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      Shampoo for men

      Shampoos for men, it is often slightly different than shampoos for women. However, while there is often a fine line between shampoos, often a predominant difference is the scent. We have answered all frequently asked questions, so that you can easily and effectively find the right shampoo for your hair. Check it out!   What is the best men's sha Show more


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      X-Folate Shampoo
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      Deep Cleansing Shampoo
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      Men Hair & Body Shampoo
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      Bioclenz Shampoo
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      3-in-1 Tea Tree
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      Men Thickening Shampoo
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      Scrub Shampoo
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      Shampoos for men, it is often slightly different than shampoos for women. However, while there is often a fine line between shampoos, often a predominant difference is the scent. We have answered all frequently asked questions, so that you can easily and effectively find the right shampoo for your hair. Check it out!


      What is the best men's shampoo?

      Men want a shampoo that is easy and effective. No fuss, just a good shampoo. Below are two of the most popular men's shampoos. Men are more prone to dandruff, whether it's a little bit or a lot. That is why men prefer a shampoo that counteracts this. Below are two wildly popular men's shampoos:

      Schwarzkopf Bonacure Scalp Genesis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - is based on allantoin

      Attitude Super Leaves 2in1 Scalp Care Shampoo - is a natural anti-dandruff shampoo that contains Black Willow Bark and Aspen ingredient salicylic acid.


      What is the top 10 best-selling men's shampoo?

      If you know what you are looking for and what requirements a shampoo should have, a top 10 best-selling shampoos is ideal! Different requirements, different wishes of course. A top 10 always shows the most popular shampoos because they do what they say they do. For you to see which one meets the requirements and wishes you set for your ideal shampoo.

      1. Scalp genesis - anti-dandruff shampoo that deeply cleanses and prevents new flakes
      2. Attitude scalp care - natural anti-dandruff shampoo
      3. Mediceuticals X-folate - for serious dandruff, eczema and psoriasis complaints
      4. American Crew Classic 3-in-1 - ideal all in one
      5. Redken Scalp Relief Dandruff Shampoo - For Itchy Scalp & Dandruff
      6. MORE Extreme Silver Shampoo - shampoo for gray hair
      7. Neofollics Hair Growth Shampoo - stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss
      8. Goldwell Men Hair & Body Shampoo - cleanses, enlivens and cares for hair, skin and scalp.
      9. American Crew Daily Moisturizing Shampoo - for dry hair and scalp
      10. Goldwell Dualsenses Men Thickening Shampoo - mild cleanser that thickens and gives fullness to fine/thin hair


      What is the best shampoo for hair loss?

      Excessive hair loss is terrible, you just don't want that. You want to keep your hair and if possible restore it to its old shape. You just want your normal head of hair back, and luckily there is a real answer to that. Namely theNeofollics Hair Growth Shampoo , and this is not just another hair growth shampoo. Neofollics started out in collaboration with only hospitals and dermatologists to help people with serious scalp problems. In addition, Neofollics is extremely popular in the East of the world, because hair is extremely important there. After years of success, they have decided to enter the consumer market and with success. The formulas they use actually give results.

      The owner of Neofollics struggled with hair loss at a young age, and nothing helped. He had tried everything and was so disappointed because of this that he went on his own. He now has a thick and full head of hair and now helps many others with his products. The experiences are therefore only positive about Neofollics and that's because it really works!


      What is the best anti-dandruff shampoo for men?

      Many men suffer from dandruff or flakes, it is not very extreme, but they do suffer from it. All those flakes that fall on the shoulders, you simply do not want this. Fortunately, there is a very simple way to deal with this, and that is to use a working shampoo. There are of course a lot of anti-dandruff shampoos on the market, but which ones really work! We have two very affordable and especially effective anti-dandruff shampoos that absolutely offer a solution for dandruff / flakes.

      That's Scalp Genesis , wildly popular and effective. In addition, we have the natural Attitude scalp care , which only works with safe and above all natural ingredients, so that in the long term the dandruff really disappears and it can have no other side effects.

      Is there a natural shampoo especially for men?

      We are all becoming more aware of what we use in personal care, and we want more and more natural care products that can have no harmful effects on health in the long term. That is why people increasingly want good, high-quality and effective personal care products. Because the demand is so high, the natural market is also becoming more affordable. Attitude Super Leaves are all safe and natural shampoos for your hair and scalp. They actually have something for everyone, so no matter what your wishes are, they always have a safe and natural variant. Of course they also have a natural and effective anti-dandruff shampoo, namely the Attitude scalp care .


      Which shampoo is ideal for very sensitive skin?

      If you have a very sensitive scalp, you can't just use shampoos. A sensitive scalp or a very sensitive scalp is extremely annoying. You do not want irritation and pain, and if you also have a shampoo that does not cooperate ... no. Sometimes there are even shampoos that have been developed for sensitive scalps and can still cause a reaction on your scalp. This often has to do with the ingredients they use. They often omit strong and aggressive ingredients and add soothing ingredients. For the rest, the ingredients are often the same, now you'll think...that's fine, isn't it? For many it is, but if it really bothers you, it isn't.


      The Attitude team knows this, which is why they only make safe personal care for the whole family. They started out with safe cleaning products for the home because of babies who put everything in their mouths and that's how it happened.


