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      Happy Soaps

      HappySoaps develops 100% plastic-free, environmentally friendly cosmetic products such as Shampoo Bars, Body Bars and hair soap. With a very strong vision of a plastic-free cosmetics market, this brand distinguishes itself from most brands. Not a single product is packaged with plastic and not a gram of plastic is used during the production process Show more


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      HappySoapsdevelops 100% plastic-free, environmentally friendly cosmetic products such as Shampoo Bars, Body Bars and hair soap. With a very strong vision of a plastic-free cosmetics market, this brand distinguishes itself from most brands. Not a single product is packaged with plastic and not a gram of plastic is used during the production process and storage. HappySoaps is a fresh, cheerful and accessible brand for everyone! HappySoaps stands for producing environmentally friendly, sustainable products, and it shows! All products are formulated with natural ingredients. Who wouldn't want a plastic-free bathroom? In addition to that, HappySoaps has a wide range of products, for example, they have Shampoo & Body Bars, Lipbalms, but also Shampoo Bars for Dogs! Are you curious about which other HappySoaps products there are, and what the benefits are? Then read on quickly!


      What is the idea behind HappySoaps?

      The founders of HappySoaps have always been amazed that the shelves with care products are full of plastic packaging. Because whether you buy a shampoo, shower gel or conditioner, you always get a huge plastic packaging. They decided that this could be done better and founded HappySoaps in June 2019. A cheerful, fresh and accessible care brand for everyone. All products are a plastic-free and consciously sustainable choice. They do not use an ounce of plastic for production, not even during storage or shipping! The products are kind to animals and the planet: no palm oil, vegan and no mess!


      Where are HappySoaps products made?

      All HappySoaps products are lovingly handmade in their own soap shop. They have deliberately chosen to establish it in the Netherlands, because they consider it important to keep the CO2 footprint as small as possible by avoiding unnecessary travel kilometers. By producing in the Netherlands, they also know exactly which ingredients are in the products.


      Are the HappySoaps Shampoo Bars more expensive than a normal shampoo bottle?

      We often get the question whether HappySoaps Shampoo Bars are more expensive than a normal shampoo bottle. The answer to this is no: they are actually cheaper! One Shampoo Bar lasts 90 to 110 washes and is therefore equivalent to 3 to 4 plastic shampoo bottles. That is good for you, the environment and your wallet!


      Which products does HappySoaps have?

      HappySoaps has developed an incredibly wide range of fine, conscious, plastic-free products. To give you a clearer overview of which products are currently available, we have listed them below for you!

      Shampoo Bars -With a wide range of 100% (micro) plastic-free, vegan and natural Shampoo Bars, there is a suitable Shampoo Bar for every hair type! Whether you are looking for acurl shampoo, avolume shampoo,silver shampooor ananti-dandruff shampoo, HappySoaps has it for you. Converted, the Bars are also a lot cheaper than the traditional shampoos. One Shampoo Bar is equal to 3 to 4 plastic shampoo bottles. Good for you, your wallet and the planet!

      Conditioner Bars -The Conditioner Bars from HappySoaps are the alternative to the traditional, polluting plastic conditioner bottle. The Conditioner Bar makes your hair wonderfully soft and ensures that it falls well. For an optimal hair day, every day! Thanks to the smart composition of natural ingredients, your hair is effectively and thoroughly cared for. The Conditioner Bars are again available for every hair type.

      Body Wash Bars -From now on you don't have to carry around environmentally unfriendly shower and shower gel bottles anymore. In addition, the bars are easy to take with you on a trip in your hand luggage! These wonderfully scented Body Wash Bars are free of plastic, palm oil, SLS and parabens. A conscious, tasty and cheerful choice!

      Body Lotion Bar -For velvety soft skin! With these plastic-free and natural Body Lotion Bars you can take care of, soften and hydrate your skin. The Body Lotion Bars are handmade in the Netherlands, palm oil free and vegan. These fine Body Lotion Bars are available in 6 variants. For a happy skin!

      Body Oil Bar -With these delicious Body Oil Bars you can ensure supple and smooth skin in no time. Packed with natural ingredients such as almond oil and macadamia oil. The Body Oil Bars are very suitable as a massage oil. A wonderfully scented oil, without the polluting plastic bottle. Available in 4 delicious scents.

