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      A good mascara is the foundation of any look. That is why we at Haarspullen have a wide range of mascaras from different brands, such as Maybelline, MAC, Max Factor, Loreal Paris and Bourjois. Mascara brushes come in many shapes and sizes. Firstly, there is a distinction between rubber brushes and bristled brushes, and there are also straight and c Show more


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      A good mascara is the foundation of any look. That is why we at Haarspullen have a wide range of mascaras from different brands, such as Maybelline, MAC, Max Factor, Loreal Paris and Bourjois. Mascara brushes come in many shapes and sizes. Firstly, there is a distinction between rubber brushes and bristled brushes, and there are also straight and curved brushes, and large and small ones. It can sometimes be difficult to select the right one for your lashes. We explain these properties in detail with the different mascaras.

      Mascara is the most discussed product and of course it should not be missing in your make-up stash. Below you will find more information about mascara and you can see which mascara suits you best. Find out which mascara brush best suits your lashes :)


      What is mascara?

      Mascara is one of the most famous make-up products. The liquid helps to accentuate the eyelashes. The lashes lengthen and make your eyes look bigger. Mascara is available in different colors, the most common colors are black and brown. Waterproof mascara is perfect for a day at the pool or during a festival with bad weather;) The mascara lasts longer and ensures that your mascara will not run. If you want to know more about this must-have in your make-up routine, read on!


      How do you use mascara?

      The easiest way to apply the mascara is to move the brush back and forth several times from the roots of the lashes. Do this up to the end of your lashes, this will ensure that your entire lashes contain mascara and create the perfect volume. Try to brush through the roots of your eyelashes extra well. This ensures that your eyelashes are brought up and your eyelashes look a lot longer. By holding the brush a little longer in the middle of your eyelashes, you create the perfect push for the curl in your eyelash. If there is still some mascara above you or under your eyes, easily remove it with a cotton swab and some remover.


      What different mascara brushes are there?

      There are different types of mascara brushes, below we will go through all the brushes:

      Rubber mascarabrush - The rubber brush extends the lashes. The rubber mascara brush where the teeth are further apart provide a natural look. Due to the rubber hairs, no mascara will get stuck in your brush. Your eyelashes are well taken to create a nice length.

      Hairymascara brush - The hairy mascara brushes provide a natural look. Your lashes are still full of volume :) The hairy brush ensures that the mascara can be easily absorbed and releases enough mascara.

      Thick and thin brush -There is also a difference between a thick and a thin mascara brush. If you have short lashes, it is wise to use a thin brush. With the thin / short brush you can easily reach your eyelash. This gives you the perfect curl and your eyelash is provided with mascara.A thick mascara brush provides a lot of volume and is highly recommended if you have long eyelashes. Still, it is difficult to get to the roots with the large brush. It is therefore very important to take a good look at which brush suits you.

      Curved (round) mascarabrush - The round brush perfectly grabs every lash. It bends precisely around your eyelashes. The brush also releases a lot of mascara because it can absorb the mascara well. This ensures the perfect volume!


      Which brush suits your eyelashes best?

      There are many types of mascara brushes, each brush also has its own effect. It is therefore smart to take a good look at which brush best suits your eyelashes.

      Straight forward eyelashes -For straight forward eyelashes it is best to use a curved mascara brush. This ensures the perfect curl in your eyelashes.The round brush ensures that every eyelash is caught and you can easily reach the base of the eyelashes.

      Thin eyelashes- Do you suffer from thin eyelashes and do you want thick, full eyelashes? Then it is best to choose a mascara brush with hairy, long hairs (so no rubber). The long hairs give off extra mascara that want to make your lashes fuller again and the length of the hairs ensures that every eyelash is embraced. This way you do not suffer from sticky eyelashes and your eyelashes remain nicely separated.

      Sticky eyelashes -Sticky eyelashes are very annoying, but luckily there is a solution for that! Use a rubber brush with the combs close together. As a result, each hair is taken separately and your eyelashes remain separate. Must-have!

      Short eyelashes - If you have short eyelashes, it is useful to choose a brush that is not too thick. If you have a thin brush, you can easily reach your lash roots. In this case you can choose whether you go for a hairy or rubber brush.

      Long lashes- Everyone's dream! Everyone wants long lashes, of course. If you have this naturally, you are very lucky. We recommend that you choose a brush with long lashes that is long and has rubber bristles. The rubber hairs will separate your lashes and extend them beautifully.


      What is the difference between "regular" mascara and waterproof mascara?

      You know it: you are fresh and fruity on the bike and you have just done your make-up and of course… it starts to rain hard.

      What now? Waterproof mascara is the perfect solution! This allows you to handle a rain shower and your mascara also stays in place perfectly. Waterproof mascara stays well on the eyelashes and can therefore not be removed with water. The mascara can remain on your eyelashes and damage your eyelashes. Which mascara do you go for? Waterproof mascara or '' regular '' mascara?


      How long can I use mascara?

      Do you still have a forgotten mascara somewhere? Unfortunately you can only keep the brush. With this you can easily brush through your eyelashes, Lifehack;) You can use your mascara 12 to 16 weeks after it has been opened. This is because all active ingredients in the mascara can dry out. By removing your brush from your mascara every time, bacteria will enter the mascara. You do not have to worry about the bacteria, as they are not harmful in the beginning. After 4 - 5 months this can cause irritation. The intention is to purchase a different mascara if it:

      • Granules
      • Dries out
      • Smelly
      • annoys


      How can I remove mascara clumps?

      Make sure to check your brush carefully before using it on your lashes. Pay close attention to the lumps. Suppose there are clumps in your eyelashes, you can easily remove them with the tip of your mascara brush. A cotton swab is also an option, make sure that it is wet, otherwise all cotton swab fluff will remain in your eyelashes. You don't want to, believe us;)


      Where can I ask my questions about mascara?

      Do you have a question about the make-up products that we sell? Or is something not quite clear yet? You can always email us at [email protected], here we try to answer your question as quickly as possible. You can also reach us by phone, call us during office hours, maybe to spar!