      All their products/ingredients are tested by independent scientists and they collaborate with dermatologists. They also work with only safe and natural ingredients, but even the natural ingredients are subject to dermatologist testing, so even the most sensitive skin can use their care products. This is exactly why you are always in the right place with Attitude shampoos, regardless of which one you use. Below is a shampoo that has been specially developed for men, but you can also go to Super Leaves and choose any other shampoo that is suitable for the very sensitive scalp.

      Attitude Super Leaves 2in1 Sport Shampoo


      You can actually use all shampoos from Attitude's Super Leaves line. They have everything independently tested by labs and they also work together with dermatologists. They also test natural ingredients and see if they can be irritating in any way for the most sensitive skin. 



      Is there a natural scalp care shampoo for men?

      There is an increasing search for natural shampoos for men, logical. The development towards natural and especially safe shampoos (+ other care) is not only for women and kids, this is also a positive development for men. It is always important that the natural shampoo is also an effective shampoo that simply works well. This was in fact often not the case in the past, and that is a pity. Fortunately, the market is not sitting still and natural personal care and shampoos have become effective, affordable and a must have in every household. Especially with anti-dandruff shampoos, there are often very aggressive ingredients that remove the dandruff, but sometimes only make it worse and often do not solve the cause of the problem. Because of this, you often have to use these aggressive anti-dandruff shampoos forever, and you don't really know what the long-term effect is.


      This is precisely why more and more men are looking for natural alternatives, and luckily there is an affordable and effective anti-dandruff shampoo on the market. That is the Attitude scalp care .


      Which men's shampoo is suitable for gray hair?

      Gray hair no longer has such a bad name as in the past, rather: gray hair is all the rage now. That is of course the other extreme, because everything that is hip is 'out' again at some point. However, the great thing about it is that there is everything on the market that makes your gray hair shine. Gray hair often has a bit of a yellowish tint by nature, and that's just not what you want. If you do have gray hair, you still want a gray silver fox look. Your hair is of course also taken care of. The MORE Extreme Silver is the absolute number one shampoo of the moment. This shampoo is so popular for a reason, because it contains Glycoproteins which ensures that your hair becomes stronger and thicker.



      Which shampoo gives thicker hair?

      Do you have thin hair or hair that is very fine, and you sometimes don't know what to do with it? It doesn't matter what you do, it just doesn't look the way you want it to. Then, in addition to using a good hair shaper, you can use a good shampoo that makes your hair thicker. This gives your hair a fuller look. A popular shampoo that makes your hair look thicker and fuller is Goldwell Dualsenses Men Thickening Shampoo .



      Which shampoo is suitable for men with thin hair?

      Have you always had thin hair, or is your hair starting to get thinner? Would you like to counteract this, and do you simply want more and thicker hair? Then it is absolutely advisable to start with the effective Neofollics Hair Growth Shampoo . This shampoo from Neofollics makes your hair grow, you also get more hair or thicker bunch and your hair also becomes thicker. Your hair becomes thicker, gets more volume, and what is really great is that hair growth is stimulated!



      Which shampoo bar is suitable for men?

      Shampoo bars, sounds very hip but is actually just wonderfully simple. They're bars of soap, just like they used to be. Many people have always liked this and will continue to use it, but it is now hip and happening. However, it remains just a bar of soap. Effective and no nonsense, the nice thing about it is that you have all kinds of different variants with different ingredients that ensure that your hair gets volume, or extra shine. Because these bars of soap are of course for your hair and not so much for your body, although they are definitely on the market. The blocks of soap also last a long time, up to 80 washes :)

      Now these shampoo bars are also priced as zero waste shampoo, because no bottles are used, but often paper, cardboard or recycled plastic.

      Flow Cosmetics Hemp Balancing Shampoo Soap Bar- for the problematic scalp. Contains hemp and tea tree oil

      Flow Cosmetics Beer & Oat Protein Volumising Shampoo Soap Bar - for fine and thin hair. Contains oats and beer

      Below are 8 more benefits of a shampoo bar:

      1. Natural ingredients
      2. Economical
      3. 80 washes equals 3 bottles of shampoo
      4. No conditioner needed
      5. Cheap
      6. Easy to take with you on holiday (without risk of leakage)
      7. Plastic free
      8. Contains no junk
      9. Saves water
      10. Easy to use


      Which dry shampoo has been specially developed for men?

      Dry shampoos are also used by men, perhaps less so than women. However, this has to do with some hairstyles involving a lot of gel or pomades. A dry shampoo can't compete with that. However, there are many men who have natural looks, and sometimes like to find a dry shampoo ideal. Dry shampoos are also used to create a lot of volume, exactly what you want if you have thin or fine hair! Dry shampoo is therefore not only used for degreasing hair, but has more purposes.

      Schwarzkopf Osis+ Texture Refresh Dust Bodyfying Dry Shampoo - gives volume and structure to your hair

      Sebastian Drynamic - ideal for creating body and volume. Combats greasy hair.




      What is the best shampoo for men with dry hair?

      Do you suffer from dry hair, and could it use a boost of hydration and care? Do you suffer from a dry scalp? Then this can easily be solved by using a shampoo that intensely moisturizes your hair. A popular shampoo that has been specially developed for dry hair is American Crew - Daily Moisturizing Shampoo . This shampoo ensures that your hair becomes healthier and stronger thanks to extracts such as Rice Starch Oil, Chamomile, Rosemary & Thyme. The shampoo also ensures that it is not only hydrated, the moisture balance is also brought into better condition. Your hair also gets a beautiful shine.