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      Volume powder

      Say goodbye to lifeless hair and go for more volume with a volume powder ! A volume powder gives more texture and volume to your hair with a matte finish. The product is super easy to use and immediately gives the hair more volume. No wonder that a volume powder is one of the most popular volume products.   How exactly does a volume powder work? Show more


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      Say goodbye to lifeless hair and go for more volume with avolume powder! A volume powder gives more texture and volume to your hair with a matte finish. The product is super easy to use and immediately gives the hair more volume. No wonder that a volume powder is one of the most popular volume products.


      How exactly does a volume powder work?

      Volume powder owes its popularity to the effectiveness and convenience of the product. A volume powder ensures that the hair stands up at the roots, giving you more volume from the roots.


      The formula of the hair powder often consists of silica silylate or certain starches, such as potato or rice starch. The hair powder is absorbed by the hair, making it look fuller and thicker. The excess oil in the hair is reduced for a matte finish. As a result, your hair immediately feels a lot cooler and you can postpone your wash for a while.


      In addition to the fact that the hair powder ensures that the hair gets more volume, it also gives more texture to the hair. This makes styling the hair a lot easier.


      Who is a volume powder suitable for?

      Volume powder is for everyone and for every hair type. If you would like to achieve more hair volume or have very thin and fine hair and want to disguise this a bit, a volume powder is an absolute must-have! Each hair type naturally has its own care needs. Volume powders not only give the hair more volume, but also provide care at the same time. There are volume powders especially suitable for dry hair, fine hair, thick hair and damaged hair. The basis of each powder is the same, by choosing a volume powder that matches your hair type you can give your hair an extra nurturing boost!


      Almost all volume powders are suitable for every hair type. However, certain volume powders have additional benefits for specific hair types. Are you looking for a powder for more volume that perfectly matches your hair type? We have listed a few volume powders for you here that have unique characteristics and better suit your hair type.


      Volume powder for curly hair

      For curly hair it is sometimes more difficult to find the right products. You often take more into account the product compositions and look at which ingredients the product contains. Fortunately, there is also a fine volume powder for our curly hair.

      • Schwarzkopf Osis+ Texture Dust It Mattifying Volume Powder: This versatile volume powder is one ofSchwarzkopf 's most popular products for a reason . This volume powder is of course suitable forall hair types. What makes this volume powder unique is that it is Curly Girl Approved. So do you faithfully follow the Curly Girl Method? Then you can safely use this volume powder, because it is completely CG-proof!


      Volume powder for dark hair

      Are you looking for a volume powder with dark pigments for your dark hair color? Even then you have come to the right place.

      • Sachajuan Dark Volume Powder Spray: This volume powder comes in a slightly different form, which is a spray. Thanks to the spray, the powder is even easier to apply in your hair. The volume powder has dark pigments and is specially designed for dark hair, so you don't have to be afraid of a white blur!


      Volume powder for long hair

      Long hair tends to hang and look lifeless more quickly than shorter hair. This is because longer hair is generally a bit heavier than a short haircut.


      Volume powder for very thin/fine or lifeless hair

      If you have thin or fine hair, a volume powder is an absolute must. It gives your hair more volume making it look fuller.

      • Fudge Sculpt Elevate Powder: What makes this volume powder unique is the formula that nourishes the hair from the root. The formula contains wheat protein and essential vitamins that give hair more strength and shine.
      • Indola Innova Texture Volumising Powder #3 Style: The unique formula of the Indola volume powder contains a UV filter. This makes the volume powder ideal for the summer months! In addition, the ultra-light formula provides mega volume, even in very lifeless hair.


      Volume powder for men

      Of course, all volume powders are suitable for everyone. Would you still like a volume powder that is specially designed for men? Which can!

      • Dear Barber Mattifier Hair Dust: Suitable for all hair types from thin to thick hair. The volume powder has a matte finish and has a strong hold.
      • American Crew Boost Powder: Very suitable for fine and thin hair. A light volume powder for more texture and volume in the hair from the roots.


      Volume powder for short hair

      Short hair generally has more volume than long hair. By using a volume powder you give your hair just a little extra volume, texture and grip. This creates a great look that lasts all day with a matte finish.


      How do you use a volumizing powder?

      With a volume powder you can easily create volume in your hair. The hair powders are very user-friendly.


      Step 1:Good to know: you only need a little volume powder to create a voluminous look. It is therefore better to start with a small amount of hair powder and use extra product later if necessary.

      Step 2:Take a coin-sized amount of volumizing powder and apply to the roots. You can apply the product directly or with your hands. By first taking the powder in your palms you prevent you from shooting out and having too much powder in your hair. Spread the product evenly with your fingers.

      Step 3:After applying the volume powder you can style your hair as usual. Your hair gets more grip and texture.


      Are there also volume powders that are free of sulfates, parabens and other ingredients?

      Nowadays we are very aware of the ingredients in the products we consume. One person prefers a product without sulfates and parabens, the other would like to have these ingredients in the products and another person doesn't really care. To take your search off your hands today, we have listed a number of volume powders for you that are free of certain ingredients.



      Which volume powders are 100% vegan?

      We all contribute to a more beautiful world. Will you contribute today by choosing a vegan hair powder? 



      You can shop volume powders at Haarspullen.nl

      You can easily and safely shop for your new volume powder at Haarspullen.nl. We at Haarspullen do things a little differently. So you can not only shop your favorite care products with us, but you can also contact us for all your questions and for advice without obligation. Do you have a question or would you like someone to think along with you? Send an extensive email with your question to[email protected]or contact us by phone.


      Are you shopping and do you reach an order amount above35 euros? Then we treat and you benefit from free shipping! We wish you a lot of fun with your new volume powder and hope to see you soon in our webshop.