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      Pregnant, baby & child

      Care for baby and child , an important part for every mother who comes back every day :) Our babies and children are pure and we would like to keep it that way. We do everything we can to keep our sons and daughters pure, care products are an important part of this. We no longer just smear anything on sinful babies and children. Every day we become Show more


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      Care for baby and child , an important part for every mother who comes back every day :) Our babies and children are pure and we would like to keep it that way. We do everything we can to keep our sons and daughters pure, care products are an important part of this. We no longer just smear anything on sinful babies and children. Every day we become more aware of what we use. We're going all the way back, back to basics, as it should be. Just real.


      What are the top 3 best baby care of 2024?

      The best top 3 baby care obviously depends on what your guidelines are. For us, the top 3 best baby care products that are not harmful to the little one and are an absolute must have for moms (to be!) So the best of both worlds!

      1. Attitude Deep Moisturizing Oatmeal Cream - A cream that is extra soothing due to the added oatmeal to this delicious baby cream. Hydrates, softens and nourishes and is suitable for the most sensitive skin.
      2. Naïf Soothing Baby Oil- baby skin can be a bit dry, because the skin is still developing. This means that the use of natural oils can be recommended to support the natural process and development of the skin.
      3. Attitude Baby Leavens 2in1 Shampoo Pear/Nectar- this harmful-free 2 in 1 set for kids is not only 100% safe to use, it also saves time for your child! They just want to play, so this saves a lot of washing!


      What are the top 3 child care providers of 2024?

      The best top 3 child care of 2024 can also be very different, due to the guidelines used when drawing up a top 3. We are very clear about this, the child care must be free of all (possible) harmful ingredients and there must be active components. Of course, it must also be easy to use. 

      1. Attitude Little Leaves 2-in Watermelon/Coconut Shampoo
      2. Attitude Watermelon/Coconut Detangler Spray
      3. Attitude Body Lotion Pear/Nectar



      What are both top 3 care products based on?

      We look at the safety of ingredients when it comes to baby products and children's products. We check all the ingredients of the products and check whether they are harmful, or safe for our little ones. We also look at the active ingredients, these are ingredients that actually do something. Based on this we decide to sell a brand.

      Would you like to know more about which ingredients you should pay attention to when purchasing, and actually everything related to purchasing safe baby products? Then we would like to refer you to our very extensive article " What to look out for when purchasing baby care "

      Which baby care is natural?

      All baby care from Naïf and Attitude Living contain natural ingredients. In addition, testing  Naïf makes from tested and approved ingredients that are not harmful. Attitude has everything tested by independent scientists and dermatologists, but they also have their products tested by parents .

      So you can use everything from both the Naïf and Attitude brands. Attitude originated as harmful free cleaning products and has been developed into a household name worldwide!


      Is the smell of Attitude and Naïf harmful?

      Although Attitude has developed a line for the most sensitive baby skin, both Attitude and Naïf also have fragrances in their products. And we can immediately say that these are not harmful. We have of course learned that perfume is bad, because synthetic perfume has always been used. However, years have passed and there are now several brands that are aware of people and the environment. The scents that are now used are therefore natural. This means that they come from the actual flower and that the way in which this scent is extracted is also done without chemical additives. The scent in it is therefore not harmful to your little one, pregnant or adult.


      Which baby care is without perfume?

      Before we move on to 'fragrance-free' baby care, it is important to know that it is rather fragrance-free. All baby care from Naïf and Attitude do not contain perfume, but they do contain natural scents that have been created in a natural way. 

      You can't go wrong with Attitude in particular because they also avoid natural ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in rare cases. Please note, these are exceptions. This makes it clear that you can use Attitude with a natural scent without an allergic reaction occurring in a healthy baby. 

      If you would rather stock up on fragrance-free baby care, we recommend the following baby care:


      What are absolute must-haves when it comes to baby care?

      If you are a mom to be, it can be extremely confusing as to what you really need at home. There are lists everywhere, and some people like this and others hate it. That is why it is necessary to go back to the basics and see what is really needed now and that comes before the next thing. 

      Butt cream - is an absolute must have. Whether you like it or not, it can prevent your little one from getting dry skin or red bottoms. That is why it is important that you always have a butt cream at home! 

      Baby oil or cream is also a must have, again because of dry baby skin. 

      Naïf Milky Bath Oil is an absolute must have for your little one. Your little one does not really need to be washed with a body wash/shampoo, water is sufficient. However, water can dry out the skin, especially in a baby. A baby's skin is not yet fully developed, so it is advisable to add a few drops of oil to the water. This way you remove any dirt from the skin or hair, but at the same time the skin is protected. 

      You can of course wash the skin with something, but that is absolutely not necessary for the little ones. That is why we recommend this harmful-free and nourishing Bath Oil. 

      Which Mommy Essentials are safe for the whole family?

      It is often the case that your little one wants to use the same thing as you. Then you obviously want this to be safe for your son or daughter. You can have two different care products, but this does not always work and it is not always necessary. In other words, save money and space in the bathroom! We have a list for you of Mommy Essentials that are safe for the whole family. From pure oils, curl care to natural sun protection. If you want to learn more, we recommend you read the article “ Mommy Essentials That Are Safe for the Whole Family ”!


