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      CHI Luxury Black Seed Oilis a luxurious hair care experience that rejuvenates, revitalizes and strengthens hair through Black Seed Dry Oil. This exotic oil is known for its healing ability to revitalize and restore hair. The result is wonderfully soft hair with a beautiful shine.


      How did CHI Luxury come about?

      CHI Luxury is part of theCHI brand . The products from the luxury line have one important thing in common: they all contain Black Seed Oil. The line originated from the Kardashian Beauty brand. They are exactly the same products, only in a new jacket. If you are familiar with the Kardashian Beauty products then you are in the right place at CHI Luxury.


      Why is Black Seed Oil good for your hair?

      Black Seed Oil has been used for centuries for the many benefits the natural oil has to offer. The oil comes from the pressed seeds of the Nigella Sativa. The Nigella Sativa has moisturizing properties, which means that the plant can grow well in dry conditions and the Mediterranean region. The Black Seed Oil has long been used by the Egyptians because it is a healing oil rich in fatty acids, such as omega 3 and 6, vitamins and various antioxidants.


      • Omega 3 and 6: These fatty acids revitalize and strengthen the hair.
      • Antioxidants: Help protect hair against free radicals.
      • Vitamins: Improve the condition of the hair and provide a beautiful shine.


      The main characteristic of Black Seed Oil is the moisturizing effect of the oil. As a result, dry and damaged hair is intensely hydrated and nourished from the inside. Thanks to this moisturizing oil you can enjoy beautifully shiny, soft and supple hair that looks healthy.


      What are the benefits of Black Seed Oil in CHI Luxury formulas?

      Below we have briefly listed the benefits of the Black Seed Oil for your hair:


      • Hydrates the hair
      • Regulates the moisture balance
      • Protects the hair against negative external influences
      • Prevents hair damage
      • Protects against heat from heat tools such as a hair straightener or hair dryer
      • Makes hair stronger
      • Results in healthier hair


      What products does the CHI Luxury line consist of?

      CHI Luxury is a complete line of hair care products. Trust us, once you've tasted the many benefits of Black Seed Oil you won't want anything else for your hair! Thanks to the complete hair care line consisting of a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair oil and various styling products, you can take full advantage of the benefits of Black Seed Oil and you don't have to do anything else!


      • CHI Luxury Gentle Cleansing Shampoo: Gently cleanses the hair while the Black Seed Oil at the same time ensures that the hair recovers from damage and becomes stronger. Also available in anXXL package.
      • CHI Luxury Moisture Replenish Conditioner: The restorative conditioner ensures that dry and damaged hair is nourished with essential vitamins and antioxidants to protect the hair. The hair looks shiny and feels soft.
      • CHI Luxury Blow Dry Cream: A light blow-dry cream that makes hair smooth and supple without weighing it down. Static hair and frizz are prevented while at the same time protecting the hair against the heat of your hair dryer or styling tool.
      • CHI Luxury Dry Oil Blend: A rich treatment to nourish and repair the hair. Thanks to the light formula, the product quickly absorbs into the hair and the hair is not weighed down so that volume is not lost. Your hair looks full, strong and shiny after use.
      • CHI Luxury Curl Defining Cream Gel: Give your curls even more definition and smoothness with this styling cream. Frizz is counteracted and the hair is intensely hydrated. Activate your curls with a light hold.
      • CHI Luxury Revitalizing Masque: A moisturizing hair mask to restore the shine and condition of damaged hair.
      • CHI Luxury Leave-In Conditioner: For manageable hair with a beautiful shine and bounce. The non-aggravating leave-in conditioner protects the hair against the heat of styling tools.
      • CHI Luxury Intense Repair Hot Oil Treatment: Specially designed to repair damaged hair.
      • CHI Luxury Flexible Hold Hairspray: Gives every hair type volume, texture and natural hold. The hairspray dries quickly and makes the hair look fuller.
      • CHI Luxury Dry Shampoo: For an immediate refreshment of the hair. In addition, the dry shampoo ensures that the hair stays in shape longer because the dry shampoo gives the hair more texture and volume. The ideal base for every hairstyle!
      • CHI Luxury Ceramic Hair Straightener: A hair straightener with extra wide and long plates that make styling a lot easier. Thanks to the ceramic plates you can easily style even the thickest hair. Despite the long and wide plates, the hair straightener is very compact and easy to carry. Moreover, you can use the hair straightener internationally due to the dual voltage. The straightener heats up within 30 seconds and switches off automatically after an hour.


      Black Seed Oil in a hair straightener?

      You will also find a hair straightenerin the CHI Luxury collection fromCHI . Even with this hair straightener, the benefits of Black Seed Oil have been used. That probably sounds very strange, because how can oil be processed in a hair straightener? The Black Seed Oil is impregnated into the ceramic plates. The Black Seed Oil is released when the ceramic plates of the hair straightener are heated. Thanks to the Black Seed Oil, your hair looks extra shiny after styling.


      Where can I ask my question about CHI Luxury products?

      Do you have a question about one of the products from the CHI Luxury Collection or would you like to take advantage of the luxury opportunity to ask our experts for advice? ;) Send an extensive email to[email protected]and you will receive personal advice as soon as possible, without obligation. Is this line not quite what you are looking for? Don't worry!CHIhas designed different care lines with special features for every hair type. Discover which CHIlinesuits your hair type and benefit from the many benefits!