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      Indola is an international and exclusive hairdressing brand. They are innovative and like to bring inspiring and individual hair care and styling products to the market that they have developed themselves. The different lines support the different processes during dyeing, care and styling of the hair in a smart way. Indola's beautiful motto is ther Show more


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      Color Style Mousse
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      Permanent Caring Color
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      Finish Gel Spray
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      Blonde Expert Color
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      Crea-Mix Color
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      ActNow Texture Spray
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      Silver Shampoo
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      Cream Developer
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      Crea-Bold Color
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      ActNow Setting Spray
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      Repair Shampoo
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      Cleansing Shampoo
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      ActNow Moisture Shampoo
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      Color Transformer
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      Texture Glue
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      Hydrate Shampoo
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      Color Shampoo
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      Setting Curl Cream
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      Root Activating Shampoo
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      Color Conditioner
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      Repair Conditioner
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      Glamorous Oil Gloss
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      Repair Keratin Filler
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      Indola is an international and exclusive hairdressing brand. They are innovative and like to bring inspiring and individual hair care and styling products to the market that they have developed themselves. The different lines support the different processes during dyeing, care and styling of the hair in a smart way. Indola's beautiful motto is therefore: “#SimplySmarter”! Indola is always aware of the latest hair fashion, trends and techniques.And wants to make everyone shine with self-confidence with the hair care products!


      What are Indola's bestsellers?

      Indola is known for its Indola Color Style Mousse . This fantastic Color Style Mousse is the ideal leave-in color foam that refreshes your colored locks considerably. As if your hair just had another turn at the salon! Of course Indola has several successful products, how could it be otherwise with such fantastic quality for such a low price. The Indola Fibremold Texture is a brilliant product that really does what it promises.


      Is Indola Cruelty Free?

      Indola is cruelty free, in other words Indola products are not tested on animals. To guarantee the safety of the ingredients, data from the raw material suppliers or available literature data are used. Wherever possible, alternatives to animal testing are used to determine the safety of the ingredients used for Indola.

      One of Indola's vegan lines called Act Now has been specially developed to combine performance with state-of-the-art formulas. So vegan, free of harmful substances, sustainable packaging and a collaboration with the plastic bank. In terms of environmental friendliness, they have gone all in with Act Now!. But Act Now is “the beginning of the journey”, they want to maintain and expand the idea “ because you care about yourself and your environment ”.


      Who does the Indola team consist of?

      The Indola team currently consists of no fewer than five people. You have the hairdressers and the Street Style Spotters. We start of course with the hairdressers, which are Chanel and Andy. Chanel is the Colourist and Andy is the Stylist. Chanel is a famous face in this world. From international celebrities, style icons to Louis Vuitton she's done it all. Andy has created a complete team around him. His creations are unprecedented and it is not for nothing that he can regularly be found in Voque, among others, and a welcome guest at various fashion weeks.

      The Street Style Spotters are three ladies, Jessie, Christian and Anna. You may know Jessie Bush from online fashion and lifestyle destination - We The People . Christian is also a well-known photographer, perhaps the name The Styleograph sounds more familiar to you. And then we have the Street Style Blogger Anna.


      Is Indola free of sulfates and parabens?

      Indola's hair products contain sulphates and/or parabens. If this does not apply to a product, this is stated with the individual product in the description. Check IndolaActNow!for sulfate and paraben free products.


      Which Indola products are suitable for my hair?

      Indola stands for a holistic care regimen. This means well-fitting products that together create a fantastic result. Products that fit well together ensure the optimal result. Wondering which care regime suits your hair? Let's take a closer look at Indola's product lines and products:


      Indola Care & Style

      The IndolaCare & Style line has been developed to create creative street style looks with great hair quality. Indola Care & Style has an integrated Pixel Technology, combined with natural key ingredients such as jojoba oil, marula oil and silk proteins. This pixel technology takes the hair quality to higher levels. Indola Care & Style has something for everyone and everything you need, so that you have endless possibilities. And Indola has also taken the packaging into account for the Care & Style products. The Care & Style packaging consists of 50% recycled plastic.

