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      You probably know OASE from the popular hair vitamins. But OASE is much more than that! OASE makes vegan beauty products with a focus on products that make health and beauty easy for everyone. In recent years, OASE has developed various products that contribute to health and beauty. In the field of hair care, OASE has the well-known hair vitamins and a matching stimulating shampoo and conditioner. In addition to shiny locks, we naturally also love radiant skin. OASE has also thought of this. Special skin vitamins and a facial set are available for the skin. All OASE products have been developed with great care and expertise. Although the focus is on the quality of the products, the products come in luxury packaging.


      The history of OASE

      OASE is a new brand founded in 2019 with the aim of helping women with hair problems. Many women face hair problems such as hair loss. OASE has developed Vegan hair vitamins for this, so that hair problems are a thing of the past and you can confidently leave the house again. OASE Beauty has now broadened its focus and has developed various high-quality Vegan beauty products such as: skin vitamins, a facial set and a stimulating shampoo and conditioner.


      Which products does the OASE range consist of?

      Over the years, the OASE range has become increasingly broad. All OASE products are Vegan, Halal, GMO-free and 100% natural. You don't have to worry about being allergic to OASE products, because all products are free of allergens.


      OASIS Hair Vitamins

      No less than 95% of women suffer from hair problems such as hair loss and thinning hair. Hair loss can of course have different reasons, a common reason is stress. Hair loss can lead to many uncertainties, luckily OASE has the solution for you. The hair vitamins from OASE ensure that your hair becomes healthy again in no time, so that you feel confident again.

      With the hair vitamins, your hair is nourished from the inside out. The hair vitamins stimulate hair growth and strengthen your hair so that it breaks down less quickly. In addition, (the risk of) hair loss is reduced.


      How do OASE Hair Vitamins work?

      Does it all sound too good to be true to you? Hair vitamins that taste like candy, stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss? We understand that all too well, which is why we have investigated how OASE hair vitamins work.

      OASE is very transparent about the ingredients they use. Of course you want to know what you are consuming. The hair vitamins consist of 17 natural and vegan ingredients that together ensure that you can enjoy healthy hair again.



      Biotin is the most important vitamin for our hair. Biotin deficiency can be linked to damaged hair and hair loss. It provides stronger and healthier hair. Another nice extra is that Biotin also has a positive effect on your skin and nails!

      Amino acids

      The hair vitamins consist of three amino acids. These amino acids stimulate the supply of nutrients to the hair roots, the result of which is that hair growth is stimulated.


      Niacin ensures that the nutrients reach the hair follicles as quickly as possible. This is because blood circulation to the scalp is improved.

      Selenium & Zinc

      Minerals are indispensable for good hair condition. A deficiency of zinc and selenium can lead to reduced hair growth and even hair loss.

      folic acid

      Folic acid improves the growth of body tissues such as our hair. This ingredient is very important for our cell division and our DNA.

      Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D3 & E

      These vitamins ensure that the hair quality is improved. Each vitamin does this in a unique way.

      Bamboo extract

      As the name suggests, this extract comes from the leaves and twigs of the bamboo plant. Bamboo contains silica, this nutrient makes dry and damaged hair shiny and healthy again.


      Iodine has a positive effect on the hair follicles. A deficiency of iodine can lead to damaged hair follicles. The hair follicles become shiny and healthy again.


      Inositol is an indispensable ingredient in the recipe of the OASE Hair vitamins. This ensures that hair loss is prevented and improves the growth of the existing hair.


      How do I use OASE Hair Vitamins?

      Take two OASE hair vitamins per day. Take the hair vitamins every day for three months for the best result. You can take the hair gummies at any time of the day. When you stop the treatment you don't have to be afraid of hair loss, this will not happen.


      How long should I take the OASE hair vitamins before I see results?

      You will see results after one to three months. You will see that your hair becomes fuller, healthier, shinier and longer. However, it is recommended to use the hair vitamins for at least three months. The best results are achieved after six months. The hair roots have become stronger, this reduces hair loss and the hair will grow faster. Everyone is different so results will vary from person to person.


      OASIS Skin Vitamins

      Vitamins are indispensable for healthy looking skin. Easy-peasy with OASE's vegan skin vitamins ! The OASE skin vitamins nourish the skin from within. Collagen production is boosted in a natural way, which not only makes the skin look younger, but also makes the skin stronger. The collagen is completely plant-based!


      How do OASE Skin Vitamins work?

      Have you become curious about the OASE skin vitamins, just like us? OASE is very transparent about the ingredients and the effect of the vitamins. Which we love, because of course we want to know what we consume.

      The skin vitamins consist of 20 natural, vegan ingredients that contribute to healthy skin. Below you will find the ingredients and the effect of these toppers!


      Amino acids

      The amino acids stimulate the supply of nutrients to the roots of the hair, the result of which is that hair growth is stimulated.


      Selenium & Zinc

      These minerals ensure that the skin remains in good condition. Zinc deficiency can affect the skin's collagen production. Of course you want to avoid this. Selenium strengthens and protects the skin.


      folic acid

      Folic acid protects our cell division and our DNA. The growth of body tissues is enhanced.



      This vitamin is important for the energy production of the skin. Biotin contributes to the overall health of the skin.


      Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D3 & E

      These vitamins ensure that the skin quality is improved. Each vitamin does this in a unique way.



      Iodine helps regulate the moisture content of the skin. In addition, Iodine also helps to reduce scars and helps to restore the skin.



      Niacin improves blood circulation in the skin so that nutrients reach the skin as quickly as possible. The skin is protected against external factors such as sunlight and toxins.



      Low levels of Inositol can lead to dry skin and even eczema.


      Hyaluronic acid

      This ingredient prevents skin aging, improves skin color and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, skin elasticity is also promoted.


      Coenzyme Q10

      Supports the production of collagen, which is an important protein for the skin. This prevents signs of skin aging.



      Is an antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals and sun damage.


      Care flow

      Last but not least, the most important ingredient: careflow. This is a vegan collagen booster that prevents the breakdown of collagen.


      The OASE Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

      The Shampoo and conditioner stimulate hair growth. The OASE shampoo and conditioner are formulated with 13 vegan ingredients that stimulate hair growth, nourish and soothe the scalp. This also makes the shampoo very effective against dandruff. The shampoo and conditioner prevent thinning hair and hair loss and ensure that the hair becomes fuller and healthier again.

      As icing on the card, the products are free of sulphates, parabens, silicones, mineral oils and 100% plant based!


      OASIS Facial Set

      The OASE Pink Quartz Roller and the Gua Sha Stone are inspired by traditional Chinese medicine and specially designed for massaging the face. By using the OASE Facial Set , collagen production is stimulated and fine lines are reduced. In addition, blood circulation is stimulated, which ensures a healthy glow.


      Where can I ask my question about OASE products?

      Do you have questions about OASE products or are you unsure whether OASE products are suitable for you? We are happy to help! Send your question via email to[email protected]. Do you prefer telephone contact? Then feel free to call our Beauty Experts for advice! Call 038-4582584.