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      Conditioners are an important part of hair washing. It may seem like a marketing stunt, but conditioner definitely has added value for your hair if you also wash your hair with a shampoo ;) Do you want to know why you really should use a conditioner, which is extremely suitable for your hair and other useful tips and tricks? Then you are in the rig Show more


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      Conditioners are an important part of hair washing. It may seem like a marketing stunt, but conditioner definitely has added value for your hair if you also wash your hair with a shampoo ;) Do you want to know why you really should use a conditioner, which is extremely suitable for your hair and other useful tips and tricks? Then you are in the right place!


      What is the top 10 most sold conditioners at the moment?

      Before diving into the world of conditioners, let's first share the top 10 most sold conditioners. One conditioner is not the other, and there are of course many types of hair and hair types. However, if there is a conditioner in the top 10, then you know it is good and approved by users. So for those who know what kind of conditioner they are looking for, check out these top 10. However, if you are not entirely sure, we advise you to read on and discover which conditioner is best for your hair! What works for one, of course, won't work for another. So let's go!


      What exactly does a conditioner do for hair?

      A conditioner is an absolute must if you wash your hair with a shampoo. A shampoo ensures that your hair cuticles stand up, so that your hair really opens up. A conditioner ensures that your hair cuticles lie down again. And that is extremely important, because if your hair cuticles do not lie down, they are more likely to break off. Hair cuticles protrude and this eventually causes them to fray, kink or even break off completely. Your hair will break because of this and you can no longer make this. If you quickly suffer from tangles, then a conditioner is a godsend! This ensures that your hair becomes smooth, due to the hair scales that lie flat again and there are fewer 'hooks' so that your hair tangles less easily.


      Is there a conditioner for oily hair?

      Perhaps you are not such a fan of a conditioner, precisely because you quickly have greasy hair and a conditioner speeds up this process. Fortunately, there are lightweight conditioners that do not make your hair oilier, but make your hair soft with the right, minimal ingredients. This depends entirely on the ingredients used in a conditioner.

      An ideal conditioner that has been specially developed for oily hair and that is also completely natural and restores the scalp's natural balance, is theAttitude Super Leaves Clarifying Conditioner.Do you want more tips to reduce your oily hair and create a healthy scalp again? Then we have written a very extensive article for you! I check out:Say goodbye to greasy hair with these 10 tips!"


      Is there a conditioner that doesn't weigh down your hair?

      A conditioner that does not weigh down your hair is a requirement that many women make. However, this is not always so easy to find. For example, there are often certain silicones in a conditioner that weigh down your hair. If you want volume, or at least don't want to have heavy and straight hair, then the Attitude conditioner is an absolute must. This is an all-natural conditioner that also contains no harmful natural ingredients. TheAttitude Super Leaves Volume & Shine Conditionerreally gives your hair 'space' and it also gives your hair a beautiful shine. And all this with natural ingredients! So it also keeps your scalp completely balanced, and perhaps it even improves your scalp!


      What categories do you have within conditioners?

      In your search for the ideal conditioner, you are looking for something that makes the search easier. And we have! We think it's important that you easily discover for yourself what your ideal conditioner is that you can enjoy for years to come. Below we have listed a number of common categories for you!


      What are the main features of a conditioner for your hair?

      A conditioner makes your hair smooth, that's for sure. This is also the reason that most women use a conditioner. Smoothing the hair is actually closing the hair cuticles that are set up with a shampoo. This to thoroughly cleanse your hair. However, a hair conditioner is so much more than just smoothing your hair! We have listed all these advantages for you below:

      We're all about the pros:

      1. Closing all your hair cuticles
      2. Your beautiful hair remains strong and healthy
      3. Your hair gets a nice shine
      4. A conditioner works almost immediately, just let it soak in and voila!
      5. Your hair is easier to comb, which is of course an advantage
      6. Your hair is hydrated and it also takes care of your hair
      7. Dry hair is prevented
      8. Your hair cuticles are significantly strengthened
      9. Towel damage is clearly reduced


      What should I pay attention to when purchasing a conditioner?

      In your search for the right conditioner, there are of course all facets that you can and must take into account. A conditioner of 33 euros cannot be compared to a conditioner of 3 euros. That is why it is important that you are clear about what you want and what you want to spend on it, among other things. You can take the following points into account and pay attention if you want to purchase a conditioner:

      • Price quality
      • Structure
      • Hair type
      • Brand


      Price quality

      Before you get started, it is important that you determine for yourself what amount you want to spend on a conditioner, and then of course we mean the maximum amount. This makes searching a lot easier, and you can also adjust your requirements. A conditioner of 3 euros is of course of a different quality than that of a conditioner of 33 euros.



      The structure of a conditioner can vary enormously. One conditioner can be very lumpy, while the other conditioner can run right out. Determine for yourself what you like to use, but also look at the ingredients it contains and take into account the needs of your hair.


      Hair type

      A curl conditioner is of course very different from a volume conditioner. Curls require more heavy ingredients that care for the hair, while lifeless hair requires light ingredients. Your hair type automatically strips away a lot of conditioner. Ideal and easy!



      People are quickly brand loyal if you have something that works well, and that is often the case. However, you may be looking for something new. So you can also find a new ideal conditioner in another brand. It is useful if you look at the experiences of the brand, but especially what they stand for. The brand is somehow also related to ingredients. A more expensive brand usually has better quality ingredients and these important ingredients are often at the top of the ingredients list.


      Where can I find more information about hair conditioners?

      Do you want more information about conditioners? Do you want to know more about the basics of hair conditioners than just the main features? Do you want to know when you use it, what variants there are and what the situation is with silicone? Then we would like to refer you to the extensive article:Everything you need to know about conditioners.


      Where can I ask my question about hair conditioners?

      In your search for your ideal conditioner, you may not be completely sure yet. That is exactly where our in-house experts come in. Our in-house experts will help you without obligation. You can email your question to[email protected]and of course you can also call our team during office hours for more personal advice. Perhaps you live near Zwolle or drive by, then you can always visit our collection point.