      What are absolute must haves in the field of child care?

      Kids are made to play, so they want to play. Being busy showering and cleaning is not what they want, but playing in the shower or in the bath is. That is why it is highly recommended to use a 2in1 shampoo/body wash. Just wash it once and you're done, time to continue playing. That's what kids want. Of course, this 2in1 Shampoo/Bodywash must be harmful-free and caring for the skin and hair.

      Does your son or daughter have long hair? Then it is advisable to use a Hair Detangler , simply spray it after showering and allow it to be absorbed. It's that simple.


      Do you also have products for caring for my child's curls?

      We certainly have that, but these are hair care products for adults. Below are extremely popular curl care that is 98% natural. However, it does contain perfume, so you are aware of this if you have difficulty with this. Banana hair food . This is extremely nourishing for the curls. You can use it as a mask, leave-in or as a conditioner, again multi-purpose.

      In addition, there is another absolute curl cream must have and that is the Aloe Vera Air-dry . This is free from parabens, silicones and sulphates, but it does contain some other lesser ingredients. However, if you only put it in the hair, the curls after washing will not penetrate into the skin. In addition, if you have to choose, this is one of the better curl creams with better ingredients. 


      Do baby care and children's products contain parabens and sulphates?

      No, all baby care and children's products are free of parabens and sulphates. This concerns the brands that have been specially developed for children and babies, these are Attitude and Naïf .  Only tested (natural) ingredients are used. Attitude even has everything independently tested by scientists and dermatologists. If you would like to know more about parabens, we would like to refer you to the article " Everything you need to know about parabens ". If you would like to know more about sulphates, we would like to refer you to the article " Everything you need to know about sulphates ".


      Are there vegan baby care products or children's products?

      Perhaps you are looking for harmful-free baby care or child care, but you prefer vegan care. Both Naïf and Attitude are officially cruelty and vegan free. This means that no ingredients of animal origin have been used or tested on animals. So if you prefer vegan care, you can't go wrong with either brand!


      Which detergents are 100% safe for both babies and children?

      Washing and baby clothes and of course children's clothes go hand in hand. We do some washing up as mothers, but secretly it is also quite satiating. Wonderful smelling clothing that is clean again, but you have to keep in mind that it is completely safe and does not contain any chemical or harmful ingredients. Huh, but can laundry smell good and still be completely safe? Certainly! However, then you are dealing with real natural, added scents that have been 'pulled' in a harmless way. Of course, there is also perfume-free detergent that does not contain any harmful ingredients, such as the well-known NEUTRAL 0% perfume. This much recommended detergent contains 0% perfume and 0% dyes, but it contains proteins that remain in the clothes, which you don't want for your little one.

      The question then of course is which detergent is completely safe! That was a question we also had and we looked for a brand that makes everything completely safe, even for the little ones. And that is Attitude detergent and fabric softener! Everything is completely safe from Attitude, but they once started with completely safe cleaning products for the family at home, precisely because babies start crawling and touching everything and then putting their hands in their mouths.


      Attitude Detergent Peach/Nectar

      Attitude Fabric Softener Peach/Nectar

      Attitude Detergent Fragrance-free

      Attitude Fabric Softener Perfume Free



      Is there also a stain remover that is 100% safe for babies, but also for children?

      Stain removers are actually always discouraged, because they always use bleach and other chemical ingredients. Besides the fact that it is not good for an adult, it is certainly not good for a baby whose skin is not yet complete. Everything that comes on a baby's skin is much more absorbed and then enters the bloodstream. Just a few examples of what to avoid:

      • Bleaching agents
      • Perfume
      • Dyes
      • Alcohol ethoxylate
      • Etc.


      The question is of course which stain remover is safe, and not just a little one with a nice marketing text "0% perfume", but also a stain remover that is free of all potentially harmful ingredients.

      Then you end up with the ultimate stain remover from Attitude! The Attitude Stain Remover Perfume Free . This stain remover is not only 100% safe, it also actually cleans the worst stains in baby clothes such as breast milk and poop stains. In addition to the Attitude Stain Remover, the sun is of course the ideal bleach for baby clothes and children's clothes, okay and the clothes for yourself ;) The combination of the two is actually ideal!



      Do you have any additional tips for baby care for dry skin?

      Dry baby skin is not what we want. We want to keep pure baby skin pure with pure baby care. We want to help dry baby skin recover as quickly as possible through supportive natural baby care that promotes the natural process.

      We have written a special article where we give you plenty of tips and where we answer 15 frequently asked questions. Read now:

      " Dry baby skin: 15 questions answered + 25 tips "


      Where can I ask my question about the Baby & Child Care department?

      Perhaps you have gone through everything, but you still have an urgent question. That is almost impossible, since there is so much to stock up on for the most important thing there is - a baby and a child ♡ We are happy to help you on this special path! So ask your question to our lovely team, we will be happy to help you :) We prefer that you wait a while before ordering and know exactly what you want, than that you, as a mother, get stuck in your hair and just order something. A waste of money, isn't it ;) You can ask your question via [email protected], but we can also be reached by telephone on office days, so you can spar with us directly :) We can be reached on 038-4582584