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      Lee Stafford

      Lee Stafford was founded by Lee, a hairstylist. Lee Stafford has an extensive range of professional and affordable hair products. Lee Stafford products look striking with striking colors. With more than 10 collections, Lee Stafford has a solution for every 'hair problem' or 'hair type'! Lee Stafford products are usually vegan, which you can also se Show more


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      Lee Stafford was founded by Lee, a hairstylist. Lee Stafford has an extensive range of professional and affordable hair products. Lee Stafford products look striking with striking colors. With more than 10 collections, Lee Stafford has a solution for every 'hair problem' or 'hair type'! Lee Stafford products are usually vegan, which you can also see on the packaging. Are you curious about the products of Lee Stafford and do you want to know more? Then read on below!


      Who is Lee Stafford?

      Lee Stafford was born in Essex. He opened his hair salon in 1984 in the city of Essex. After several openings of his many hair salons, he got his range of hair products in 2001. Lee likes to share his passion and his knowledge with his customers. Lee Stafford products are suitable for different hair types. Every hairline has its own qualities, such as for the curly curls but also the blondies ;)


      What hair type is Lee Stafford suitable for?

      You probably didn't miss the colorful packaging of Lee Stafford. Due to the different collections, Lee Stafford has products for all hair types. For example, the products with the well-known bright pink packaging is the curl line, these products are suitable for the curly girls, curl type 2A to 4C. The products have been specially developed for waves and curls. The packaging indicates whether the products are also suitable for your hairstyle.This line is all about moisture, as curly hair is drier and more fragile than other hair types. Lee Stafford also has different lines for different hair types:


      What should I know about Lee Stafford?

      • A suitable line for every hair type
      • Lots of nice & good ingredients
      • Hydrates and cares
      • Curly line is 100% curly girl proof
      • Vegan friendly with many products
      • Cruelty free


      What ingredients does Lee Stafford use?

      Lee Stafford loves the right and good ingredients to make your hair as beautiful as possible. As an example, we are going to explain a number of ingredients from the curly and blond line. For The Love Of Curls includes Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter Extract and Coconut Oil. These ingredients nourish your curls, reduce frizz and make it shine. The line is composed of sustainably sourced, nourishing and strengthening ingredients that your curls love:

      Sunflower Oil - Sunflower seeds consist of amino acids, proteins, sugars, mineral salts and fruit acids that protect the hair and make it shine! It is a lightweight oil that conditions the hair without weighing it down. In addition, it counteracts dryness which results in frizz and breakage. It is a natural UV protector and protects against color fading.

      Shea Butter Extract - Rich in vitamins A and E, it is gentle yet powerful on the hair and scalp. Shea Butter helps lock in moisture and makes hair softer.

      Coconut Oil - Coconut oil is deeply nourishing and moisturizing. It helps repair damage, leaving hair feeling healthy and soft. In addition, your curls get a nice shine.


      The blond line is for the girls&boys with blond hair. Thanks to a unique formula that contains Vitamin B5, Chamomile and Moringa Seed, your hair is intensely nourished and hydrated. This way your bleached hair is completely fresh and beautiful again:

      Vitamin B5 - Also called Panthenol. Improves hair strength, shine and softness. It also helps to retain moisture.

      Chamomile - Chamomile extract has soothing and nourishing properties. It helps to strengthen the hair follicles for brighter and healthier hair. It adds natural shine to the hair and protects against external influences.

      Moringa Seed - A multitasker that has great cleansing and strengthening properties. It moisturizes the scalp, protects against external influences and gives your hair a natural shine.


      Is Lee Stafford vegan?

      In general, Lee Stafford tries to make as many vegan products as possible. But this doesn't always work. For example, some of their products contain beeswax. Because of this, Lee Stafford calls himself 'vegan friendly'. This means that they do their utmost to make all their products vegan, but this is not always a success. As a result, they advise that if you are really looking for a vegan product, you should always take a look at the ingredients list. This way you know for sure whether the product is vegan, because it differs per product.


      What lines does Lee Stafford have?

      The range of haarspullen.nl consists of 11 lines from Lee Stafford. We have listed everything for you below!

      Arganoil from Morocco - This Line contains an oil treatment for all hair types. It helps to soften your hair and leaves a beautiful shine with a nourishing effect!

      Bleach Blondes - This is a line made especially for blondes. The line contains all products that give your blond locks the right care.

      Bigger Fatter Fuller - The Bigger Fatter Fuller line from Lee Stafford is for everyone with thicker and fuller hair. The line has an improved formula for even more volume. This nourishing treatment removes all built up dirt and makes the hair nice and smooth.

      Cactus Crush - This line from Lee Stafford is intensely light and does not weigh down the hair. It Moisturizes and repairs your hair instantly. The dry hair is easy to comb and can be blow-dried smooth and straight.

      Coco Loco - This tropical CoCo LoCo line contains coconut oil that nourishes, conditions and repairs damaged hair. Your hair is intensely hydrated, which immediately reduces breakage.

      Dry Shampoo - The Dry Shampoos give your hair a boost. It refreshes, revitalizes and makes your hair completely clean again. A real must-have for that extra boost!

      For The Love Of Curls - Is a line especially for girls with curls. This line is also suitable for girls who use the curly girl method and are looking for suitable products.

      Fresh Hair - Is a line that moisturizes, repairs and balances your hair. Due to the intense care, the treatment makes your hair shine again.Ideally suited for finer hair and oily hair types with dry ends.

      Hair Apology - The Lee Stafford Hair Apology is a line that nourishes, repairs and cleanses your hair. It is a perfect treatment for hair that is damaged, dry or over-processed.

      Hair Growth - The Hair Growth line is specially made for hair that doesn't seem to grow anymore. The products stimulate the scalp and moisturize to increase blood flow to the hair roots.

      Styling & Finishing - The Styling & Finish line from Lee Stafford fixes and gives your hair bounce. Your hair will stay in shape for up to 24 hours.


      What is the difference between the Purple Toning and the Ice White Toning?

      Lee Stafford has two types of silver shampoos and silver conditioners in the Bleach Blondes line:

      The Iconic Ice White Toning is especially for platinum blondes, has blue pigment and neutralizes orange tones. The Puple Reign Toning has purple pigment and neutralizes yellow and coppery tones.


      Is Lee Stafford's curl line intended for the curly girl method?

      YES! Lee Stafford's curl line is super suitable for the curly girl method. Lee Stafford says he understands how important the curly girly method is for girls with curly hair and have therefore ensured that all their products can be used with the curly girl method, they are CG-friendly!


      Where can I ask my question about Lee Stafford?

      Do you have a question about one of our products or our service? You can expect us to answer all your questions by e-mail very quickly. Often also outside office hours. You can also reach us by phone. Do you want more information? Then take a look at our frequently asked questions.