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      Matrix is a professional hair care and color brand from the United States. The brand has a unique price-quality ratio and is available for every consumer. Matrix offers products for all colors and hair types. The brand stands for professional salon support and inspiring education. The wide range offers various hair products such as shampoos, condit Show more


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      SoColor Sync Hair Dye
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      SoColor Hair Dye
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      Food For Soft Shampoo
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      Miracle Creator Treatment
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      Brass Off Set
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      Curl Shampoo
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      High Amplify Shampoo
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      Tonal Control
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      So Silver Shampoo
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      Brass Off Shampoo
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      So Silver Set
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      Color Obsessed Set
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      Food For Soft Oil
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      Cream Developer
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      Insta Cure Shampoo
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      High Amplify Set
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      Food For Soft Conditioner
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      Brass Off Mask
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      Food For Soft Set Big Fan
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      Keep Me Vivid Set
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      Food For Soft Set
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      Unbreak My Blonde Set
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      SoColor Cult Semi Hair Dye
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      Matrixis a professional hair care and color brand from the United States. The brand has a unique price-quality ratio and is available for every consumer. Matrix offers products for all colors and hair types. The brand stands for professional salon support and inspiring education. The wide range offers various hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, styling, and much more. With the best technology, the products are suitable for everyone, at an affordable price!


      How did Matrix come about?

      The professional hairdressing brand was founded in 1980 by American hairdresser Arnie Miller. After being a hairdresser for 20 years, he decided to run a company. What started with applied eyelashes has blossomed into a professional company with an extensive range of hair care, hair coloring and much more.


      What categories is Matrix divided into?

      We offer a wide range of Matrix, divided into the following categories:

      • Brass Off: This line is ideal for colored hair
      • Hello Blondie: The products ensure that blonde hair will shine again
      • High Amplify: This line creates volume for thin and fine hair
      • Oil Wonders: This line is inspired by ancient beauty rituals to ensure beauty
      • So Silver:The ideal products to give blonde/gray hair a cool undertone
      • Unbreak My Blonde: Revives and strengthens over-processed hair
      • Color Obsessed: Suitable for colored hair for mild cleansing
      • Food For Soft: These products restore the moisture balance and provide rich care
      • Keep Me Vivid: For colored hair contains technologies with pearl extract
      • Mega Sleek: Helps control unruly, unruly hair and frizz
      • Dark Envy: This line neutralizes warm undertones in brown hair


      What is Matrix's best-selling product?

      Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed Dark Envy Conditioneris a shampoo that reduces the gold and copper tones of dyed and natural hair and enhances them in cool tones. This is the perfect shampoo for you if you, as a brunette, have lightened your hair and are bothered by gold and copper tones. So do you suffer from good and copper tones in your hair? Then this is the perfect shampoo for you!


      What are Matrix's absolute bestsellers?

      Are you curious about what the real heroes of the Matrix brand are? To keep it easy, we have listed the bestsellers:

      • Matrix Brass Off Shampoo: A shampoo that neutralizes warm and yellow tones in brown hair and brings out the cool undertone.
      • Matrix So Silver Shampoo: For refreshing gray, blonde and colored hair. Warm tones are neutralized for a fresh boost. At the same time, your hair is cared for.
      • Matrix High Amplify Shampoo: Say goodbye to lifeless hair with this shampoo. The light formula gives the hair more body, making it look fuller.
      • Matrix Insta Cure Shampoo: Gently cleanses damaged hair. Your hair is not only cleaned but also restored and protected against hair breakage.
      • Matrix Curl Shampoo: Enjoy beautifully cared for curls that you always dreamed of.
      • Matrix So Silver Set: This set consists of the So Silver Shampoo and Conditioner so that you have the silver shampoo and conditioner in one go for a nice price!
      • Matrix Creator Treatment: A multifunctional hair spray that nourishes, protects and repairs the hair in just 60 seconds. Suitable for all hair types.
      • Matrix Brass Off Set: A set with the Brass Off Shampoo and Conditioner to neutralize copper tones in the hair.
      • Matrix Color Obsessed Set: Take care of your colored hair and extend the life of your hair color with the Color Obsessed Shampoo and Conditioner.
      • Matrix Wonder Boost Spray: Give lifeless and limp hair a boost from the roots. Your hair gets more body and is cared for at the same time.


      How do Matrix products work?

      Matrix hair products work in different ways, depending on the specific product and the intended result. Some products hydrate and nourish the hair, while other products are intended to repair and strengthen damaged hair. Still other products can help to style and shape the hair. It is important to follow the instructions on the package to achieve the best results.


      Does Matrix also have silver shampoo?

      Yes, Matrix silver shampoo! The Matrix range contains several silver shampoos, but the best-selling silver shampoo isMatrix Total Results Color Obsessed So Silver Shampoo.This silver shampoo gives your hair a cool refresher! The Matrix So Silver Shampoo neutralizes warm tones such as yellow/gold tones. The Matrix So Silver Shampoo is perfect for gray and blonde hair. With the Matrix So Silver Shampoo you give blonde hair a fresh boost in a mild, caring way! Have you dyed your hair blonde or gray? Then the So Silver Shampoo is a must to keep the color fresh and optimal for a long time


      Which products are suitable for blonde hair?

      To keep your hair blonde, it is important that you take good care of it with silver shampoo. A number of silver shampoos from Matrix that we recommend are:


      Which line is most suitable for colored hair?

      TheMatrix Brass Offcollection is specially designed for colored hair. It is a line that consists of a shampoo, conditioner and other care products. The products care for the hair and make it look even more beautiful. TheBrass Off Shampoohas been specially developed to neutralize warm undertones in colored or natural hair. Together with theconditioner,the cool tones in the hair are retained.


      Which ingredients are mainly contained in Matrix products?

      Matrix products contain many different ingredients. These ensure that the product works well and provides care. Are you curious about the specific ingredients of a particular product? Then we recommend that you read the detailed product description of the product in question.


      Where can I ask my question about Matrix?

      If you have any questions about Matrix lines or its products. Then you can always contact customer service. You can contact customer service via[email protected]or if you have an urgent question you can contact us by telephone. Our professionals are ready to assist you and give you advice or help you find an answer to your question. You can also send a chat via the website and you will receive an immediate answer from Maartje!