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      Eyebrows , the one thing you can get into shape without exercising. We are all looking for the perfect eyebrow. Unless you are blessed with beautiful full dark eyebrows of your own, but unfortunately this is unique! Nowadays there are also many eyebrow trends: thin, thick, bushy, tight. Fortunately, there are enough tools and examples to create a p Show more


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      Eyebrows, the one thing you can get into shape without exercising.We are all looking for the perfect eyebrow. Unless you are blessed with beautiful full dark eyebrows of your own, but unfortunately this is unique! Nowadays there are also many eyebrow trends: thin, thick, bushy, tight. Fortunately, there are enough tools and examples to create a perfect eyebrow. Which color should you use? What about eyebrow dye? Let us help you find the right products for your eyebrows, so that you can be confident about your eyebrows.

      How can I shape my eyebrows?

      Shaping your eyebrows is certainly not super easy. It's also a bit scary, because what if it goes wrong? It's not like your eyebrow hairs grow back in a day. You can of course have your eyebrows done by a specialist, but this is pricey and you can easily do it yourself with a little explanation! Below you will find a step-by-step plan for shaping your eyebrows and how you can shape your eyebrows daily:

      Step 1 - First, it is important that you let your eyebrow hairs grow as much as possible. Before you really start shaping your eyebrows, it is important that you have a full head of eyebrows.

      Step 2 - Now it's time to tweeze and shape your eyebrows. There is a certain technique for this. You can easily apply this technique with a pencil. In this video you can see how to measure where your eyebrow should start, end and shape, mark this. After this you can determine and mark the thickness. So you can epilate everything around the marked. Step 3 continues below the video!

      Step 3 - Epilating your eyebrows is best done with tweezers. Avoid waxing, strips or twine. With tweezers you run the least risk and you can work more precisely. So you can epilate everything that falls outside the marking. While epilating, pull the hair out in the direction of hair growth. As you do this, pull your skin tight. That way it hurts less. Epilate your eyebrows with enough light and a clear mirror so that you can see what you are doing. Tip for good tweezers? KASHŌKI Straight Tweezers With Case .

      Step 4 - Comb your eyebrow hairs all the way up with a brush and cut only the tips, this way you make your eyebrows tighter.

      Step 5 - If you want you can paint your eyebrows with eyebrow dye. You can read the step-by-step plan for this in the next question!

      Step 6 - You can fill in your eyebrows with eyebrow makeup. There are different types of eyebrow products. For example, you have powders, pens, pencils and gels. Fill in your eyebrows in the color you want. Play a bit with your pencil/brush. Pressing less hard will give you a more natural effect. We have listed a number of favorite eyebrow products that we sell for you below (they are available in different colors):


      How can I dye my eyebrows with RefectoCil?

      The RefectoCil eyebrow (and eyelash) paint is the perfect solution for on fleek eyebrows. The eyebrow paint gives your eyebrows the desired color that you want so naturally. You can enjoy beautiful voluminous eyebrows for about 6 weeks. The RefectoCil eyebrow dye is available in 9 different colors.How do I use the RefectoCil eyebrow/eyelash dye?

      The paint must be prepared with hydrogen peroxide. Mix 1 cm of paint with 5 drops of RefectoCil Oxidant Developer Liquid - 3% or 1 cm of paint with 7 drops of RefectoCil Oxidant Developer Cream . Remove any makeup from your eyebrows and make sure they are clean and dry. Apply the paint to your eyebrows and leave it on for a maximum of 10 minutes. Make sure that you also pay close attention to the (desired) shape of your eyebrows when applying. How long you leave it on depends on the desired result (the longer, the more intense the color). Remove the paint and that's it!


      Is eyebrow dyeing harmful?

      No, eyebrow dye is not harmful to your eyebrows/skin. Eyebrow dye has been specially developed for the sensitive skin in the area of your eyebrow. Hair dye, for example, is too harmful for that area and is really not recommended. For example, the ingredients in RefectoCil's eyebrow paint have all been tested. The paint is not irritating or harmful to your eyes.


      What kind of eyebrows suit my face?

      It is difficult to determine which eyebrow shape suits your face. In any case, 2 tips are paramount: do not epilate too much, rather too little! And don't deviate too much from your natural eyebrow shape when you start shaping your eyebrows.

      Photos @glamourista

      Eyebrows on an oval face:

      • No exaggerated nod
      • Avoid eyebrows that curl up too much
      • Go for a soft shape
      • No hard, straight line


      Eyebrows on an elongated face:

      • Almost the same eyebrow as with an oval face
      • The eyebrow may be a little straighter


      Eyebrows on a round face:

      • Create height
      • Defined eyebrow with a kink
      • He could possibly be a bit more judge


      Eyebrows on a diamond-shaped face:

      • Create a curve in the eyebrow
      • Soft and round


      Eyebrows on a square face:

      • Balance a square face with round shapes
      • So go for a nice, round eyebrow


      Eyebrows on a heart-shaped face:

      • Go for a soft, round eyebrow
      • This makes the hard facial features a little softer


      Which eyebrow color suits my face?

      You can of course choose any color you like. If you want to go for a natural effect, the color of your eyebrows depends a lot on what hair color you have.



      The blondes among us often have naturally light eyebrows. The wish is therefore to make the eyebrows stand out more. In this case, opt for a darker color with a gray undertone. Be careful not to choose a color that is too dark, go for a color that is a maximum of three shades darker than your own eyebrows.



      The opposite is true for brunettes and people with black hair. If you have a dark hair color, it is best to choose an eyebrow color that is slightly lighter than your own hair color. Choose an eyebrow color that is one to two shades lighter than your natural eyebrow color. This way you create a softer look.


      Red hair

      Not to mention the gorgeous redheads. If you have red hair, you often have naturally light eyebrows, just like the blondes. So choose a darker eyebrow color. As a redhead, it is advisable to choose a color with a warm undertone. This matches nicely with the hair color for a natural result.


      How do my eyebrows stay in shape?

      Drama - eyebrow hairs that don't stay in place and you want a tight eyebrow. Or if you want to go along with the trend of voluminous, bushy eyebrows, a good eyebrow gel is the solution. RefectoCil has a super fine eyebrow gel, which is also nourishing for the eyebrow: RefectoCil Styling Gel Day Care .

      As a temporary solution, you can also spray hairspray on an eyebrow brush and style your eyebrows with it! Eyebrow gel does work better and is not irritating or harmful to your eyebrows.


      How can I take care of my eyebrows?

      Just like your scalp hair, your eyebrow hairs can also use grooming. You are probably familiar with eyelash serums. But there are also serums and care products for eyebrows. It is important that you only use products for your eyebrows that have been specially developed for eyebrows. The skin where the eyebrows are located is in fact quite sensitive. A well-functioning care product for your eyebrows is the RefectoCil Lash&Brow Booster or the RefectoCil Care Balm Intensive Night Care .