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      Laundry detergent

      Baby Detergent is not just there and there is a lot to be said about it. A baby detergent is different from a 'normal' detergent, because it is an adapted variant. The ingredients list is much milder and if you have the right brand it is actually better for your baby's health and very delicate skin.   When should I start washing baby clothes? W Show more



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      Baby Detergent is not just there and there is a lot to be said about it. A baby detergent is different from a 'normal' detergent, because it is an adapted variant. The ingredients list is much milder and if you have the right brand it is actually better for your baby's health and very delicate skin.


      When should I start washing baby clothes?

      Wash clothes before your baby is born. People read about it, talked about it and wrote about it - but what is really useful. The whole idea that baby clothes need to be washed comes about because new baby clothes contained a certain 'starch' that made the baby clothes look better in the store. Wrinkled baby clothes and regular clothes for that matter look less attractive in the store - sell less well. This gave rise to the whole idea of always washing baby clothes before wearing them. However, this was always done with 'normal' detergent, which was later discovered to be not very good for the baby's skin. And actually not for our skin either, but that's another story ;)

      Now that we have moved on in time, washing baby clothes before use has simply become ingrained. And let's be honest, there is nothing more wonderful than fiddling with your baby clothes before your little miracle is born!

      Sometimes it is not really necessary anymore, but sometimes it is. It really depends on how the baby clothes go into the store. However, sometimes you can just play it safe and add the fun aspect - mess around with all the baby clothes and start washing!


      Do I need to machine wash before washing baby clothes?

      A washing machine takes a lot of hours, and especially with a baby - even more. Because a washing machine is really a utensil, maintaining it is VERY important! Especially if you use liquid detergent. This will sit in your washing machine and must be washed thoroughly regularly. It is therefore recommended to regularly wash the washing machine at 90 degrees, this can be done empty or once with towels. If you have turned your laundry away immediately ;) However, if you have never done this before, it is recommended to empty it once.

      But how do you clean the washing machine, and do you only turn the machine at 90 degrees or do you also use something? Of course you use something and you probably already have it at home: natural vinegar and baking soda (Arm&Hammer for example). Use a whole bottle of natural vinegar (liter or one and a half) and add half a cup of soda. Once a month is definitely recommended. There are plenty of families, especially when there is a lot of music, who do it every week. The more often your washing machine is used, the dirtier it naturally becomes. So check that out a little bit.



      What is the best detergent for my baby?

      The best detergent is one that does not contain harmful ingredients and is as natural as possible. What the brand is then is not interesting. Ultimately it's all about the baby. Years ago we set out to find a detergent that we can sell that is actually responsible to sell. That's how we ended up at Attitude. This brand once started with two fathers who saw how chemical and bad cleaning products are, and their baby who crawled around and kept putting their hands in their mouths and just biting everything ;) In the meantime, they have grown into a huge company, but always with safety as a basis. And so they have gradually become a 'family brand' that is completely safe!

      Neutral is a popular brand for babies, as it contains no perfume. Although this is certainly better than an average detergent, there is still room for improvement in the ingredients. There are still some in it that are not good for delicate baby skin.

      Triethanolamine and Sodium Laureth Sulfate to name two. According to the EWG , these two get a score of 3 and 5. In addition, if you look at the CIR index, the same ingredients both get a B. This combination... that could be better!

      Attitude detergent's last scoring ingredient is Sodium Benzoate , and this score is one 3 according to EWG , but an A according to CIR . This is also the least ingredient in it. Instead of Sodium Laureth Sulfate they use Sodium Coco-Sulfate, which is a processed variant that is not harmful to the skin. This is often reflected in the prices; better quality is often slightly more expensive. Attitude is also officially EWG Certified .

      Based on ingredient lists, Attitude is simply an absolute winner, and we don't say that because we sell it. We started selling it because it is a very good, high-quality baby detergent that looks after a baby's health :)


      At what degrees did you wash your baby clothes?

      When washing baby clothes, you naturally want to do the best. But take it easy, the most important thing is you as a mother who is relaxed and calm. That is THE most important thing. When you wash the baby clothes, it is important that you wash as hot as possible. The hotter the machine, the more bacteria it kills. Most items of laundry are washed at 60 degrees, but we really recommend that you always check the label of the item you are going to wash. Do not wash baby clothes higher than indicated on the label, there is a good chance that the item will shrink. Yes, even size 44 can shrink ;)


      How do I get tough stains out of baby clothes without using harmful ingredients?

      Baby clothes are washed often, sometimes they have only been worn for an hour. However, the for example can be quite dirty - spray diapers! It is important that they go straight into the washing machine, the longer the stains remain - the more difficult they are to remove. The same goes for milk spots, just breastfed and then (unfortunately) some milk comes back. Or perhaps even spit, for this too, wash immediately - if necessary in a bucket with hot water and a little detergent. However, poop stains and breast milk stains are not easy to remove, even after washing. How do you get those difficult stains out of your most beautiful baby clothes? Then you can use special stain cleaner. Now it is important that you do not go to the store and use chemical stain removers, because then you still use chemical ingredients that the baby's skin does not like.

