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      Umberto Giannini

      The brand Umberto Giannini, was founded by Umberto. He felt that hair should be able to move freely while preserving the hair's natural texture. In addition, Umberto thought it was important that the hair grows beautifully, even looks good on bad hair days and feels perfect. Umberto Giannini has many different lines with different types of products Show more


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      The brand Umberto Giannini,was founded by Umberto. He felt that hair should be able to move freely while preserving the hair's natural texture. In addition, Umberto thought it was important that the hair grows beautifully, even looks good on bad hair days and feels perfect. Umberto Giannini has many different lines with different types of products to suit your needs. There is a special line for every hair type!


      How did Umberto Giannini grow so big?

      In the style of the 90s, Umberto brought a new movement to the hairdressing world and won several awards, including the youngest British hairdresser of the year ever (he still holds this title!). Umberto is known as a TV presenter and celebrity stylist. He also revolutionized the curly hair market with his partner and co-founder Claire. A fun fact is that the best-selling Curl Jelly is made especially for Claire's curls!


      What are the values of Umberto Giannini?

      The brand is about you, the most important thing is that you like doing your hair. Umberto Gianniniwants to give you the ideas and products that will make your hair better, even on bad hair days. It is also very important to Umberto Giannini that all products are Vegan & cruelty free.


      Are Umberto Giannini's products vegan and cruelty free?

      Umberto Giannini loves beauty. All products are Vegan & Cruelty Free. The brand is always looking for the most planet-friendly ways to make the best hair care products they can be proud of.

      Co-founder Claire has been a vegan all her life and created Umberto Giannini to be 100% vegan since its launch in 1998. This means that there have never been and never will be animal products or by-products in the ingredients.


      Which Umberto Giannini products do we have in our range?

      Umberto Giannini's products are designed so that everyone can achieve salon quality in their own home. There is a line of products for everyone and every hair type. Haarspullen.nl has the following lines:


      • Curl Jelly- Helps remove frizz and give manageable, bouncy curls. The Curl Jelly is Umberto Giannini's worldwide bestseller, loved by curls all over the world.


      • Curl Repair- This line provides intense damage repair for longer, stronger curls.


      • Coily Curls- Contains Intensive, moisture-rich and nourishing ingredients to achieve natural super curls and hydrate curly textures. The curls are made silky soft and reshaped for the best result.


      • Curl Styling- This line consists of the best-selling must-haves for curl care and helps to make the curls even weatherproof.


      • Grow long- Helps hair grow longer and stronger. The products from this line are formulated with the unique Umberto Giannini Caffeine-Gro complex.


      • Scalp Restore- Gives extra love to a dry, flaky and oily scalp! The products from this line remove dead skin cells, bacteria and excess oils to prevent flakes and restore a clear and healthy scalp. Vegan and cruelty-free.


      • Banana Butter– The line helps to nourish, restore shine and improve manageability of dry, frizzy, textured hair. The products consist of 97% natural ingredients.


      • Super Juices- This collection of lightweight conditioning waters is set to transform your hair health in a flash. The collection helps lock in softness, leaving hair looking and feeling silky smooth, even after just one use!


      • HairDetox- Is a weekly treatment designed to purify the congested scalp and remove unwanted buildup of oil, dirt and pollution.


      • Volume Boost- Is specially formulated to achieve fullness, thickness, density and volume. Volume Boost stimulates hair fullness and growth by stimulating the scalp with salicylic acid. This acid reduces hair loss and hair breakage due to over-styling.


      • Salon Smooth- Transforms hair from dull to dazzling shine. The line gives a 'stepped out of the salon' smooth finish.


      • Flowerology Color Masks- This line consists of deep conditioning color masks, which give your hair a fantastic color without affecting the health of the hair. It moisturizes and smoothes the hair, for a shiny and naturally radiant finish.


      • Color Care- Neutralizes brassy tones in blond hair while enriching and restoring color in brown hair. This line also contributes to nourishing your hair, strengthening your hair and giving it a long-lasting shine.


      • Boho Beach- Let yourself be taken to the beach with this coconut-rich, creamy hair care for natural beach-like volume. The products contain UV filters to protect the hair against color fading. Easily create the most beautiful beach hair looks!


      What are Umberto Giannini's bestsellers?

      Umberto Giannini has a lot of bestsellers, but we have selected three favorites for you:



      Which Umberto Giannini Shampoos and Conditioners do not contain sulfates and parabens?

      Looking for a shampoo and conditioner without sulfates and parabens? We understand that this quest can sometimes seem endless. To make things a little easier for you, we've found out which Umberto Giannini shampoos and conditioners are formulated without sulfates and parabens!


      Below you will find all shampoos from Umberto Giannini without sulfates and parabens:


      Of course not to forget the conditioners without sulfates and parabens:


      Are Umberto Giannini's products suitable for the Curly Girl Method?

      Umberto Giannini Has a wide range of products specially designed for curl care. All these products are carefully composed and will help you create the most beautiful natural curls. Unfortunately, not all products are formulated according to the CG Method. We have listed the products that are completely CG-Proof here for our Curly Girls: 



      Where can I ask questions aboutUmberto Giannini products?

      Do you have questions about Umberto Giannini's products? Then don't wait to contact us. Contact us by calling 038-4582584 or by emailing[email protected], the Haarspullen team will be happy to help you find an answer to your question. Tip: Every order from 35 euros has free shipping, so take a quick look around!