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      Max Factorhas a wide range of make-up products. Max Factor makes you look great. From mascara to foundation, from eyeshadow to lipstick. The make-up of make-up artists is now accessible to everyone, so that you can create a natural but flawless look every day. Below is a brief overview of everything you can find out about Max Factor!


      What is Max Factor's story?

      In 1904 Max Factor moved with his family to America, where he opened a cosmetics store in LA. He soon started making products for films and color films. When the quality of black and white film changed to color, he created the Factor Color Harmony Face Powder. This was to ensure that the actresses' faces appeared matted to the camera. Max Factor quickly spread and soon began developing formulas and colors. These were both glamorous but also looked realistic on screen. Soon, women wanted to look just as glamorous and Max Factor was happy to help these women. It was therefore the first time that products such as eye shadow and eyebrow pencils were available outside the film industry. Four years later, Max Factor launched a full line of cosmetics, making the word "makeup" more and more popular. From mascara to foundation, from eyeshadow to lip gloss, Max Factor put the tools for makeup in every woman's hands!


      What is the history of Max Factor?

      1877 -Max Factor was born in Lodz, Russia on August 5. He begins his journey to create glamour. Along with his own hair and beauty products, he opened a shop in Razan, Russia.

      1914 -When Max Factor sees a movie for the first time, he thinks the actors and actresses don't look realistic. As a solution, he creates the first make-up for film, Flexible Greasepaint, to make actors appear more human.

      1920 -Max Factor invents the word makeup and introduces Society Makeup to the general public; allowing women to recreate the looks of their favorite movie stars.

      1938 -Max Factor dies at age 66. The family decides that his name should live on, so his son, Francis, takes the name Max Factor Jr. at. He had the same gift as his father as a creative makeup artist, so that was a logical step for him.

      1954 -Erace concealer was introduced to the general public. Originally intended to hide blemishes, lines and shadows from the camera, Erace was the first concealer to be offered to the general public.

      1958 -Max Factor unveils Mascara Wand, the first wand-applied mascara.

      2001 -Another first; Max Factor introduces a lip color that lasts for up to 12 hours and does not transfer, "Lipfinity". Between 2006 and 2008, one was sold every 9 seconds worldwide.

      2009 -Max Factor launches what has to become its best-selling mascara, False Lash Effect mascara.

      2012 -Max Factor launches its ultimate glamor tool, Color Effect Lipstick; a double-sided lipstick that helps women become their own lip artists by mixing, matching and personalizing their own lip color.


      Who are Max Factor's customers?

      Below you will find an overview of all bestsellers, so you have a clear overview of each make-up category and the bestseller:


      Makeup for the face

      Max Factor Facefinity 3 in 1 All Day Foundation is a liquid foundation, primer and concealer in one. This lightweight multi-tasker can be applied in multiple layers and provides the skin with a silky, matte finish.

      Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundationis a long-lasting foundation that makes your skin glow completely. The medium coverage makes your skin look even. The foundation also contains hyaluronic acid and SPF30, so that the skin is not only cared for but also protected.

      Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powderlate your skin look beautiful and groomed. The powder has a medium to high coverage, it just depends on how you want to build it. The powder gives a flawless matte effect with a subtle shine effect. Because the powder is compact, it is also very easy to take with you to quickly touch up your make-up.


      Makeup for the lips

      Max Factor Lipfinity Liquid Color Lipstickis a smooth liquid lipstick that is common for everyone! Easy to apply on your lips with the fine applicator. And without any worries about smudging or fading - the Max Factor Lipfinity Liquid Lipstick is known for its long-lasting results. So a night out with flawless lips it is!

      Max Factor Lipfinity Color + Gloss Lipstickis a long-lasting liquid lipstick that ensures that your lips are provided with a beautiful color for up to 24 hours. The secret of the Max Factor Lipfinity lies in the two steps.


      Makeup for the eyes

      Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Volume Mascaramaximizes the impact of your glance! The Max Factor doubles the volume of your lashes due to the great brush. It thickens the lashes, even the thinnest lashes get a nice lift. Your lashes get super volume with no less than 300% thicker lashes!

