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      Breastfeeding is one of the most wonderful things you can experience when you become a mother. It often happens naturally, but that does not mean that things automatically go well for everyone. Fortunately, there are brands that focus specifically on this, with all the benefits for mother and baby! On this page you will find everything related to b Show more



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      Breastfeeding is one of the most wonderful things you can experience when you become a mother. It often happens naturally, but that does not mean that things automatically go well for everyone. Fortunately, there are brands that focus specifically on this, with all the benefits for mother and baby! On this page you will find everything related to breastfeeding. From pumping to colostrum injections. We want to help mothers to make breastfeeding as smooth as possible.

      What are breastfeeding must-haves?

      Actually, very little is needed for breastfeeding, which is why it is ideal. However, there are a number of products that make it a lot easier. Consider breast milk bags to store breast milk. But also nipple shields for when your little one has trouble gaping. What you find here is actually very diverse. However, everything you find here promotes the whole wonderful breastfeeding adventure :)


      Are there nipple creams or ointments that are safe to use while breastfeeding?

      A frequently asked question is about the ointments recommended for new breastfeeding mothers. Not very strange, because the nipple can become a bit sensitive due to breastfeeding. This mainly happens at the beginning of the special adventure. Of course, as a mother you don't want your little one to eat all kinds of toxic ingredients when he or she latches on again! Fortunately, the breastfeeding market is growing more and more, and above all, it is developing. It is time for everything to be safe again for mother and baby!

      For example, Attitude has developed a nipple cream that is non-toxic for your little one. That is the Attitude Nursing Cream . This nipple cream is odorless, which is very important, completely safe breastfeeding cream and therefore safe for the baby to take during feeding. The creamy nipple cream is quickly absorbed by the skin. It contains only natural ingredients and it protects the skin and promotes the healing process!



      Are there certain care products that I should avoid while breastfeeding?

      Perhaps you are becoming more and more aware and actually shocked by what is in 'care products'. You actually don't want this at all, and it is indeed often better to avoid certain care products that contain hormone disruptors, for example. You are no longer pregnant, but your baby is still drinking from you. Perhaps you are now looking for a nice body lotion or shampoo that really works well, but is NOT harmful to you as a mother and your baby. In that case, we recommend the Attitude brand and then Naïf . These are brands that are completely safe for the whole family, including during breastfeeding!

      Naïf is a Dutch brand, Attitude comes from Canada. Attitude has developed even further in the field of pregnancy and breastfeeding. They started out as a fire that developed safe cleaning products that were not harmful to the baby crawling around the house. Now years later they have grown HUGE. All their care products are recommended if you are breastfeeding. From their shampoo, hand soap to body lotion - for both mother and baby.


      How can I ensure that my baby does not ingest harmful substances through my skin care products while breastfeeding?

      As you could read above, we recommend two brands, Naïf and Attitude. We will give some 100% safe skin care products as a tip :)

      Attitude has safe body lotion, but they have even developed a body lotion especially for during pregnancy. This is therefore recommended if you are breastfeeding.

      Attitude Blooming Belly Natural Nourishing Lotion is a body lotion with natural ingredients that have all been tested and come from plants and minerals (if this is important to you). It is based on argan oil and Shea Butter, which means it nourishes and cares for your skin enormously.

      Attitude Nourishing & Strengthening Shampoo is an example of a shampoo they have developed. It contains only natural ingredients that have also been tested. Of course they have other shampoos for oily hair, for example.

      In order not to visit the entire range, we recommend that you look at the Attitude page yourself. They have shampoos, deodorant, body care and even safe detergents. But especially skin care products that you as a mother can use safely :)


      Is it safe to use nail polish, hair dye or other cosmetics while breastfeeding?

      These are sensible questions to ask. We have already answered above whether you can use other cosmetics during breastfeeding. Hair dye is possible and recommended - but if your gut feeling tells you that you don't want to do it, don't do it. Nail polish that is safe is also a good question. It's on your nails, so it can be absorbed too. Do you want to be on the safe side? Just buy a nail polish that is suitable for children. You're always in the right place! Just get creative, and if you have a daughter... she can also use the polish later ;) You immediately kill 2 birds with one stone. On the Children's Nail Polish page you will find no fewer than 52 colorsof children's nail polish that is safe for kids, including you and your baby :)


      Can I use deodorants or lotions while breastfeeding?

      Lotions that are ideal for breastfeeding can be found above, but it may also be useful to look at deodorants. Ultimately, of course, you decide for yourself. But if you are looking for a deodorant that does not contain aluminum, for example, then Attitude's natural deodorants are also highly recommended. No fuss, but effective. Of course, there are also other brands that are safe, but you would have to look into them yourself. Of course we don't sell everything ;)


      What kind of products do you have in your breastfeeding range?

      Now that we have gone a little deeper into breastfeeding, we now move on to the breastfeeding products that There are many different breastfeeding items that make the adventure easier, a few of them are highlighted below:

      HAAKAA breast pump 100ml is ideal for the first few weeks to collect milk during feeding. Especially in the beginning, it's nice to feed the breasts, it's a shame to throw them away! Afterwards, this breast pump can simply be used as a pump.

      HAAKAA Breast Milk Drip Trays are ideal if you have overproduction and you want to collect the white gold for storage. It also twists comfortably in your bra.

      HAAKAA Feeding Tube Set is a must have if breastfeeding is not going as well as you would like, but you are trying to get it going. For little ones who need some extra breast milk or have problems with latch.

      HAAKAA On the Go set ensures that you have everything with you when you are on the road. You can pump and you can save your golden breast milk! Really a must have.

      HAAKAA Washable Nursing Pads are the solution when a Breast Milk Draining Tray is just not possible. Imagine that you have a presentation at the office, and you might prefer nursing pads instead of drip trays ;)


      Where can I ask my questions about breastfeeding related items?

      You may have read all the information above, but you still have a question. Or you would like help with a specific breastfeeding product. You can contact our lovely team for this. You can contact our team with all your questions, and we will try to help you as best as possible in your breastfeeding adventure :) And if we really don't know something, we will simply let you know. As we said, we really want to help you ♡ You can ask your question via [email protected] or if you prefer direct contact with us, you can call us on 038-4582584 . Our team is available on office days, because on weekends they are relaxing with their own family :)


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