      Shaving Bars -The plastic-free replacement for shaving cream, shaving gel or shaving soap! With these Bars you will have smooth, hair-free legs in no time. The nourishing, pH-neutral and pleasantly scented shaving cream is easy to use and long-lasting. Of course, the Shaving Bars are 100% (micro)plastic-free, vegan, free of palm oil and handmade in the Netherlands!

      Deodorant -Delicious deodorants with the best natural ingredients for effective protection against sweat. You no longer need polluting traditional deodorant cans and you can easily take them with you in your bag due to the compact size!

      Facial Cleanser Bars -The plastic facial cleansers can go out! These cheerful Facial Cleanser Bars from HappySoaps contain no chemical rubbish, polluting packaging or palm oil. This is a better, happier and healthier alternative. Suitable for all skin types and make-up removal. These Bars are available in 6 delicious varieties. Wash your face effectively and cheerfully!

      Lipbalm -With the natural ingredients in this Lipbalm, your lips are effectively cared for and softened, just as effective as a normal plastic lip balm. This way you save a lot of plastic packaging. Our variant also contains 10 ml, so you can enjoy it for a long time!

      Hand and Foot Cream Bars -With the Hand and Foot Cream Bars you give your hands and feet optimal care and softening. Completely plastic-free and full of natural ingredients!

      Baby & Kids Care -A cheerful product line for babies and children of all ages. These soft bars wash and care for your little one's skin and hair like no other. Doesn't sting the eyes, so you can wash your child's hair with confidence. The product line for children is again 100% plastic-free, contains no palm oil and is handmade in the Netherlands. Super fun to give as a (maternity) gift!

      Dog Shampoo Bars -With the Dog Shampoo Bars you give your dog a wonderful wash. The Shampoo Bars get even the dirtiest fur completely clean again! For a Happy Dog!

      Bath Bombs -Take some time for yourself! Enjoy an intensely scented and sparkling bath with the HappySoaps Bath Bombs. Despite the small size, you can fill a bath with cheerful and tasty bubbles with just one or two plastic-free Bath Bombs. Available in 8 scents to vary wonderfully!

      Travel Wash Bars -With the 3-in-1 Travel Wash Bars you are also fully equipped on holiday. The Bar is namely a Shampoo, Body Wash and Shaving Bar in 1! Thanks to the handy size, you can easily take the Bar with you and you no longer have to worry about liquid rules and leaking bottles.

      Hand soap -Hand soap the HappySoaps way. 100% (micro) plastic free, handmade in the Netherlands and free of palm oil. In 6 delicious scent combinations, available in 2 sizes!

      Sunscreen -Plastic-free tanning! With these Sunscreen Sticks you can protect and consciously enjoy the sun. The sunscreen comes in a super handy oval stick packaging so that you are always and everywhere protected against the sun, without leaking bottles. The sunscreen Sticks are 100% natural, vegan, ocean friendly, 100% mineral sun filters and handmade in the Netherlands with love. Available with S PF20 , SPF30 and SPF50 !

      Gift boxes -Skip the unnecessary plastic gift boxes! Many of these sets are given as gifts to loved ones every year. A shame, because the HappySoaps Bars are a lot better than the plastic alternative. The Gift boxes and the products they contain are 100% (micro) plastic free, not an ounce of plastic is used for the production, storage and shipping of these cheerful gift boxes. This is how you give someone (or yourself) a conscious and tasty gift!

      Cleaning products - Did you know that HappySoaps also has everything for a plastic-free household? If we go for a plastic-free bathroom, we might as well make our entire house as plastic-free as possible! There are various cleaning agents such as a kitchen cleaner , sanitary cleaner or all-purpose cleaner , and all completely plastic-free! Do you have an annoying (grease) stain in your clothes? Even then HappySoaps is ready for you with a powerful stain soap .

      Accessories - In addition to all the delicious care products, HappySoaps has also added various accessories to the range that allow you to get the most out of your favorite HappySoaps product. For example, choose a handy storage tin or soap holder so that your bar lasts even longer. Are you looking for a nice facial sponge , exfoliating glove or a washing-up brush ? You name it, HappySoaps has it!


      I have a question about HappySoaps?

      Are you not sure which product to go for, or do you have a question about your order? We are always ready to assist you. Send an extensive email with your question to[email protected]and our customer service will help you find an answer. You might also like tofollow us on Instagram, where we share handy inspirational posts, tips and tricks every day!

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