      The care products of Indola Care & Style are divided into 5 categories:

      • Color retention - The pixel technology seals the hair color, making color fading no longer applicable. With the pixel technology, the hair color is preserved for 90%.
      • Restore - Damaged hair is intensely nourished and cared for. The technology in combination with marula oil ensures 95% less hair breakage.
      • Moisturize - Suffering from dry hair? The pixel technology (in combination with jojoba oil) keeps the moisture content in balance. This prevents dehydration and brings back resilience and vitality.
      • Scalp - For balance between scalp and hair needs. Consists of root activating products.
      • Enhance - The Glamerous Oil Gloss enriches the hair with marula oil and intense shine. The Glamerous Oil Gloss also contains an anti-frizz ability.


      The Indola Care & Style styling products are also divided into 3 categories:

      • Setting - These are basic products to prepare your hair for styling. And immediately create volume and manageability.
      • Texture - To add texture to your hair. And to bring your hair into the desired model.
      • Finish - The finish products are the finishing touch of your look. The products with different hold levels ensure that your hair stays in shape.


      Indola ActNow!

      Indola ActNow has been developed with an important thought “Because you care about yourself and your environment”. Indola ActNow is all about sustainability and environmental friendliness. To make it as clear as possible, we list the features of ActNow:

      • 100% vegan
      • Cruelty free
      • Free from harmful ingredients
      • Enriched with natural ingredients
      • In collaboration with Plastic Bank
      • Consists of 97% recycled and recyclable plastic
      • For every ActNow product sold, 2 plastic bottles are prevented from ending up in the environment.

      The Indola ActNow products consist of wash, care (color, repair and moisture), setting, texture & finish products. Do you want to know more about Indola ActNow? Check out this ActNow blog .


      Indola Blonde Expert

      “Blonde Expert and Blond Addict offer a perfect combination when it comes to bleaching the hair with a healthy and protective approach. - Indola Hair Expert”

      Indola Blonde Expert is, of course , developed for the blondes among us. With Blonde Expert you can take your blonde hair color to the next level. The entire Blonde Expert range features advanced Hair Bond Technology. This technology prevents hair breakage and at the same time improves color retention. This makes bleaching a lot safer for your hair, since chemical treatments and especially bleaching can affect the hair considerably. Indola Blonde Expert has a full range that allows you to achieve and maintain all blonde color levels.


      How does Blonde Expert's Hair Bond Technology work?

      The entire Blonde Expert line has an integrated Hair Bond Technology. The Hair Bond Technology makes bleaching safe and secure. The Hair Bond Technology protects the hair against damage and hair breakage. Hair coloring and especially bleaching contains chemicals that break the hair bonds of the internal hair structure. The Hair Bond Technology adds a protective layer to the hair bridges. This ensures that the hair fibers remain connected to each other. As a result, the hair breaks down less and remains elastic. At the same time, the Hair Bond Technology stimulates long-lasting color retention.


      What products for curls does Indola have?

      You can also use many Indola products if you have curls. There are also products that are CG-proof. This will then be in the individual product description. But Indola also develops products with formulas that 100% meet the needs of curly hair. Click onthis linkfor an overview of all products that are suitable for curly hair!


      How do UV filters work for your hair?

      UV radiation damages the hair. It ensures that the protein in the hair is broken down and that the color changes. The sun dries out the hair and makes it thinner. Hair ends split faster and the haircut gets a dull and fluffy look. Of course you want to prevent this at all times. Fortunately, Indola has products that contain UV filters.

      UV filters are substances that block UV radiation from the sun and tanning beds. For example, UV filters protect the hair against damage. Excessive exposure to the sun and therefore UV radiation bleaches your hair color. This is the case with dyed hair as well as undyed hair. Do you want to give your hair that little bit of extra protection? Then choose a product with a UV filter!


      Where can I ask my question about Indola?

      If you have any questions about Indola products, or if you are not sure which product suits you best? Please feel free to contact our team via [email protected] . We are happy to help you.