      Max Factor Masterpiece High Volume & Definition Max Black Mascarais Max Factor's expert for a full, compact and perfectly defined lash look. The uniquely arranged bristles reach every finest hair, enveloping it from root to tip

      Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Eyeshadow PaletteA neutral eye look or a striking evening look? With the Masterpiece Nude Palette from Max Factor you can do both! The Masterpiece Nude Palette is a versatile, universally usable eyeshadow kit consisting of 8 perfectly matched shades.


      What makeup does Max Factor have?

      Max Factor has makeup for everyone! From foundation to eyeshadow. We have listed all categories below. You'll see some of our favorites in each category :)

      Face -The face is always very important in your makeup routine. Which color foundation suits me and which powder can I use best? Below we have listed a number of facial products from Max Factor:

      • Foundation:Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation is a long-lasting foundation that makes your skin glow completely. The medium coverage makes your skin look even. Who would not want that?
      • Powder :Max Factor Creme Puff Pressed Powder leaves your skin looking beautiful and well-groomed. The powder has a medium to high coverage, it just depends on how you want to build it. The powder gives a flawless matte effect with a subtle shine effect.
      • Concealer &Contouring :Max Factor Facefinity All Day Matte Foundation + Shine Control a double-ended foundation stick with 30% more pure pigments, providing high coverage with a matte finish. Suitable for places where you need just a little more coverage. You can also purchase the stick in a somewhat dark color to use as liquid contouring. Also the stick is Handbag friendly :)


      Eyes -Your eyes are of course an outstanding point in your make-up, Full lashes and a beautiful eye look can of course not be missed if you go out for an evening or just want to go for a daily make up look :) Below we have a number of products listed for you.

      • Mascara -Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascarais the way to get those perfect, full and long lashes without using false lashes. The large brush with extra bristles separates your lashes perfectly and, together with the special formula, creates long-lasting volume. Perfect for a glamorous look!
      • Eye Pencil -Max Factor Kohl Kajal Automatic Pencil LinerAdd drama, depth and definition to your eye look. The buttery-smooth liner glides effortlessly over the skin to give a soft, creamy color that can be blended to create a professional smokey eye look that lasts up to 24 hours.
      • Eyeshadow -Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Eyeshadow Palette - 08 Matte Sandsis an ultra versatile and flattering eye contour palette with eight perfectly coordinated shades, so you can easily master the most glamorous nude eye look. Perfect for an everyday look!


      Lips -Complete your make-up look now with a super fine lip product! Make your lips a bit thicker with a lipstick or make your lips really stand out with a nice shine. Even if you don't like colored lips, you can still give your lips a boost without extra color.

      • Lipstick :Max Factor Velvet Matte Lipstickis next to a beautiful chic color for your lips a wonderful care. The lipstick contains a unique ingredient formula that consists of 60% conditioners, anti-oxidants and vitamin E. These ingredients ensure that your lips are hydrated, resulting in super smooth & soft lips. A win win situation ;)Available in different colors.
      • Lipgloss :Max Factor Color Elixir Cushion Lip Gloss givesyour lips a beautiful shine, care and hydration. The Max Factor Color Elixir Cushion lip gloss with sponge applicator moisturizes your lips like a lip balm and gives them an elegant color and intense shine.


      Eyebrows -We are all looking for the perfect eyebrow. Nowadays there are also many eyebrow trends: thin, thick, bushy, tight. Fortunately, there are enough tools and examples to create a perfect eyebrow. Check out this eyebrow pencil and tool in one of Max Factor

      • Pencil : MaxFactor Brow Shaper Ultrafine Shape DefineThis Brow Shaper is a double ended eyebrow stick that offers the perfect balance between color and definition. The brush helps to bring the hair back into shape, together with the pencil you bring color into your eyebrows. The ultra-fine pencil point makes the eyebrows exactly the way you want.


      Where can I ask my questions about Max Factor products?

      Do you have any questions about Max Factor, the products or a completely different question? Of course you can! We are here to answer all your questions. You can reach us by e-mail[email protected]. You can expect a response within 24 hours. You can also call 038-4582584 during our office hours. Furthermore, we wish you a lot of fun shopping at haarspullen.nl