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      Fanola No Yellow

      Fanola is an exclusive hairdressing brand from Italy. The Fanola No Yellow has become known worldwide for its unprecedented results. Online videos can be found everywhere about the results of the Fanola No Yellow shampoo, which has suddenly put this brand on the map. Fanola's other products are also of very good quality and above all very affordabl Show more


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      Fanola is an exclusive hairdressing brand from Italy. The Fanola No Yellow has become known worldwide for its unprecedented results. Online videos can be found everywhere about the results of the Fanola No Yellow shampoo, which has suddenly put this brand on the map. Fanola's other products are also of very good quality and above all very affordable. In short, a new professional line that is already making a difference in the market.


      Fanola No Yellow Power, are you already familiar with it?

      Fanola owes its fame to the Fanola No Yellow. The purple pigments in Fanola silver shampoo are so powerful that they can transform your warm blond hair into cool, ash blond locks without too much effort! Your locks are literally toned, without the use of demi- or semi-permanent coloring. And that is of course unprecedented! And that only with a silver shampoo. So you understand that Fanola quickly conquered the Dutch market. This shows that Fanola is a quality brand.


      What is the difference between the No Yellow and the No Orange?

      Fanola has become very famous with the No Yellow Silver shampoo, but they have now also brought a No Orange "Silver shampoo" on the market. What exactly is the difference between these two and which one should you choose for your hair? The Fanola No Yellow ensures that the yellow tones from gray and blond hair are neutralized. The Fanola No Orange ensures that the red and copper tones from dark hair are neutralized. If you want more information about the difference between these 2 silver shampoos, we would like to refer you to our article " No Yellow vs No Orange ". Discover which choice you can make best for your beautiful hair ♡


      Is the Fanola No Yellow the silver shampoo of the moment?

      The No Yellow shampoo, also known as silver shampoo, silver shampoo or Fanola Purple shampoo definitely does what it's supposed to do. He transforms warm blond locks into ash colored locks. The purple pigments ensure that you get a beautiful cool shade. The longer you leave the No Yellow on, the more effective it works. However, the silver shampoo is almost not caring, this is due to the enormous amount of violet in the Silver Shampoo. That is why it is recommended not to use the No Yellow every day. We offer a No Yellow Set here at haarspullen.nl if you really want to use it every day. The Nutri Care conditioner then takes care of the nutrition of your locks.

      Fanola is known for the excellent Silver Shampoo and now also the Silver Conditioner, which is used in blonde (blonde), Highlights, Coupe soleil, Balayage or gray hair and is intended to keep those beautiful cool colors (grey, ash and gray tones) longer . Due to various reasons, there can sometimes be a yellow glow in your colored locks. Discoloration can be caused by the environment or because you have bleached it. If your locks contain red pigment (either by dyeing or by yourself) and you want to dye your locks blond, it is possible that you get orange, yellow or blond locks with a too warm yellow glow. It is a very common problem. You want a nice cool blonde shade but it gets warmer or more yellow than you want.


      What about the Fanola No Yellow Mask exactly?

      Fanola No Yellow Mask also contains the purple pigments, so that the yellow tint disappears from your locks. However, the No Yellow Mask nourishes more than the shampoo. Actually, this mask is the conditioner of the set. This is because it contains more nourishing ingredients. To ensure an optimal combination between creating a cool shade and nourishing your locks, it is therefore recommended to combine the Fanola No Yellow set with the Fanola No Yellow Mask .

      Fanola 'No Yellow Mask' and 'No Yellow Shampoo' contain extra purple pigments that give your hair that cool, silvery blonde shade and keep it longer and your hair feels much more natural. If the No Yellow Shampoo is enough, we recommend our set, with the Nutri Cure Conditioner. If you really want to achieve maximum results, we recommend the No Yellow mask. A combination of all 3 is ideal. For example, you can lubricate the mask in your locks once or twice a week, so that your hair really no longer has a yellow glow. Yet you still have daily care because of the Nutri Care.


      An overview of the No Yellow shampoo and mask:

      • Shampoo & Mask that suppresses the warm (yellow) tones
      • Active Mask nourishes more than the shampoo
      • Best friend of bleached hair, Highlights, Coupe soleil, Balayage or gray hair
      • Suitable for colored hair
      • Unique formula with special Violet pigments that neutralizes unwanted warm or yellow glow
      • A phenomenon!


      Do you have more background information about Fanola for me?

      Fanola is a very popular hairdressing brand from beautiful Italy. It was founded in 2004 by a group of entrepreneurs. They saw various needs in the industry and wanted to offer the solutions for this. And it worked! In just a short period of time, Fanola became one of the largest and in-demand hairdressing brands in Italy. Currently they are building hard to gain popularity in other countries, and they are doing well. This success is partly due to the Fanola No-Yellow Shampoo.

      Fanola comes with something new, and we are very excited! Are you a fan of the Fanola No Yellow Silver Shampoo as much as we are? Then you will be intensely happy with the following 3, yes, you read that correctly, three new No Yellow hair products for your beautiful blonde hair! Whether natural or dyed, if you don't want a yellowish glow in your hair, you want these products!


      What exactly does the FANOLA No Yellow Range mean?

