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      Joico InnerJoi

      Joico InnerJoi is an exclusive hair care line designed to strengthen your hair from within for more beautiful and healthier hair. The InnerJoi products have been developed to support the natural balance of your hair and make it healthy, shiny and resilient. Joico InnerJoi hair care consists of natural formulas that are free of sulfates, parabens an Show more


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      Sea Salt Spray
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      Hydrate Detangler
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      Preserve Protective Milk
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      Joico InnerJoi is an exclusive hair care line designed to strengthen your hair from within for more beautiful and healthier hair. The InnerJoi products have been developed to support the natural balance of your hair and make it healthy, shiny and resilient. Joico InnerJoi hair care consists of natural formulas that are free of sulfates, parabens and silicones, vegan and cruelty-free. In addition, the products are packaged in a sustainable way. The wide range includes hair care for every hair type so that everyone can enjoy the benefits! Take care of your hair responsibly thanks to Joico.


      What does Joico InnerJoi stand for?

      Actually, the name says it all: InnerJoi stands for the inner joy and strength that comes from healthy and radiant hair. In addition, Joico InnerJoi is more than just a hair care line, it offers natural and responsible products that stand for balance and harmony. The hair care is designed to support the natural balance of your hair. This is done with high-quality, natural ingredients. Sustainability, health and animal welfare are important factors when we talk about harmony and balance. This is reflected in InnerJoi's formulas, which are 100% vegan and Cruelty free, contain no harmful substances and are packaged in recycled packaging to combat the plastic soup.


      For which hair problem does Joico InnerJoi offer the solution?

      Joico's InnerJoi lineis a hair care line that consists of several sub-lines to meet the needs of different hair types. Each hair type is unique and therefore has unique needs. InnerJoi offers hair care with a clear conscience, the products are vegan, cruelty-free and packaged in recycled packaging. In addition, the formulas are as natural as possible and do not contain any harmful ingredients. This results in mild formulas without sulphates and parabens, which are therefore also very suitable for people with a sensitive scalp. Joico InnerJoi offers hair care to hydrate the hair, especially for colored hair, to strengthen fragile hair and various styling products.

      What are the main features of Joico InnerJoi?

      Quickly discover whether Joico InnerJoi is suitable for you by reading the most important features of the Joico InnerJoi line below:

      • Natural hair care
      • Protects the hair against harmful external influences such as heat, pollution and chemical treatments.
      • Suitable for all hair types: Consists of different sub-lines designed for different hair types and solving different hair problems.
      • Strengthens the hair
      • Repairs damaged hair
      • Stimulates healthy hair growth
      • Hydrates and nourishes the hair from within
      • For soft, healthy and shiny hair without frizz
      • Reduces color fading
      • Protects hair color
      • Mild formulas
      • Free from: Silicones, Parabens, Gluten, SLS/SLES Sulfates, Mineral Oils and Phthalates
      • Recycled packaging
      • Safe to use on colored hair
      • With 86-98% natural ingredients
      • Durable
      • Vegan
      • Cruelty Free


      What hair products does the Joico InnerJoi range consist of?

      Joico InnerJoi offers a complete hair care routine that is free from harmful ingredients and consists of 86-98% natural ingredients. BecauseJoicowants to be there for everyone and therefore for every hair type, Joico has developed various lines that are specially designed for specific hair types. We have briefly highlighted them below:


      InnerJoi Preserve

      For everyone with colored hair. Helps keep the hair color vibrant for a long time and promotes the condition of the hair.

      • Joico Preserve Color Shampoo- specially designed to protect and strengthen colored hair. This gentle, sulfate-free formula cleanses the hair without fading the color, while protecting against harmful external influences. For radiant and vibrantly colored hair, every day.
      • Joico Preserve Color Conditioner- hydrates and nourishes colored hair, leaving it soft, smooth and frizz-free. This conditioner helps maintain hair color and extends the life of your color treatments.
      • Joico Preserve Protective Milk- is a lightweight leave-in treatment that protects colored hair from heat and pollution. It provides extra protection against color fading and makes hair smooth and manageable. Perfect for daily use to protect and strengthen your colored hair.


