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      Nioxin Intensive Treatment

      Nioxin Intensive Treatment products are designed for thinning strands. Show more


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      Deep Protect Density Mask
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      Night Density Rescue
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      Diaboost Treatment
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      Dermabrasion Treatment
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      Hair Booster
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      Color Lock
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      Density Defend
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      Nioxin Intensive Treatment products are designed to meet your specific needs for thinning locks.

      The Nioxin Intensive Treatment is an additional line to the Nioxin Systems . They have developed a product for every hair type that fits the system perfectly. In this way you are really provided with everything, so that your locks become thicker and fuller. Everything has been thought of at Nioxin!


      Nioxin Intensive Treatment products in a row

      For thicker hair:Nioxin Diaboost - Increases the diameter of any existing hair and thickens the hairs at the roots (provided you apply daily at the roots).

      For a healthier scalp: Nioxin Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment - Helps improve scalp condition and reduce hair loss by an average of 54%.

      For a healthier scalp: Nioxin Scalp Renew Density Protection - Home Dermabrasion Treatment.

      For stronger hair: Nioxin Hair Booster - Gives your fragile hair a powerful boost by intensively replenishing the cuticle with keratin.

      For hair repair: Nioxin Deep Repair Hair Masque - Helps to increase the resistance of the hair shaft to prevent hair breakage.

      For improving hair thickness:Nioxin Night Density Resue An intensive leave-in treatment that reduces hair loss and makes hair thicker.


      6 reasons you could be suffering from thinning locks

      There are 6 reasons why your beautiful locks are getting thinner and thinner.

      Hereditary predisposition - What is common is a hereditary predisposition to natural, age-related hormonal changes that can cause hair loss. This is caused by the conversion of testosterone to the toxin dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and can be inherited from both the father and mother.

      Stress & Trauma - Stress can cause an increased level of testosterone which is converted to DHT, which disrupts the hair growth cycle. Stress also hinders blood flow through the capillaries, limiting the hair follicle's absorption of oxygen, nutrients and vitamins.

      Health - Several underlying health conditions can cause thinning hair, including malfunction of the hormone-producing thyroid gland and the natural hormonal changes that women undergo after pregnancy and during menopause.

      Environment & Environment - Air and water pollution, chlorine, metals and minerals can remain on our hair and scalp as we wash it with water, contributing to thinning hair. Pollutants such as pseudo-oestrogens and toxins from our body can also be factors.

      Medication - The hair follicle is extremely sensitive to changes in the body. Hormonal drugs (such as the birth control pill) can contribute to thinning hair, as can steroids, specific chemotherapy and drugs for blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and acne.

      Nutrition & Diet - Your diet plays an important role in thinning hair. High intakes of animal fats, rapid weight loss and liquid protein diets can result in deficiencies in amino acids, biotin, iron, proteins and zinc — all of which are essential for healthy-looking hair.



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