this packaging is fortunately CG-proof''

      Would you also like to leave a review? Which can! Then go to the product you want to write about and click on the button: Write your own review.


      Where can I ask my question about Schwarzkopf?

      We wish you a lot of fun shopping Schwarzkopf Professional at Haarspullen.nl. We ensure that your order, if you place it before 11.30 pm, is posted the same day. If you have an order of € 35 or more, your package will be shipped free of charge. You can also pay afterwards with us, which is of course always handy. If you have an urgent question, email or call our team. We are happy to help you in your search for the right products for your hair needs!