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      Studio Collection

      BIBS Pacifiers have been a favorite with many families for years, because their babies love them! You can vary wonderfully with all kinds of colors and prints and you have the right size for every baby. Nowadays mothers and fathers can also enjoy playing around with matching outfits. Now BIBS has launched a new collection that everyone actually wan Show more



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      BIBS Pacifiers have been a favorite with many families for years, because their babies love them! You can vary wonderfully with all kinds of colors and prints and you have the right size for every baby. Nowadays mothers and fathers can also enjoy playing around with matching outfits. Now BIBS has launched a new collection that everyone actually wants! Beautiful prints with flowers and cool stripes, an absolute must have! It fits perfectly with the lovely weather!


      BIBS Study - weaning - new collection from 2024

      Every parent wants these beautiful pacifiers for their little baby. And let's be honest, even if it's not really necessary. The prints are just beautiful! The new collection from BIBS is inspired by the 1970s. The 1970s are of course known for their retro looks. Flower power time, where there were of course lots of colors, floral prints and of course striped suits. From narrow stripes to wide stripes, they were all provided with beautiful colors. This is of course reflected in the new BIBS collection! Nice nice! In any case, we are completely enthusiastic.


      BIBS Studio Collection with beautiful flowers

      Beautiful pacifiers with floral prints, the perfect pacifier for girls! What girl mom wouldn't want that! This matches wonderfully with beautiful, glitter skirts and floral dresses. The nice thing is that the Studio Collection has no fewer than four variants, or four types of flower pacifiers! How fun! Which flower pacifiers are available in the Studio Collection? You're about to discover that now! Let's go!

      Jasmine & Jasmine Fields Pacifiers

      The beautiful BIBS pacifiers that fall under the name Jasmine & Jasmine Fields have beautiful jasmine flowers on them. When you see this, you want them immediately! The nice thing is that jasmine flower pacifiers from BIBS have this print in multiple colors! Yes! Your favorite flower in different colors, or even better match with the cutest girls' outfits. The teats are available in:

      • Ivory
      • Greyed Purple
      • Pink
      • Sage green


      Flower child & Morning Bloom pacifiers

      Are you really into all things retro? This is now also possible for your little one, with the retro floral print from the Flower Child & Morning Bloom line. The name alone is beautiful! That makes every mother happy! The Flower Child pacifiers from the Studio Collection are available in no fewer than three colors! Yes, this involves making choices! Good luck, just turn it on ;) They are available in:

      • Ivory
      • Blue
      • Beige


      BIBS Studio Collection with beautiful stripes

      Cool boy pacifiers - these are the newest pacifiers from BIBS. For the most wonderful spring and summer outfits, you really need a beautiful navy seal pacifier - right? In the latest collection, called Pin & Block, you will find pacifiers with all stripes. As we said, a real marine pacifier with the well-known blue & white stripes, but also green stripes are in the collection. And how about light blue stripes or, if you want to keep it a bit more neutral, beige with white stripes. Do you see your son looking all flashy with a matching outfit AND pacifier? We do!


      What sizes are available of the BIBS Studio Collection?

      As most parents know, BIBS works with 3 sizes of teats. They have Size 1, size 2 and size 3. All beautiful 2-pack pacifiers from the new Studio Collection are available in size 1 and size 2. Size 1 is intended for the smallest babies up to six months, and size 2 is for your little one from 6 months. Unfortunately, the BIBS Studio Collection is not available in size 3. Are you looking for beautiful BIBS pacifiers in size 3? Then we have the beautiful Cloud/Black BIBS Pacifier , the Sage/Cloud Glow in the Dark BIBS Pacifier and the popular Ivory/Sage BIBS Pacifiers .



      Are the BIBS Studio Collection also available in different teat shapes?

      BIBS naturally has teats in all shapes and sizes. Not only do they change in the most fantastic colors and prints, they also take the baby's different mouths into account. For example, BIBS has silicone teats, anatomical teats and symmetrical teats. And of course the round teat, or the cherry-shaped teat. This is also the most commonly used pacifier by babies. Of course this most resembles the mother's nipple :)

      However, the BIBS Studio Collection is only available in the cherry-shaped teat, unfortunately.


      Combine BIBS pacifiers with the cutest pacifier cords

      Where there are pacifiers, there are pacifier cords. There's nothing worse than losing your little one's pacifier and causing him or her to become upset. Well, that didn't look so nice in the past, but times change and so do pacifier cords ;) Nowadays they come in all shapes and sizes. You can hardly imagine it so crazy and a pacifier cord has been made from it. Fortunately, BIBS also has a wide range of pacifier cords, which fortunately match beautifully with all BIBS pacifiers. This way you always have a beautiful set for your most precious baby. Have you selected a beautiful 2-pack from the new Studio Collection from BIBS? See if you can also choose a new beautiful pacifier clip !


      Alternate the BIBS Studio collection with neutral, basic pacifiers.

      Have you selected a beautiful set from the new Studio Collection, but would you also like to alternate with a number of basic colors? We understand that like no other! That is why we recommend that you take a look at the BIBS Color Collection or the BIBS Boheme Collection . This way you can create a beautiful collection and you will always have a pacifier that matches the look of your son or daughter. As a tip to give: if you go for a pacifier cord, it is advisable to use at least one basic color pacifier cord. Why? In principle it matches all colours. And your son or daughter has a color palette that suits him or her best, in terms of skin. So you often end up in the same colors. Be sure to check this, so you don't have to order 20 colors again. It's nice, but not necessary of course.



      When should I change a BIBS teat from the Studio Collection?

      Teats are a real utensil, but it is important that the teats are changed regularly. Why? After use, the teats themselves (which are in the little one's mouth) will swell. So the shape becomes different, and in this case it becomes larger. This is because the BIBS teats are made of natural rubber. This makes the material more sensitive to changes. It is therefore advisable to replace the BIBS teats every 4-6 weeks.


      BIBS Studio Collection for on the go - discover the tip here!

      Pacifiers, they go everywhere. Logically, your dearest baby also goes with you everywhere! Of course, the nicest BIBS pacifiers are attached to a pacifier cord or a "cuddle cloth". However, it is sometimes useful if you can store the pacifier for a while. However, in such a way that it is not at the bottom of a bag or diaper bag, which would cause dust to build up or even worse dirt. When you're on the road, you need the crane! Because no, you also finished the water from your bottle at that exact moment. Can you see it in your mind? Don't want to ;) Something super handy has been devised for these types of situations, namely the pacifier box !

      A pacifier box is not only ideal for keeping the pacifier clean, it also prevents you from losing the pacifier all the time. It's small and nice, but how many times have you lost the pacifier? Mothers at our office often :) Even when you just need the pacifier!

      We would go for a beautiful color that best matches your bag or other items. The eye also wants something, and the BIBS team knows that better than anyone. They make the most beautiful pacifiers for a reason, of course!


      Where can I ask my question about the BIBS Studio Collection?

      You may have a question about a Studio Collection from BIBS, or perhaps about pacifiers in general. Of course that's possible! Then it is advisable to send an email to [email protected] with your question about the teats. Our ladies can help you with all your questions. We are happy to help you get started so that you can make a conscious and well-informed choice. Always ordering the wrong thing and having to send it back is not very pleasant, especially when you need it ;)
      Of course we can also be reached by telephone - you can call us on 038-4582584

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