      InnerJoi Strengthen

      Specially developed to repair and strengthen damaged and weak hair so that it looks healthy again and prevents future hair breakage.

      • Joico Strengthen Shampoo- formulated to strengthen and repair weak and damaged hair. This revitalizing shampoo thoroughly cleanses the hair while repairing and strengthening the natural protein structure. For stronger and more resilient hair that breaks less quickly.
      • Joico Strengthen Masque- an intensive hair mask that penetrates deep into the hair shaft to repair and strengthen damaged hair. This powerful treatment provides deep hydration and helps improve hair elasticity. For healthy, strong and shiny hair.
      • Joico Strengthen Conditioner- nourishes and strengthens the hair, leaving it soft, smooth and frizz-free. This conditioner helps repair damaged hair and reduces the risk of hair breakage.


      InnerJoi Hydrate

      Dry, unruly or curly hair often needs more hydration. The natural ingredients

      • Joico Hydrate Shampoo- a moisturizing formula that thoroughly cleanses the hair while restoring moisture balance. This mild shampoo hydrates dry and thirsty hair, leaving it soft and shiny. For optimally hydrated hair that looks and feels healthy.
      • Joico Hydrate Conditioner- provides intense hydration and nourishment for dry hair. This rich conditioner leaves hair soft, smooth and frizz-free, while deeply moisturizing. For radiant and healthy hair that feels wonderful.
      • Joico Hydrate Detangler- is a lightweight spray that detangles and hydrates the hair. This leave-in treatment leaves hair soft and manageable, while providing deep hydration. Perfect for daily use to effortlessly care for dry and tangled hair.


      Joico InnerJoi Styling

      InnerJoi's styling products are formulated with mild formulas without harmful ingredients. This also makes the products very suitable for sensitive scalps.

      • Joico Sea Salt Spray- gives your hair texture and volume for an effortless, beachy look. This spray contains sea salt that creates natural waves and texture without drying out the hair. For a casual, defined style that lasts all day.
      • Joico Blowout Creme- protects your hair from heat during blow-drying and provides a smooth, silky finish. This light cream provides heat protection up to 230°C and makes the hair smooth and frizz-free. For a perfect, salon-worthy blowout that looks fantastic and lasts.


      What does joico InnerJoi do about Sustainability?

      Joicois committed to sustainability and uses environmentally friendly packaging and production methods. The InnerJoi line contributes to a smaller ecological footprint.


      Do Joico InnerJoi products contain sulphates and parabens?

      No, the Joico InnerJoi products are free of sulphates and parabens, which means they are gentle on your hair and scalp. They are designed to protect your hair without harmful chemicals. For example, the products do not contain gluten, silicones, mineral oils or phthalates.


      Choose Clean Beauty with Joico InnerJoi

      Joico InnerJoi meets the conditions of Clean Beauty. The hair care consists of as many natural ingredients as possible and is free of substances that can be harmful to the health of humans, animals or nature. The formulas are 100% vegan & cruelty free and packaged in recycled bottles. In addition, the formulas are free of sulphates, parabens, silicones, gluten, mineral oils and phthalates.


      Is Joico InnerJoi CG-proof?

      Joico❤ all the curly girls andis therefore completely CG-proof, which means that the products are suitable for the Curly Girl Method. They do not contain any ingredients that can be harmful to your curls. Would you like to learn more about the CG Method and what it exactly entails? We got you! With ourextensive blogyou will learn everything about the CG Method.


      Where can I ask my question about Joico InnerJoi?

      Do you have any questions about Joico InnerJoi hair care or would you like advice from a professional? Please contact our beauty experts at [email protected] . You can also contact us by telephone during office hours on 038-4582584. Are you curious about whatelseJoico has to offer? Then visit theJoicobrand page on our website for more information about the different hair care lines thatJoicooffers for every hair type and hair problem.