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      Vegan Hair Vitamins

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      Vegan hair vitamins are an absolute must have!

      Are you completely vegan but are you missing some vitamins? Vegan hair products have been popular among our customers for a long time. People are becoming increasingly aware of the suffering caused to animals when testing products. Fortunately, more and more brands are recognizing this and are finding other testing methods for their products.


      What are vegan hair vitamins?

      You see them almost everywhere on Facebook and Instagram: candies that would be great for your hair. As a specialist in the field of hair problems, we did research for you: do hair vitamins really work? Before we go any further, we will of course answer the question first. What exactly are vegan hair vitamins? Very simple, these are hair vitamins that make your hair healthier and longer, but vegan. In other words, the hair sweets contain no animal ingredients and are also cruelty free, in other words no testing on animals.


      When to start with vegan hair vitamins?

      Hair vitamins are often bought when you suffer from hair loss. No matter how many masks or oils you put on your hair, if you don't get enough vitamins, your hair and skin will suffer. That's where these vitamins can save your hair. Not only will they stimulate hair growth and keep split ends at bay, but they are also good for the skin. Let these vitamins do their thing and in no time you'll have hair models would envy.


      Which vitamins are in vegan hair vitamins?

      MSM (also known as Methylsulfonylmethane) is a sulfur-based compound that can be found in raw, plant-based foods. This can be taken as a supplement. It helps your body produce collagen and keratin, both of which are essential for maintaining healthy locks. It is called the beauty mineral because it increases the thickness of your hair within two weeks. The diameter of each strand of hair increases and any damaging toxins disappear.

      Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, which helps our body convert fats, proteins and carbohydrates, so that all the nutrients we eat are absorbed into our body. This means that biotin plays an essential role in hair health, because without it the body cannot absorb nutrients, even if our diet is super healthy. Without enough biotin in your body, your locks can look dull and brittle and you may even suffer from hair loss.

      Omega 3 capsules are made from the oil from the tissues of fish. They have a super high amount of fatty acids and vitamins, which complements and strengthens your hair. It helps the scalp, nourishing your locks with healthy oils. This makes your hair shine more and it becomes less dull and damaged. Besides the fact that this works great for your hair, it is also good for the skin.

      Silica is a compound made up of silicon and oxygen and can be found in leafy greens, vegetables, whole grains or as a supplement. We are born with a high level of Silica (that's why babies have so soft hair), but as we get older, it is deposited through our pores. Ingesting silica stimulates circulation and boosts blood flow, leading to rapid hair growth spurts and a silky texture.


      Which Vegan Hair Vitamins are vegan?

      Isza Beau Hair Vitamins are deliciously soft gummy candies in the shape of nice pineapples! These tasty vitamins ensure that your hair grows faster, but also makes it healthier and more beautiful. With prolonged use of the vitamins, the hair will shine and the hair breakage will stop. Isza Beau Hair Vitamins are 100% vegan and free from allergens. The jar contains 60 vitamins, so this is enough for 1 month of use. Are you looking for a boost for the hair, both in the growth process and in health? We definitely recommend giving these pineapples a chance! Enjoy guaranteed success!

      Neofollics Hair Growth Tablets are tablets that will stimulate hair growth again. The tablets contain effective nutritional supplements that are good for skin and hair. The Hair Growth Tablets are suitable for men and women and are packed with vitamins, minerals and effective biotin. These Neofollics Tablets ensure that your scalp is stimulated from 'inside'. It nourishes the hair follicles, reactivating hair growth.

      Neofollics Anti-Grey Tablets are extremely effective for gray or graying hair. The tablets combat gray hair and ensure that your natural hair growth is preserved for as long as possible. In addition, you get thicker, longer and healthier hair. The tablets contain enzymes, vitamins, minerals and plate extracts that inhibit the process of graying hair. They even cause the natural hair color to return to a certain extent slowly.


      Are Isza Beau Vegan Hair Vitamins Right For Me?

       Are you looking for healthy long locks? It is often quite a task to let the hair grow. Usually we think it takes too long and once we get there, we suddenly feel the need to cut the hair again. Recognizable? You're not the only one. ;) With these vitamins, this process certainly doesn't take too long. The hair grows significantly faster, so you can enjoy long locks faster, without a long process.

      Isza Beau Hair Vitamins are suitable for anyone looking for a healthy, full head of hair! No requirements and no exceptions, just as much opportunity and success for everyone! Turn your lifeless hair into hair with more volume and shine!


      Are Isza Beau Hair Vitamins 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free?

      Isza Beau Hair gummies are so popular for a reason. Good ingredients, extremely affordable and then they are also completely 100% vegan and cruelty free. They have succeeded in producing these vitamins without causing harm to animals. We can therefore proudly say that Isza Beau Hair Vitamins are completely Vegan and Cruelty Free! An absolute must have!


      Are Neofollics tablets suitable for me?

      Neofollics is a brand that focuses specifically on hair growth. Many men suffer from excessive hair loss early on. This is of course not desirable, just like with the founder of Neofollics. Because he couldn't find good hair growth products that made his hair grow, but also gave it thick and volume, he started working on it himself. This is how Neofollics was created, and he moved from working together with hospitals, dermatologists and specialists to the consumer market. Neofollics products are suitable for anyone who suffers from general hair problems, such as thinning hair, hair loss, graying or damaged hair. It is suitable for every hair type!


      Are the Neofollics tablets vegan and cruelty free?

      Perhaps Neofollics sounds very good to the ears, and actually very logical with this proven brand. All Neofollics products are completely free of animal testing. So they don't test on animals, how nice is that! In addition, the Neofollics products are all vegan, except for the conditioner.


      Do the vegan hair vitamins also have side effects?

      A good question, because it is important that you know what you are taking in. That is why we always recommend that you check the ingredients list before purchasing anything. It is also very wise to be aware of possible side effects. As far as is known, there are no side effects when taking the hair vitamins.


      Where can I ask my question about vegan hair vitamins?

      Are you not quite sure whether the Hair Vitamins is suitable for you, or do you have another question about hair gummies? Then enlist the help of our team! We will try to help you as best as possible so that you can make a choice that makes you happy. Send your question to [email protected] or call our team during office hours. Customer service is closed during the weekend.