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      Absolute Alpha Clipper
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      Turbostar Hairdryer
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      L'Italiano Hairdryer
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      021 Clipper
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      Xcell Hairdryer
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      Ionic Hair Dryer
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      Absolute Trimmer
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      X-Evo Trimmer
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      Vapor Straightener Green
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      Vapor Straightener
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      Absolute Alpha Clipper
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      Gamma+is an innovative brand that has developed several innovative and high-quality beauty and care tools. All tools are designed and developed with a sustainable future in mind. This is reflected in products that have a long lifespan. That will not only make you happy, but also your wallet. ;) Gamma+ has a wide range of products, from hairdryers to trimmers. The products are all designed with the latest technologies and are available in different price ranges. They all have one thing in common: the high quality.


      Think of Gamma+, think of the future

      Gamma+ has the ambition to develop the most innovative and high-quality care and beauty tools. Examples of these tools arehair dryers,trimmersandhair straighteners. All these devices are being developed in detailed collaborations between the United States and Italy.


      What products does the Gamma+ range consist of?

      The wide range of Gamma+ ensures that there is a suitable product for every hair type, demand and budget. Below we have listed the various Gamma Plus products that can be found in the Haarspullen range.



      • Gamma+ Turbostar Hair Dryer - Black- A hair dryer with an ergonomic handle that makes the hair dryer comfortable to hold. The temperature is adjustable as well as the speed. In addition, the hair dryer has a cold air setting.
      • Gamma + Turbostar Hairdryer - Fuchsia- Has an ergonomic handle and is comfortable to hold. The hair dryer has an adjustable temperature and speed. The bright pink color makes you a lot happier!
      • Gamma + Arial Dual Ionic Hair Dryer - Black- Has Ion technology to prevent static and frizzy hair. The ultra-light hair dryer has a strong motor with an air pressure of108m3/hourfor quickly dry and healthy hair.
      • Gamma+ Arial Dual Ionic Hair Dryer - Rose Gold- The ultra-light hair dryer has Ion technology to combat static and frizzy hair. The high air pressure of108m3/hourensures fast dry and healthy hair. With a luxurious look due to the rose gold color.
      • Gamma+ Xcell Hair Dryer- A professional hair dryer with an ultra-light and ergonomic design. The hair dryer has ion technology and has many different setting options. The powerful motor ensures fast dry hair and a long life of the hair dryer.
      • Gamma+ L'Italiano Hair Dryer- A lightweight hair dryer with a powerful motor of a professional hair dryer.


      hair straighteners

      • Gamma+ Rainbow Straightener- The professional straightener is suitable for all hair types. With an adjustable temperature between 140 and 230 degrees. With anti-static plates for soft, shiny hair.
      • Gamma+ Vapor Infared Straightener - Black- The steam straightener is suitable for both straightening and curling the hair thanks to the round finished plates. With an adjustable temperature between 120 and 230 degrees, which makes the steam straightener suitable for every hair type.
      • Gamma+ Vapor Infared Hair Straightener - Matte Green- A steam straightener that smoothes the hair and protects it at the same time. There is little chance of hair damage with a steam straightener. The adjustable temperature makes the hair straightener suitable for every hair type.
      • Gamma+ Vapor Infared Hair Straightener - Light Blue- The steam straightener smoothes the hair in a gentle way, reducing the risk of dry and damaged hair. With an adjustable temperature between 120 and 230 degrees.
      • Gamma+ Keratin Glory Straightener - Black- A professional and user-friendly straightener for straightening and curling the hair thanks to the rounded plates. Extremely suitable for performing keratin treatments.
      • Gamma+ Keratin Glory Hair Straightener - Rose Gold- Extremely suitable for performing keratin treatments. With an adjustable temperature between 140 and 230 degrees. Due to the rounded plates, the hair straightener is also suitable for curling the hair.


      Curling iron

      • Gamma+ Iron Clip XL Gold Version Curling Iron- A professional curling iron with an anti-static finish to combat frizz. The temperature is adjustable from 120 to 230 degrees, which makes the curling iron suitable for every hair type. Available with a diameter of 25mm and 32mm.



      • Gamma+ X-Evo Trimmer- Very suitable for precision work thanks to the different comb attachments and cutting blades. The trimmer can be completely personalized with the supplied body kits.
      • Gamma+ Absolute Hitter Trimmer- A modular trimmer that is completely customizable through the different body kits. The trimmer is specially designed for sensitive skin and therefore to shave without irritation!
      • Gamma+ 024 Trimmer- The compact lightweight trimmer can be used cordless or with a power cable. With the professional motor you achieve a professional result.



      • Gamma+ 021 Tondeuse- For shaving and styling beards and sideburns. The cutting length is adjustable between 0.8 and 2mm and the hair clipper comes with 5 comb attachments. Suitable for professional use or at home.
      • Gamma+ X-Ergo Clipper- With a turbocharged motor that achieves no less than 10,000 strokes per minute. The hair clipper is fully customizable due to the different cutting blades, comb attachments and body kits.
      • Gamma+ Absolute Alpha Chrome Clipper- Features a 45mm FUSION Black Diamond Carbon DLC cutting blade for an intensely smooth result. Comes with various comb attachments and two interchangeable covers.


      What is the difference between a trimmer and a clipper?

      A trimmer and a hair clipper, we often call them in one sentence, but there is still a big difference between the two devices. A trimmer is made for trimming facial hair such as your mustache, beard and sideburns. A clipper, on the other hand, is designed to handle longer hair. Think, for example, of head hair or a longer beard.


      Is there a trimmer especially for sensitive skin?

      Gamma+ is for everyone, including people who suffer from sensitive skin. TheGamma+ Absolute Hitter Trimmeris specially designed to shave without irritation!


      How does a steam straightener work?

      There are different types of hair straighteners. There is also a steam straightener. A steam straightener is actually the same as a 'regular' straightener, but with an extra function: steam. The steam is blown through the hair, so that hair fibers are cared for instead of damaged. Thanks to the steam, styling the hair goes faster. A steam straightener is suitable for all hair types, even damaged hair. Another advantage of a steam straightener is that the result is longer lasting, which means that you have to style the hair less often and therefore less hair damage!


      How does ion technology work in a hair dryer?

      A common phenomenon. You are drying your hair with a blow dryer, but after blow drying it looks super dry and has static. This is of course very annoying. Static hair is caused by the friction between the negative particles and the positive particles. This is because your body is constantly absorbing electricity, which it also has to get rid of. When we blow-dry our hair, we naturally use electricity for this, which can cause the hair to become static. Because many people recognize this problem, Gamma+ has designed several hair dryers with Ion technology. A hair dryer with an ion generator ensures that electricity is reduced by generating negative ions. As a result, you do not suffer from static hair and the drying time is accelerated, win-win! Blow-dry your hair super fast, without it becoming static with Gamma+.


      Which Gamma+ hair dryers have Ion technology?

      Are you looking for a hair dryer that uses ion technology? We have listed them for you below:


      You can shop Gamma+ online at Haarspullen

      You can easily shop all Gamma+ products at Haarspullen.nl for the best prices. We at Haarspullen do things a little differently. We think it is important that YOU are happy with your purchased product. For this reason, we are happy to give you advice without obligation when you are looking for a specific product. We listen to what you need and find a product that fits your needs. So do you have a question or are you unsure whether a certain product is suitable for you? Send an extensive email with your question to[email protected]andyou will receive an answer from our beauty experts within 24 hours.

      Did you know that when you buy the Gamma+ products you almost always benefit from free shipping? We offer free shipping with purchases from€ 35 euros. Happy Shopping! ♡