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      Nourishing Shampoo
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      Deep Repair Mask
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      Nourishing Mask
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      Ultra Rich Mask
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      Nourishing Oil
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      Ultra Rich Oil
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      Smoothing Shampoo
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      Rejuvenating Shampoo
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      Weightless Shampoo
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      Healing Oil Spray
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      Hair Care Set
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      Ultra Rich Shampoo
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      Smoothing Conditioner
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      Nourishing Leave-In
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      Smoothing cream
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      Macadamia has natural and 100% vegan products that nourish and restore the hair from within. Because the formulas of the hair products contain different natural oils, the hair is restored and shines like never before. The purpose of Macadamia? Women inspire confident beauty. Embrace your own beauty and treat your hair with love. All Macadamia products are salon quality and designed to meet the moisture needs of different hair textures. Whether you have curly, straight, thin or thick hair, Macadamia is here for you.

      Is Macadamia suitable for my hair texture?

      Macadamia has a wide range of products suitable for every hair texture. Macadamia has developed several lines with products specially designed for specific hair textures, ideal if you want to give the hair some extra attention.

      In addition, Macadamia has products that are suitable for all hair textures.


      Which Macadamia Collection is right for my hair texture?

      Do you want a product that matches your unique hair texture? Then the different lines of Macadamia are certainly interesting. To help you make the right choice, we have listed the different lines for you.


      Do you have thin hair?

      Then choose the hair products from the Weightless Collection. These products are lightweight so that your hair is not weighed down.


      Do you have medium to coarse hair?

      Then the Nourishing Repair Collection is for you! The unique formula with Hazelnut oil nourishes the hair intensely. The Glycerine ensures that the hair is hydrated and helps the hair to maintain the natural moisture balance.


      Do you have coarse to curly hair?

      Then try the Ultra Rich Repair Collection. This collection is specially formulated with Mongono oil, a heavier oil to give the hair extra nourishment. The unique formula reduces frizz and promotes curl.


      Is Macadamia Cruelty Free?

      We are proud to say that Macadamia lives up to its promise to our furry friends. The products of Macadamia have been developed in an animal-friendly way and are therefore not tested on animals. Your hair is happy, your animal friend is happy, then you are happy too!


      Where can I ask my question about Macadamia products?

      Are you unsure whether Macadamia products suit your hair texture or do you have another question about Macadamia hair care? Do not hesitate and send us an extensive email with your question to [email protected] our Hair Experts are ready for you.