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      CHI Argan Oil

      CHI Argan Oil is specially designed for dry and damaged hair. Show more


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      CHI Argan Oil is specially designed for dry and damaged hair. The CHI Argan Oil line is based on Argan oil and Moringa oil. Argan oil comes from the fruits of the argan tree. It is rich in vitamin E and contains omega fatty acids that provide nourishment to your locks. Argan oil does not aggravate the hair, absorbs quickly, moisturizes and nourishes dry and damaged locks. Moringa oil contains many antioxidants and is one of the most desirable oils used in cosmetic products. The oil penetrates deeply into your locks, delivering vital nutrients and helping to retain the moisture in your locks. Moringa oil is a popular natural supplement for hair health and strength, as well as providing optimal scalp care. This line contains the CHI ceramic composition. This compound uses ceramic ingredients and proteins to provide the hair with excellent protection. The ceramic compounds release anions on the cuticle, which help bind proteins together to give the hair more shine, strength and a lively appearance.


      Which Argan Oil hair care does CHI have?

      The CHI Argan oil line consists of a four-part system with the following products:

      CHI Argan Oil Shampoohas a strong nourishing formula enriched with vitamins, proteins and antioxidants. The first step of the 4-part Argan Oil system protects and revitalizes your damaged locks, turning them into healthy and shiny locks. The C HI Argan Oil Conditioneris a nourishing conditioner that improves the strength and elasticity of your locks and protects it against damage from thermal styling and UV radiation. CHI Argan Oil Maskis a powerful tiger with oil and silky formula. It moisturizes and revitalizes your locks. In addition, it ensures that the texture, elasticity, shine and manageability of your hair transforms! This powerful tiger is ideal for thick, coarse and chemically treated locks.CHI Argan Oil is the last step in the 4-part Argan Oil system. This Argan oil from CHI is quickly absorbed by your locks and has been developed to prevent aging of your locks. In addition, it moisturizes your locks and it transforms locks from dull and damaged to beautifully healthy, shiny hair. CHI Revival Argan Oil is also available as a set, this does not include the mask.


      Is CHI Argan Oil suitable for my hair?

      Is the CHI Argan oil line not suitable for your locks, or are you not sure. Then we would like to refer you to the main page of CHI , where you will find all product lines of CHI. It also indicates for whom and what type of hair the products are suitable. Do you still have questions? Please feel free to contact our team via [email protected].


      What are the main ingredients of the Argan Oil line?

      It is of course obvious that the hair care from this CHI line contains argan oil, but what are the most important ingredients and what exactly do they do for your hair? You can read that here!

      In addition to Argan Oil, CHI hair products also contain Sunflower Seed Oil and Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil.

      Argan Oil is one of the best-known oils for our hair, among other things. It moisturizes your hair immensely, and thanks to the enormous amount of Vitamin E and natural unsaturated fats, your hair is considerably protected against harmful external influences.

      Sunflower Seed Oil is really fantastic! It stimulates hair growth, improves the condition of your scalp, it retains moisture in your hair and it prevents frizz! Basically everything that makes us and our hair happy :) It is also really a top ingredient for dry hair, mainly due to the fact that the water locks in your hair, as it were.

      Moringa Olefera Seed Oil is a plant oil without fragrance. It contains various antioxidants such as zeatin and qeurcetin, it also contains vitamins A, C and E. The oil also ensures that a barrier is created so that the loss of moisture is prevented. It also has a calming effect on the scalp


      Is the Argan Oil Hair Care suitable for my hair?

      Does this line of CHI sound like music to your ears, but are you not sure whether it is also suitable for your hair? Then read on and discover it quickly! The Argan Oil is ideal for dry and damaged hair. Thanks to the Argan Oil and Moringa Oil and vitamins, your hair is intensely nourished and hydrated without weighing your hair down. Do you have frizzy, frizzy and/or damaged hair? Then this is definitely a must!

      Your hair will feel silky soft again and get a beautiful shine. Weak ends are also prevented in the future and current dead ends are treated.


      Can you tell me more about the background of CHI?

      CHI, short for Cationic Hydration Interlink, part of Farouk Systems USA is one of the fastest growing brands in professional hair salons. CHI is an animal-friendly brand because all hair products are not tested on animals. CHI has a wide range of hair products, such as shampoos, conditioners, treatments and many more hair products. In addition, CHI also has a diverse range of hair tools, such as the CHI hair straightener, CHI hair dryer and CHI curling iron. In addition, top model and TV presenter Daphne Deckers is an ambassador for the brand.


      Where can I ask my question about CHI hair care with Argan Oil as an ingredient?

      Are you looking for good hair care for your beautiful hair because they scream for it? Or is your hair screaming for something, but you don't know exactly what that should be? Then enlist the help of our team. We are happy to help you so that you discover whether the CHI line with Argan Oil is suitable for your hair or whether it is better to go for something else :) Of course this is completely without obligation. Send your question to [email protected] or call our team members during office hours. If you would like personal advice, we recommend that you come to our head office in Zwolle, where the collection point is also located. This way we can give you even more targeted advice :)