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      Do you often suffer from headaches or kinks in your hair after wearing a ponytail? These common inconveniences are a thing of the past with Invisibobble products! Invisibobble is a brand that has designed various hair accessories with wearing comfort as the main focus.


      How did Invisibobble come about?

      Invisibobble is a young, fast growing brand. The hair accessories have been available all over the world since 2013. The idea of Invisibobble came about when Sophie tied an old telephone cord in her hair for a costume party. At the end of the evening she found that she had no pinching sensations, headaches or kinks in her hair at all. These were complaints that Sophie usually experienced after wearing her hair in a ponytail. When she realized this she knew she had to do something about this and that she could help many women with this idea. Sophie then went on to investigate further with her business partner and so the Invisibobble Original was born.


      What are the main features of Invisibobble?

      Invisibobble products are designed with great care. Everything has been worked out down to the last detail. To keep it clear, we have listed all the advantages of the Invisibobble hair accessories for you:

      • High wearing comfort
      • Does not leave traces such as kinks
      • Don't damage your hair
      • firm grip
      • waterproof
      • Spiral Hair Ring
      • Stylish bracelet


      What products does the Invisibobble range consist of?

      Over the years, Invisibobble has expanded its range considerably. What started with the Invisibobble Original has now grown into a brand with various hair accessories such as scrunchies and hair bands.


      Invisibobble Original

      Invisibobble started with the Invisibobble Original. This is a hair elastic that resembles a telephone cord. The spiral shape ensures that the pressure is evenly distributed so that you can wear your hair in a ponytail without it being pinched. This replacement for your normal hair elastic has been scientifically proven to be less damaging to the hair, causing less pain and less kinking! The Invisibobbles provide the right grip so that the hair accessories stay in place all day long. The Invisibobble Originals are available in different colors and each set contains three pieces.


      Invisibobble Sprunchie

      There's no getting around it: scrunchies, and Invisibobble knows that too! That is why Invisibobble has designed scrunchies with all the advantages of an Invisibobble Original and all the advantages of a scrunchie. The scrunchies from Invisibobble have an Invisibobble Original on the inside. This way you don't suffer from headaches, kinks or damage in the hair when using these sprunches, and that with the nicest fabrics and prints! The scrunchies are available individually or in pairs.


      Invisibobble Headband

      In addition to the rubber hair elastics and the scrunchies, Invisibobble has also paid attention to designing a comfortable hair band. The headbands are also designed in a spiral shape, which ensures fewer pressure points. In addition, the hair bands are adjustable so that they fit perfectly!



      Invisibobble has of course also thought of the little ones! These hair ties are slightly smaller and are specially designed with beautiful colors.


      Which Invisibobble Original is suitable for my hair type?

      The Invisibobble Originals are available in different sizes. Which Invisibobble suits you best depends on your hair type.


      Thick/curly hair

      The Invisibobble Power has been designed for the full, heavy hair and the curly-haired among us. This invisibobble offers optimal grip and is ideal for anyone who has a lot of sports and an active lifestyle.


      fine/thin hair

      The Invisibobble Slim has been specially designed for fine hair. This Invisibobble is slightly narrower and more refined.

      The service of Haarspullen.nl

      You can shop all products from Invisibobble online in our webshop. Do you order your new hair accessories before 23:30? Then you can experiment with the new products the next day! Are you enjoying shopping and your order amount exceeds35? Then you benefit from free shipping.

      In addition, our Beauty Experts are also ready to answer all your questions. Do you have a question about a product or would you like advice? Send an extensive email with your question to[email protected]or call us on 0384582584. We wish you a lot of fun while shopping on our website.