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      Cleaning and caring for your hair with a good shampoo that suits your hair type is important to keep your hair in perfect condition. Haarspullen sells shampoos from various professional brands for all different hair types. One wash his or her hair every day, the other every other day and are also people who do it once in a while.   What is a sha Show more


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      No Yellow Shampoo Liter
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      Vitamin Color Shampoo
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      No Yellow Shampoo
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      Violet Shampoo
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      Absolute Repair Shampoo
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      No Orange Shampoo
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      Folligen Shampoo
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      Volume Injection Shampoo
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      Maintenance Shampoo No.4
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      X-Folate Shampoo
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      Curls & Waves Shampoo
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      Fusion Repair Shampoo
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      Pro Longer Shampoo
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      Pure Resource Shampoo
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      Rich Repair Shampoo
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      Metal Detox Shampoo
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      Blond Me Cool Shampoo
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      Damage Rewind Violet Shampoo
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      All Soft Shampoo
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      Refresh Dust
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      No Red Shampoo
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      Cleaning and caring for your hair with a good shampoo that suits your hair type is important to keep your hair in perfect condition. Haarspullen sells shampoos from various professional brands for all different hair types. One wash his or her hair every day, the other every other day and are also people who do it once in a while.


      What is a shampoo and what does it do exactly?

      Shampoo has been developed to rid your hair of dirt. A common misconception is that a foaming shampoo is effective and cleans extra well. However, foam has nothing to do with cleaning your locks. In other words, sometimes extra ingredients are added to make it foam. Nowadays foam is linked to clean. Your hair contains natural grease, too much natural grease makes strands look greasy. Then the shampoo comes around the corner. The shampoo washes out grease and dirt. The fat ensures that the soap particles do not stick to each other, but to the fat. Then there will be no foam. If you wash your hair again, you will notice that more bubbles form. This is because now the fat content is much lower, which creates a lot of strong soap-soap connections. They are strong enough to form soap bubbles.

      The cleaning ingredient, the soap substances aka soap bubbles, is usually SLS ( sodium laureth sulfate). These soaps are highly degreasing and alkaline, and strip the scalp of its natural protective layer. That is why many people nowadays are looking for shampoos free of SLS and parabens such as the shampoos from Attitude . However, nowadays you see that it is becoming a trend, so many brands include a shampoo free of SLS and parabens in their range.

      The alkaline substances ensure that your hair scales open, so that the dirt can be removed better and the nutrients can penetrate deeper into the hair. Although this is an advantage, you should be careful not to do this too often (wash less often) or use a milder shampoo. Another option is to feed your locks extra by means of treatments .

      Today's shampoos are becoming milder, which contributes to an improved condition for hair and scalp.

      What kind of shampoo should I use?

      This question is not easy to answer for everyone, because it depends on what the requirements are that you place on a shampoo. For one, a silver shampoo with a lot of violet pigment is the best shampoo, while the other is looking for a natural shampoo that is completely free of harmful ingredients. So before you proceed, it is important for yourself that you have clear what shampoo should do for your hair, what you think is important in terms of ingredients and what you want to spend on it. That is also important, because you can make it as expensive as you want...however, this does not always mean the right shampoo for your hair, while it is a good shampoo.

      Look at your hair, and only then look for a good shampoo.


      What is the best hairdressing shampoo?

      A hairdresser's shampoo, is that actually better than a 'normal' shampoo from Etos or Kruidvat or is that a nice marketing stunt? The price difference is indeed present, even if the well-known hairdressing shampoo is in an online offer. There is indeed a difference in a hairdressing shampoo and an ordinary shampoo, namely the ingredients that are used. In other words, a price difference that can be traced back. A hairdressing shampoo contains more qualitative ingredients that actually do something for your hair. Whether it's grooming or neutralizing yellow tones, there's more of it out there. This too can often be traced back to the ingredient list, the further the ingredient is at the top of the ingredient list, the more of it is present.

      In addition, a hairdresser shampoo contains less junk, or less harmful substances. Think of oil-based silicones that are left behind, aggressive sulfates that are not good for your health or endocrine disruptors or other carcinogens that are very common to put in a shampoo. Often there is also an option for cruelty free or even vegan!

      The results of long-term use of a hairdressing shampoo are therefore also striking and therefore also require a higher price. The production costs are higher, so the selling price is higher :)

      So what is the best hairdressing shampoo? That is a question that cannot be answered just like that, because one person is looking for an excellent silver shampoo and the other is looking for hairdressing shampoo that has been specially developed for a sensitive scalp. However, we have listed a top 10 hairdressing shampoo below. Here you can see which hairdressing shampoo is best for your hair that meets the requirements you set for it!

      1. MORE Haircare Extreme Silver shampoo
      2. L'Oreal Vitamino Color Shampoo
      3. L'Oreal Nutrifier Shampoo
      4. Schwarzkopf Mad About Curls Shampoo
      5. Redken Extreme Shampoo
      6. Maria Nila Head & Hair Heal Shampoo
      7. Olaplex Maintenance Shampoo No.4
      8. L'Oreal Pro Longer Shampoo
      9. Attitude 2in1 Scalp Care Shampoo
      10. Attitude Clarifying Shampoo



      Which shampoo for men?