      The Fanola team has brought something new to the market and we are absolutely raving about it! The Fanola No Yellow Range! The No Yellow Range has been specially developed for blond hair, bleached hair and lightened hair. This No Yellow Trio has been developed so that you can create beautiful, pure and absolute blonde tones. And of course not only that, the anti-yellow styling products are also there so that your beautiful blond hair is protected against all harmful substances from the outside. Whether it is because of yourself, read fan of heat tools or, for example, exhaust gases. Maximum protection ensures ultimate blonde color that lasts, and is naturally free from unwanted yellow tones.

      The No Yellow Range is based on 3 pillars, namely heat, humidity and pollution.

      Blonde hair is inherently fragile and damaged, especially if it's bleached. If there is also a combination of external and internal factors that further affects the blond hair, then the fence is actually over. And that is exactly what the 3 pillars of the No Yellow are based on.

      Because for effects do the 3 pillars actually have on your blonde and gray hair?

      • Gloss is lost and compatibility deteriorates
      • oily hair
      • Dirtiness and stench / musty hair

      Now that we know the 3 pillars why the No Yellow Range is based on, which hair products have been created?

      • No Yellow Thermo-Protective Cream
      • No Yellow Bi-Phase Leave In Conditioner
      • No Yellow Shield Protective Mist


      What exactly do the styling products from the No Yellow Series do?

      Now that we know how the No Yellow Range came about and on which pillars they are based, we now want to know exactly what the Anti-Yellow Straightening products do for our beautiful gray and blonde hair :)

      The Fanola No Yellow Thermo-Protective Cream is a heat protectant that protects your bleached hair or beautiful gray against heat from tools such as a hair dryer, curling iron or a straightener. But of course that is not the only thing, we are of course talking about Fanola! This heat protectant also ensures that unwanted yellow tones are left out, so that you keep your beautiful cool look! However, if you would like more detailed information about the Fanola No Yellow Heat Protector, we would like to refer you to the Fanola No Yellow Cream product page.

      The Fanola No Yellow Bi-Phase Leave-In Conditioner intensely moisturizes your hair and it ensures that the yellow glow in your blonde hair is minimized. Your hair will feel silky soft, but not only that! It also ensures that your hair looks and feels vital and healthy again. Rest assured, the 2-Phase Potion does not weigh down your hair. Thanks to the 2-Phase Potion formula, there is a protective layer around your hair, so that fluff is prevented. And especially that annoying fluff that ensures that your beautiful look is transformed into a lion cut in a minute the moment you step outside! If you would like more information about the No Yellow Leave-In Spray, we would like to refer you to the Fanola No yellow Leave-In product page .

      The No Yellow Shield Protective Mist is the ideal spray that protects your blond hair against harmful external influences. Thanks to the Shield Technology, your hair is optimally protected and your hair gets a beautiful shine and scent! No hair and scalp that are dirty and musty, but glowing with health, radiant with shine and an ultimate Fanola scent!


      Are there also No Yellow hair products that are vegan?

      Nowadays we are all becoming a lot more aware of the products and especially the ingredients of the products we use. Especially when it comes to animal cruelty, that's almost a no-go these days. Although not everyone finds it so fascinating, you see that more and more products are becoming cruelty-free and more and more vegan. Benefit of this, even if you don't care about it? Vegan hair products are becoming more and more affordable, and of course everyone benefits from that!

      Are there any No Yellow Silver shampoos or increase products that are vegan, we hear you ask. And they certainly are!

      The following 3 No Yellow Styling products are currently vegan:

      1. Fanola No Yellow Cream
      2. Fanola No yellow Leave-In
      3. No Yellow Shield Protective Mist

      Several more vegan No Yellow products will follow, we will also indicate this with the individual product. They then get the tag vegan :)


      Is the No Yellow heat protectant also suitable for my gray or light-colored hair?

      Are you looking for a super strong heat protectant that not only protects your blond hair from the heat of styling tools, but also ensures that unwanted yellow tones are stopped? Then you're in the right place with the No Yellow Heat Protectant. This is suitable for bleached hair, natural blond hair, gray hair and light colored hair. However, do you have dark hair? Then the No Yellow Heat Protector is not suitable for your hair, in the sense of anti-yellow. It will protect your hair from the heat of heat tools, but it will not neutralize your hair from unwanted shades. We recommend that you read the article " No Yellow vs No Orange " to find out exactly how this works. Then a lot will become clear :)


      Is the Fanola No Yellow silver shampoo suitable for my hair?

      Have you been looking for a good silver shampoo for ages, or maybe your search has just started. Then we advise you to get started well-informed. That is fortunately extremely easy, we have all the important information put on one page so you get the right silver shampoo you choose one that is suitable for your beautiful hair, but also consistent with your routine :) Go to the page Silver Shampoo and discover it!


      Where can I ask my question about the No yellow hair care?

      Do you have a question related to No Yellow hair care or perhaps a No Yellow styling product? Are you not sure what the ideal silver shampoo is for your hair, or are you in doubt whether you should purchase a silver shampoo + No Yellow styling products? No matter what question you have, get in touch with our team! Our team can help and inform you well so that you can make the right choice for you and your hair. You can make a better choice if you are well informed ♡