      Well, dirty baby clothes don't look good. Look for a safe stain remover, and it's true that there are almost none. Of course, Attitude has developed this, and fortunately the price is not high. The investment in your little one's health is therefore significant, because that is what it is all about!

      The stain remover is, of course, also perfume-free. However, it does not have a natural scent, as certain Attitude products do (it is not a harmful perfume, but naturally drawn). The Attitude Stain Remover - Perfume Free is available for just €5.49. You get no less than 475ml, so it will last a long time :)



      Should you always wash baby clothes first?

      A question that is often asked is whether you should always wash baby clothes. No, you don't have to - ultimately decide for yourself. However, it can often be better, but as we indicated earlier, it is not always necessary. The story with the 'starch' above. If you want to be on the safe side, you can do this quietly, and you don't have to wait until the last minute. Do it when you feel like it, you can't do it too early. It's better to take it a bit further and take the time to do so. Enjoy this special time. Again, stress is worse than "having to wash" baby clothes. There are also mothers who get a lot of stress about it, and it's not worth it ;)


      What are the most important characteristics of a baby detergent?

      Looking for a nice and especially 'healthy' baby detergent has a small list of points that you can follow. We have listed the most important features for you so that you have a kind of checklist if you are looking for a nice and, above all, safe baby detergent. Check it out!

      • Fragrance-free
      • Hypoallergenic
      • EWG Certified
      • Dermatologically tested
      • Free from carcinogens, enzymes and hormone disruptors

      Then you pretty much have everything in order. Of course, Attitude ticks everything off :) Do you now understand why we are so lyrical about this brand? That's not without reason ;)


      Is there also a fabric softener specifically for baby clothes?

      It is always recommended not to use fabric softener and this is for good reason. This has to do with the fact that fabric softener often contains fragrances and dyes that can be irritating to your baby's skin. However, this is always said about 'normal' fabric softeners, and then this information is correct. However, certain brands are also developing and looking for solutions, fortunately. Nowadays there are also fabric softeners that have been specially developed for babies! Yes, and then you can use fabric softener. And you actually want that too, because it makes the baby clothes softer - which is nicer for the delicate baby skin!

      We therefore only recommend fabric softener if it has been specially developed for delicate baby skin with the right ingredients. Attitude has developed two different fabric softeners for baby clothes that are approved for delicate baby skin! So there's no junk in it!

      Attitude Fabric Softener Pear/Nectar - perfume-free, but it has a scent that is naturally derived from pear/nectar! And no, no chemicals were used to obtain the scent ;)

      Attitude Fabric Softener Perfume-free - odorless


      Is the baby detergent also for sensitive skin?

      A baby detergent that has really been developed for babies, and therefore not just a nice marketing term, is suitable for sensitive skin. The reason to actually read the ingredients when you do your own research. Because something may not test on animals or be vegan, to name a few, but it may still contain the most unhealthy ingredients that are harmful to your health. This also works with baby detergents. A trend has emerged and many brands are going along with it. They adjust one thing, such as leaving the perfume out - but they leave the rest in. You're actually still not getting much out of it. So there are baby detergents that are really high-quality that are also hypoallergenic, or suitable for sensitive skin. However, this does not mean that a baby detergent is by definition suitable for sensitive skin, and is therefore not suitable for a baby. Because a baby always has sensitive skin. Yes Yes ;)

      If you don't feel like investigating yourself, we can assure you that Attitude detergents are suitable for sensitive skin. In other words - hypoallergenic detergent. This would also be ideal for adults, although they have their own line of those too.


      Is there also a detergent that is hypoallergenic?

      A hypoallergenic detergent, you may have heard it before - but don't know what that exactly means. We get it! These are all terms that we sometimes think about ourselves - mmm...just google it. We also used the word in the above question, but what is a hypoallergenic detergent? It is now clear that it is suitable for sensitive skin, but why? A hypoallergenic detergent means that the moisture balance of the skin is not disturbed when you use the detergent in question. The chance of an allergic reaction is also very small. In other words - the manufacturer does not use ingredients that are known to cause an allergic or irritating reaction.



      Do I also have to run separate baby washes?

      Ultimately you have to decide this yourself, of course. It is often the case that baby laundry is rotated throughout the day, because changing clothes need to be done more often because of breast milk or poop. During the maternity week, the maternity nurse often does extra laundry, so that everything remains nice and clean. You can see if you can put something together or not, you can use the baby detergent for your own clothes. As we indicated earlier, this is also better for our own skin, of course.

      See what works best for you together.

      However, there may be reasons for separate baby washes: Your husband works with dangerous chemicals. In such a case, it is certainly advisable that the clothes in question are washed separately. In such a case you can choose the uncertain for the certain.

      Or because you like strongly scented detergent. You can of course always choose the Pear/Nectar variant. This is scented, but this is a natural scent that is naturally extracted without the use of chemicals. So it is also suitable for your baby, because it is of course not that strong. The mother's scent is the most important thing for your little one.


      Where can I ask my question about baby detergent?

      You may still have a question after reading all the above information. Be it about the detergents or about the brand itself. You can always reach our team by email - [email protected]. We can of course also be reached by telephone during office hours. This is often faster and more personal :) We can be reached on 038-4582584 . Ask your question and we will help you in your baby detergent search, haha :)

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