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      A good lipstick can complete your make-up look. Finding a lip product that completely suits your needs, on the other hand, can be quite a challenge. There is (fortunately) a lot of choice, because lipstick is offered in all kinds, colors and sizes. If you have finally found the perfect lipstick, you naturally want it to stay on your lips all day lo Show more


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      A goodlipstickcan complete your make-up look. Finding a lip product that completely suits your needs, on the other hand, can be quite a challenge. There is (fortunately) a lot of choice, because lipstick is offered in all kinds, colors and sizes. If you have finally found the perfect lipstick, you naturally want it to stay on your lips all day long. You can read below which lipstick suits you best and how you can enjoy your lipstick for as long as possible.


      Why add lipstick to your makeup look?

      Lips are truly one of the beauties of your face, regardless of shape or thickness! Just like eyelashes, eyebrows and cheekbones, there are all kinds of ways to accentuate your lips.


      If you like a statement look, lipstick is probably your thing. With lipstick you can give your make-up look something extra or make your look more playful. But even if you prefer a natural make-up look, you can easily add a beautiful nude lipstick to your look! Lipstick often creates a well-groomed appearance and by choosing the right color you can accentuate other aspects of your face, such as your eye color. In addition, you can of course cheat with a lipstick with the thickness of your lips so that they look fuller.


      How does lipstick last the longest?

      It is really super annoying if your lipstick stains or fades, you want to avoid this completely. The quality of the lipstick plays a major role in this, but there are also a number of tips & tricks that ensure that your lipstick stays on your lips longer. We have listed all tips & tricks for you so that you can enjoy your favorite lipstick even longer:


      • First of all: take good care of your lips! If your lips are healthy and well moisturized, any lip makeup product will stick to your lips longer.
      • Use a lip liner to prevent stains and smears, with a lip liner you put your lipstick "trapped", as it were.
      • Use a primer before applying the lipstick. This can also be a foundation. A popularlip primeris MAC's. Thislip primeralso helps to take care of your lips.
      • Of course it always helps to order your food / drinks a little handy when you're sitting on a terrace. Straws are amust.
      • Set your lipstick by nibbling on a tissue. This way you remove excess product.
      • Apply a transparent loose or solid powder over your lipstick. This makes your lip look extra matte.
      • Setting Sprayis the key!


      What types of lipsticks are there?

      Lipsticks come in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes. It's best to divide lipstick into three different categories, otherwise you'll keep going. These are: matte, liquid & cream. You can also distinguish between durability, coverage, shine, finish and of course the color. Actually, every lip product is suitable for everyone, but this depends on which effect you like better and what works better for you. Do you like a matte finish, or do you prefer a glossy result? Do you want your lip color to cover super well, or do you like it better if the color is more transparent and does not cover your entire lips? Liquid lipstick is a bit more difficult to apply than a cream lipstick. Each lipstick has different properties:


      Characteristics of a cream lipstick:

      • Creamy substance
      • Apply fine
      • Soft appearance
      • Feels soft on the lips
      • The most common
      • Intensely pigmented or a soft color


      Characteristics of a matte lipstick:

      • Matte finish instead of glossy
      • Drier substance
      • Covering, well pigmented
      • Suitable for everyday & evening look
      • Accentuates well
      • Often long-lasting


      Characteristics of a liquid lipstick:

      • Liquid substance (just like lip gloss)
      • Matte or glossy finish
      • Dries (almost completely).
      • Works best on moisturized lips
      • Top if you like extra glossy
      • Remarkable


      Which lipstick color suits me?

      First of all, it is important that you simply wear a color that you like! But are you curious about which color is best for your face? Then we are happy to help you on your way! To start with, we'll see if a warm or cool shade suits you. It is best to first look at yourself, for example, what colors of clothes you are wearing.


      Pale skin, possibly freckles, light eyes, blond, reddish or light brown hair:
      Warm, autumnal tones.


      Pale sun-sensitive skin, peach skin, brown/green eyes, brown/red hair:
      Dark red, coral, apricot, orange, peach and a brownish red.


      An olive brown, dark, southern skin or snow white alabaster white complexion. The eye color is random, the hair usually dark:
      Cold Blue and purple tones, deep red, pink and soft pink lipstick, such as rosewood, raspberry or mother-of-pearl.


      Do you like anatural lookand do you want your lip make-up not to stand out? Then it is best to choose a lip color that comes closest to your own lip color. This way you create a natural definition to your lips.


      How do I apply lipstick?

      Step 1: Moisturize your lips before applying lipstick. You can do this with your day cream, a balm or a lip primer.

      Step 2: If you want to make extra tight lines, you can purchase a lip brushbefore applying lipstick , so you can apply your lipstick even more precisely!

      Step 3: To create fuller lips, you can use a lip liner before applying the lipstick. You apply a lip liner to the contours of your lips. The lip liner also ensures that your lipstick stays in place better and it looks tighter.

      Step 4: Apply something like a 'primer'. There are several special lip primers, but you can also use foundation or lip liner as a primer.

      Step 5: Apply the lipstick. If you want, you can apply a lip gloss over your lipstick for a glossy finish!


      Which lipstick is good for dry lips?

      Do you suffer from dry lips? Or that your lips look like raisins at the end of the day when you wear lipstick? It is important that you take good care of your lips with a lip balm & lip scrub. In addition, it is best to use a cream lipstick. Cream lipsticks often have a nourishing formula and have the best result on dry lips. Give your lips a break from lipstick every now and then :)


      Which lipsticks does Haarspullen have in its range?

      We have a wide range of lipsticks at Haarspullen. Natural colours, statement colours, something for everyone! Below are a few favourites:


      Max Factor Lipfinity Liquid Color Lipstick- This liquid lipstick has an intense, classic color with a velvet finish. The long lasting result makes the lipstick perfect for a night out!

      Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Mat- With these sensational colors you can give your make-up look a boost! The lipstick has a matte finish and super high pigmentation.

      MAC Matte Velvet Teddy Lipstick- This MAC lipstick is very popular because of its beautiful neutral color. The lipstick has a matte finish, but a moisturizing effect. This makes the lipstick feel nourishing on your lips.


      Where can I ask my question about lipstick?

      Do you have any questions or doubts about which lipstick is right for you? The Haarspullen team is happy to assist you! You can reach us by phone on weekdays, or send an email to [email protected] . Also check outthis pageabout lip makeup, you might find your answer here!


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