      For men, it is often important that the shampoo can be used daily, not too difficult hassle and just clean and care for your hair. In addition, a man is often looking for a shampoo that prevents dandruff. Below we have the top 3 best hairdressing quality shampoos for men at the right price!

      1. Attitude 2in1 Scalp Care Shampoo
      2. American Crew 3-in1 Shampoo
      3. Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulation Shampoo


      What is the best natural shampoo?

      We are all becoming more aware of what we use, including natural shampoos that are actually effective for the hair. So a shampoo that improves your hair, but also a shampoo that is good for your health and does not contain all kinds of carcinogens and hormone disruptors. We have found a brand that we are proud to sell in our webshop and that is the Attitude brand!

      This brand once started making harmful free cleaning products in the house, so that babies don't ingest all kinds of junk when they crawl and touch everything. Attitude is now a household name worldwide and is not yet well known in the Netherlands. However, the families who try this are wildly enthusiastic and don't want anything else. Below you will find all natural shampoos that are 100% harmful free!

      Do you want more tips, tricks and information about oily hair? Then we recommend that you read the article "Say goodbye to greasy hair with these 10 tips! ".


      Is hair loss and flakes caused by too aggressive shampoo?

      If you use shampoo that foams strongly, you are dealing with a strong soap dust, which will strip and unbalance your scalp. How do you know if this is also the case for you? If your scalp feels a little tight, dry or itchy after shampooing, your skin's natural nourishing barrier has disappeared. This can cause your scalp to flake and eventually your hair can become thinner or fall out. Logical, because healthy and luxuriant hair growth requires a healthy scalp. If you recognize yourself in this, we recommend that you go to the Shampoo page for fine/thin hair or hair loss . Here you will find mild shampoos for sensitive scalps.


      What is the best silver shampoo right now?

      A lot of silver shampoos have come onto the market, from the well-known Schwarzkopf silver shampoo in the Kruidvat to Fudge Clean Blonde. However, there is a new silver shampoo on the market since 2020 and that is the MORE Haircare Extreme Silver shampoo which is the ultimate combination of Fudge and Fanola! Just as much pigment as the well-known Fanola and just as nourishing as the Fudge Clean Blonde. It is therefore not surprising that all our regular customers are all switching to MORE Haircare. Also because the price is really great!


      Shampoo for different hair types

      If you suffer from damaged locks, choose a special shampoo for damaged hair. This cleans your hair in a mild way and provides intensive care. Your hair becomes strong and resilient again. Haarspullen also sells special shampoos for other hair problems. Think of anti-dandruff shampoo , silver shampoo against yellow tones or shampoo against hair loss .


      Wash colored locks with a good shampoo

      If you have colored locks, you look further than just removing dirt and grease. You want a shampoo that protects the color of your locks. It is of course a shame if your beautiful color turns into a faint color that has become dull, due to the use of wrong hair care. Extra care is also required, as dyed locks become brittle faster, break faster and can feel dry. It is therefore a must that you choose a shampoo that is really developed for colored hair .


      Which shampoo is suitable if I do not wash my hair every day?

      If you don't wash your beautiful locks every day, a dry shampoo is an absolute must have. Nowadays a dry shampoo is not only to refresh your locks, you can also opt for a dry shampoo that gives volume. However, it is important that you do not use a dry shampoo as a substitute for a good shampoo. The fact is that a dry shampoo does not clean your hair, but degreases it. This allows you to create more time between your washing days. However, if you use too much dry shampoo, it can build up on your scalp. Let's just say that's exactly what you don't want! Of course there is a shampoo for a reason ;)

      If you want detailed information about dry shampoos, we recommend going to the Dry shampoo page.


      What is a good and natural Shampoo Bar?

      Gone for decades, but back again - the shampoo bar! Just a block soap but updated with quality ingredients! If you have more substantive information about shampoo bars, we would like to refer you to the article " Everything you need to know about shampoo bars ".

      Below are the top 3 most sold shampoo bars at the moment:

      1. Curls Shampoo Bar Honey
      2. Hemp Balancing Shampoo Bar
      3. Silver Shampoo Bar Lavender


      What is the best anti-dandruff shampoo that is also not harmful?

      Dandruff is common, although it also occurs in women, it is more common in men. This is often easy to solve with the right shampoo. This can also be done in a natural way, so that there are no harmful effects to health in the long term. In addition, the dandruff actually decreases. The Attitude 2in1 Scalp Care Shampoo is an absolute bestseller!

      If you want more tips about dandruff, we recommend that you read the article " 5 tips to prevent dandruff ".


      Where can I ask my question about shampoos?

      In your search for a fine and high-quality shampoo for your hair that is also affordable, you have come to this page. After reading the information you have come a long way, but you still have a question. If this question is answered, then you can finally make the right choice for yourself and your hair. Let that be the point where you can ask our team for help, without any obligation! You can email our team, call us during office hours, or drop by our collection point in Zwolle at Ossenkamp 2N.