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      Leave-In Repair Hair Mask
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      Leave-In Repair Hair Mask
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      Leave-In Repair Hair Mask
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      Leave-in Repair Hair Mask
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      Detox Shampoo
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      pH Maintenance Shampoo
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      Molecular Repair Mist
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      Repair Hair Mask 50ml Set
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      Repair Hair Mask Set
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      K18 Leave-In Repair Hair Mask is a restorative and intensive treatment that allows your hair to return to its original origin. As if you have never dyed your hair or other things that damaged your hair. As if you have your virgin hair again! This sounds too good to be true, and the price isn't cheap either. That is exactly why our team tested it and that is why we immediately decided to include it in our range. So no false promises. And yes, it really is better than Olaplex 3. This is because of the technique they have been breeding for 10 years! But first things first!


      What are the main features of the K18 Leave-In Repair Hair Mask?

      You want to restore your (heavily) damaged, and you now want something that gives back your old, trusted hair from the past! But something that you can't just wash out, it really has to do something. Below we have listed a list of the most important features of the revolutionary K18, check it out! You will be genuinely happy :)

      • For (heavily) damaged hair
      • It restores your hair in a PERMANENT way
      • It strengthens and improves the elasticity of your hair
      • 4 minutes leave in
      • Strengthens and repairs brittle hair on permanent
      • vegan
      • Color safe
      • It is not tested on animals
      • Free from parabens, sulfates, silicones, phthalates, sodium chloride, artificial colors, formaldehyde.

      How does K18 Restorative Hair Mask actually work?

      If your hair is damaged, the keratin chains are weakened and break. These keratin chains are the inner structure that make up your hair strands. You have an enormous amount of keratin chains, because there are billions and billions of keratin chains in a single strand of hair. All your hair gets damaged by chemical treatments, heat, etc., the core structure of your hair look is actually affected. As a result, the elasticity and strength are affected and as a result your hair loses resilience and shine. Resilience and shine is what we always talk about keeping your hair looking healthy and radiant.

      After 10 years of testing the K18 team with all kinds of amino acid sequences in the entire keratin genome that makes up a human hair, they were looking for a bio-active peptide that would glue it all together again, permanently. So that a damaged strand of hair returns to its original, youthful state.

      This peptide is the K18 Peptide. This peptide goes deeper into the inner layers of the hair than traditional restorative treatments (like Olaplex 3) and is just the right size and makeup to go into those keratin chains. They have found the perfect puzzle piece that makes the puzzle complete again!

      Now that this peptide appears to be an overachiever, the consequence of this peptide is that any disrupted disulfide bonds are also reconformed as a result of reconnections. (which Olaplex 3 is known for)

      The K18Peptide uses biometics. Very simply put, that is learning from and imitating the natural. As a result, K18 bio-active peptide is recognized as natural by the hair. In addition, it is NOT washed away by water or shampoo like traditional binders. In other words, K18 is a real, long-lasting solution for damaged strands and hair strands that are brittle.


      What are the main ingredients of the K18 Permanent Recovery Hair Mask?

      K18 Hair Mask is carefully composed, so the ingredients are not just added. It has been carefully put together so that K18 works in the most perfect way. That is why we do not separate the ingredients below. It is the combination of ingredients that ensures that the product works the way it does. The right amounts of each ingredient have also been carefully selected. The cooperation of the 3 alcohol ingredients are correctly dosed so that the K18 Peptide can reach the deepest part of a lock of hair.


      What about Alcohol Denat in K18?

      Nowadays everyone is talking about ingredients, Alcohol Denat is one of them. Why did they include this ingredient, especially as the second ingredient on the ingredient list? Questions are asked such as "Isn't that bad for my hair?" "Why?! This is supposed to restore my hair, right?" etc. It's actually very simple. Alcohol Denat has been consciously added to set your hair up, so that their patented ingredient can get all the way IN to your hair and restore your hair from INSIDE. Permanently! Yes really. Without this ingredient it would not be possible, and not as effective.


      Where can I ask my question about the K18 Leave-in Permanent Recovery Hair Mask?

      In your search for your ideal hair fixer to REALLY permanently restore your hair, you came here. You may have a question about the K18 Leave-In Hair Mask. You can ask all your questions to our team, the beauty experts. You can call us during office hours for direct personal advice, you can email us at inf[email protected] and you will receive an answer within 24 hours.